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St Bees Parish Council

Consultation on future process for hosting a Geological Disposal Facility

Following the failure this year of the siting process for a deep nuclear Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in west Cumbria, the Government called for evidence from the public in spring 2013, and analysed the replies.

As a result they published consultative proposals in September for improving the process in the hope that a community in England and Wales can still be found to voluntarily host a GDF. This public consultation closed on 5th Dec 2013. It is understood this will feed into a white paper to be published in Summer 2014.

In St Bees we decided to have an overall view of opinion and engage the parish as much as possible. The following took place.

1. September council meeting - Initial discussion and agreed to have GDF as a principal agenda item at the October council meeting and to advertise in St Bees News, noticeboards and web site to encourage public participation.

2. October council meeting - only attracted 3 members of the public. Good discussion held nonetheless, and resolved, following a suggestion from the public, that we would organise a questionnaire of all households in the civil parish, using the questions exactly as published by DECC, but with comments from the October meeting.

3. Household questionnaire - delivered by hand to all (about 750) households in St Bees Parish - deadline for return 17th Nov. Meanwhile chair attends Rheged DECC meeting with local and national Gov't representatives; initial parish meeting comments and early returned questionnaires used in St Bees contribution to the discussions.

4. Nov 18th - Public council meeting, at which the replies were considered and consolidated into a response to DECC. This submitted by the deadline of 5th Dec. Also agreed that a letter be sent to Baroness Verma with a description of the household consultation exercise and expressing concern that many people did not reply because of their lack of knowledge of the subject.

The village composite response is shown below.

Nuclear Geological Disposal Facility consultation - Village response to DECC - Click here




External DECC web site

Click here for DECC consultation page on GDF