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Plate 6

Grave Slab, York, Yorkshire

Mid 10th Century

The top of the slab also presents some slight variations of the Isle of Man iconography, although due to the extreme weathering all York Slabidentifications must be viewed with care. The narrative reads upwards, starting with the dead dragon, identified mainly by the dragon head on the left of slab, and the body with a nick cut it. Above is a simplified fire, with only one triangular shaped flame and the spit above. Standing to the right is a figure with his thumb raised to his mouth, identified as Sigurd although here he does not toast any rings of meat, nor do they appear anywhere else on the carving. Directly above Sigurd is a four legged animal, presumably Grani. Opposite the horse is what may be the trunk and simplified branches of a tree, with the les of a bird above. Figure 3














Chapter 4, Ref. Plate 6

Top Panel, Grave Slab, York, Yorkshire.
Reproduced from the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal , V48.

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