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Minutes of the Meeting of the St Bees Parish Council held on Monday February 17th 2004 at 7.30 p,m. in the St Bees Village Hall.


ATTENDANCE. Cllr J A Haile (Chairman), C11r H Wilson (Vice Chairman) Councillors N Killip, B Mayow, * Warbrick, G P Smith, N Bettinson, C Robson, F Crawford, D Sim. * Turpin and the Clerk.


APOLOGIES. Apologies received from Councillors D Millington, M Richards and J Rowlands.


MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING. A statement in the previous minutes indicated that the BNFL weekly report should be attached to the minutes and were not attached. After discussion it was agreed not to include the BNFL weekly report. C11r Smith not C11r Bettinson had requested that the report should be attached to the minutes Under the item of CCC damage to the Dandy Walk wall, it is not CCC responsibility but that of St Bees School. The finance sub committee: Clir Smith is a member of this sub committee not C11r Robson. After discussion Councillor H Wilson proposed the motion that the minutes be approved. The Chairman duly signed the minute book.


MATTERS ARISING. (a) On street parking (Main Street) at the Chairman's request the issue will be delayed

until the March meeting in order that the residents can be consulted. (b) Beach Car Park, owing to recent

incidents the Enter and Exit signs leading into the car parking area need to be repainted. (c) Station car Park

Report on meeting with Mr K Parker on 10 th February 2004 on the subject of the Station Car Park. Attached

please find report of that meeting with CBC. The CBC cost benefit analysis of the car park will be reviewed by

CBC at the end of the 2003/2004 financial year.


(d) (Fairladies Car Park) Report of meeting with CBC (K Parker) attached. CBC Planning contacted they are to

investigate if they have any responsibility in this regard. CBC planning initially approved the provision of 20

parking bays as part of the planning application.

(e) Residents vehicle parking in the Main Street. C11r D Sim requested that the issue of vehicle parking for residents now be removed as reasons for parking restriction have now gone. All parking and operations restrictions letter from R Hayward tabled. Date for any review based on operational experience up to May 2004 the Parish Council will be advised in May 2004.

The letter concluded that it is very unlikely that Residents Parking will be introduced. Beach Estate parking, item concluded, no further action to be taken.

(f) Beach matters, all issues relating to the toilets, drainage and signing have been directed to Chris Lloyd CBC

contracts. SBPC waiting results.

(g) Parish Plan. First public meeting to be held on the 26hFebruary. At this meeting the Sub Committee will

co‑opt members of the public to support all efforts to identify and support the objectives of the Sub Committee.

Councillor Smith proposed that the Parish Council would agree to support the project. Councillor M Richards

will chair the meeting on the 20 February 2004. At the St Bees PC meeting on the 16 th February it was agreed

that the Council would commit to support implementation of the village plan. All members agreed however C11r

H Wilson stated that the objective should be a Parish plan not a Village Plan.

(h) Parish Paths. Green Lonning, Clerk to contact CCC Legal Dept regarding rights of way to the common land

and to the extension from the common land via the Loughrigg footpath 423003 in order to establish a public

right of way.

The Beach Estate, gift of a footpath at Beach Road from the estate. Members agreed without

reserve to proceed with the acquisition. Clerk to contact Brockbank Cain & Hall solicitors to initiate the

conveyance of the land.

(i) Disabled Parish Audit, still ongoing.


CORRESPONDENCE. Request for the allocation of an allotment from Mr Carter, Clerk to resolve. Some seventeen items tabled most of a general nature or various sales publications. Contents noted and filed for future reference.


PLANNING ISSUES. "Yhotna' convert garage to a dwelling. No objections.

4 ValeView, Damp proofing to basement, no objections.

Delcot, Loft conversion, no objections.

113 Main Street rear extension, no objections.

76 Main Street, Extension and garage rebuild no objections

28 Seacroft Drive Two‑storey extension, no objections.

103 Main Street, sunroorn to rear, no objections.


Rottington Three lighting columns. No objections.

Khandella Cottage, conversion to separate dwelling, no immediate concerns but must keep under review. Refuse

Ghyll Farm development, major concerns about, lack of services, development spreading see HSG 5 policies. Contact CBC planning.

Seacote Hotel, additional housing, outlines planning application for future development of property development. Clerk to request a site visit before any CBC approval of the submission.


COPELAND BOROUGH COUNCIL. As stated at the previous meeting Mr K Parker of Copeland BC did forward the detailed schedule of blocked drains and gullies in St Bees prepared by a Parish Councillor as requested at the previous meeting. Mr R Hayward of CCC instructed Mr Karl Melville in writing to attend to the problem within the next six weeks. The Clerk reported again that the inspection by CCC had already taken place and that Mr S Sykes had reported that work to clean the gullies had commenced. The Clerk will again contact Mr Sykes to determine the actual situation. Seamill Car Park, the steel reinforcing wire mesh which has become detached from the gabions now lying on the beach, a safety hazard. CBC to be contacted to request removal.


CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL. Refer to the above item for the current situation on drains and gully cleaning report. Road verges and other road issues to be reviewed for action again. County Council. Station Road, main road signs B5345 to Whitehaven still missing. County Council to be advised. Still outstanding. Budget restraints possible cause for delay?




Cheque No. 001017 E J Still Clerk. Salary Dec/Jan/Feb, Tel & Post, Travel. £ 820.90

Cheque No. 00 10 18 The Audit Commission. (Fee) £ 141.00

Cheque No. 00 10 19 The St. Bees in Bloom, E B Todd, Petty cash. £ 50.00


The above cheques were proposed and seconded for approval for payment.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS. Several areas of concern which involve road signs, road drainage and street lights to be reviewed again. Information input from previous Parish Council Meetings has already been relayed to the relevant authorities.


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING. The next meeting will take place on Monday 15th, March 2004 at 7,30pm. The meeting closed at 9.55pm.