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Lych Gate

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St Bees Priory Lych GateThis was built in 1923. It stands opposite the Quadrangle of St. Bees school. The school was founded in 1583 by Edmund Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was born and brought up in St. Bees. Walking up the gravel path on the left, you come to the Village War Memorial. This was designed by W. G. Collingwood, who was John Ruskin's secretary, and it is a fine example of a cross in the Northumbrian tradition. The design is based on the old Celtic cross in the centre of the graveyard (see later). This memorial commemorates the fallen of the two World Wars. The names for World War II are on the boundary kerb. On the left is the modern terraced area for the burial of ashes.

(There are no fewer than 4 village war memorials, not counting those in the Priory & School Chapel. The other, with names for World War I only, is "St. George and the Dragon" at the railway station and was designed by local artist J. D. Kenworthy). The other two are at St Bees School.


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