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West end of Nave

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The pillars lean to west, due to sinkage of the tower. The pillars are mostly original Norman, but all the arches are Gothic, indicating that the original Rounded arches were taken down, probably due to instability and re-built on the old pillars. Priory interior

There is a fine vista of the Priory. Stand as far back as possible and admire the Art Nouveau screen, designed by the eminent Victorian architect William Butterfield and erected in 1886. Because the Priory has no east window, the screen enlivens the view of the east wall. The pillars are in the "early English" style, variously round and octagonal, and fluted. See the pillar next to the font area for a striking Norse head.

The present roof was built in 1871, and replaced an earlier roof of salvaged ships' timbers.

Photo - Julian Needham

View of nave and altar
A norse head on one of the pillars.


















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