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Minutes of the Meeting

of the St Bees Parish Council.

Held on Monday April 14th at 7 30pm in the St Bees Village Hall.


ATTENDANCE. Cllr D Millington. (Chairman). B Mayow, F L Crawford, H Wilson, D Warbrick, V Turpin, C Robson, G P Smith, M Richards and the Clerk.



APOLOGIES. Apologies received from Cllrs J A Haile. D Sim and N Killip.


MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING. One query raised reference the March meeting minutes, relating to the matter of a financial sub committee to be formed. the Clerk will discuss this issue with Cllr J A Haile before the April meeting. After discussion it was proposed and seconded that the minutes be approved. The Chairman signed the Minute Book.


SCHOOL GOVERNORS REPRESENTATIVE REPORT. Mrs M Barrettt tabled her report to the Parish Council, In January 2003 there were some 178 pupils at the school. Work on the Library now completed and the Library is now in use. The revised safety access and fencing now completed. The footpath route changed to avoid crossing the playing field following the site meeting with Capita. All work now completed and the area accepted as safe. Mrs Barrett outlined the many and varied activities and functions undertaken by the school and staff throughout the year. Mrs Barrett completed her presentation at 745pm: the Chairman thanked her for attendance and presentation.


MATTERS ARISING. (a) Parish Council Elections. Letter from A Southward tabled, 12 nominations from St Bees therefore no Parish election required. Two Councillors to be co-opted possibly at the May meeting. (b) Moorclose. Clerk reported that the application to open access to the common land had been changed to full vehicular access. Green lane. Clerk had requested the Courts transmit the WCA 7 forms to support the signed complaint forms collated by Cllr B Mayow. (c) Village in Bloom Committee, The matter of the payment of £1335.00 previously paid to Bloomfields and the wording of the minutes of the November 2001 outlined. Following the Chairman's meeting agenda notes it was agreed to donate £950 to the committee and request that they the pay extra £385 from their reserves. Cllr B Mayow proposed acceptance of the suggestion, all Councillors agreed, motion be carried.

(d) Play Area, Seesaw still not working correctly, Clerk reported that Wicksteeds had been contacted, their response was that this item of play equipment was intended for use by children in the 8 to 14 age groups. The Parish Council to consider new see saw for younger age group. Spring Chicken. Clerk reported that the joiner who had offered to replace new head had failed to meet his commitment. A representative from Copeland B C had met the Clerk at the Play Area. He had inspected all aspects of the safety situation and will submit quotation to the Parish Council. (e) Tree Map, Cllr D Sim had advised that the map was being finalised and would be tabled at the May meeting. (f) The meeting of the Parish and District Council was raised; also present was Mr T Millburn owner of the Caravan Park. All matters regarding landscaping, further development of the site was discussed. The problem of sewage recently leaking onto the surface of the car park was also raised Mr B White agreed to keep the problem of the sewage reticulation from the Caravan Park under observation.


CORRESPONDENCE. Letter from Dr Rhodes reference telephone box in the Main Street. problems regarding rendering outside wall, no space to carry out the work. Cllr H Wilson stated that the facility was well used and should not be removed permanently, however some members had no objections to the permanent removal of the kiosk. Clerk to contact Dr Rhodes and BT. Letter from Dr J Rowlands on various matters relating to St Bees, all items tabled and discussed. Clerk to contact Dr Rowlands


it was suggested than an attempt to co-opt him on to the SBPC should be undertaken. Letter from Capita regarding the decriminalisation of car parking on road. Plan was attached, most items accepted. Some changes to the extension to the zigzag arrangement proposed. Capita to be advised. Letters from Cumbria Constabulary reference PC meetings, (Invite the Inspector to attend the May meeting) CALC. Joint meetings in June at St Bees, NW Air Ambulance, No donation. CPRE Transport Plan, Residents housing survey, CCC Energy Advice Survey. Cumbria Playing Fields Ass requests for funds. No donation. All letters tabled and contents noted.


PLANNING. Plans approved by Copeland. 6 Firth Drive, Fairladies Farm plots 2-14, 3 Main Street, Linethwaitc Woods subject to S106, Summergrove Park (16 new dwellings) Cllr D Millington stood down as Chairman of the meeting owing to a conflict of interests. Cllr B Mayow took over the Chair for this item. Cllr H Wilson stated his objection to this application. The planning subcommittee report had some observations but no objections. Rottington Hall Farm development, revised car parking arrangements. no objections.



Copeland monthly full agenda and reports tabled. Cllr H Wilson raised again the urgent issue of the CBC public toilets adjacent to the car park. The state of the building and its fittings together with the lack of serious management of maintenance must be brought to the attention of Mr B White. The Clerk tabled a set of photographs taken by Dr I McAndrew indicating the nature of the problem. Cllr Wilson reminded the meeting that St Bees as a prime mover in increasing tourism in West Cumbria should insist on immediate improvement on this public facility. Cllr B Mayow seconded the motion that CBC must be advised of the Parish Council concerns.

Other CBC items raised, the regular attention regarding removal of the recycle bins at the Station Car Park plus the requirement of additional bins. Main Street cleaning routines and procedures. the rubbish bin at the Seamill Lane car park, not big enough and needs more regular attention.



Owing to the overrun of the meeting no cheques were presented for signing.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS. Letters to all political leaders reference Station Car Park charging tabled by the Clerk, contents noted. Parish Plans to be considered at the next meeting. Key issues of the Parish Council meeting to be included in the Parish Magazine. Letter to Cllr A Irvine regarding his service to the Parish Council.


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING. The next meeting will be the annual general meeting, which will precede the normal monthly meeting and will take place on the 19th May at 7.3Opm in the Village Hall. The Chairman in his agenda notes thanked all members of the current Parish Council for their efforts in the conduct of th St Bees Parish Council over the previous four years.