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Minutes of the Meeting of the St Bees Parish Council

held on Monday March 15th 2004 at 7.30 p.m. in the St Bees Village Hall.

ATTENDANCE. Cllr J A Haile (Chairman), Cllr H Wilson (Vice Chairman) Councillors N Killip, B Mayow,

D Millington, D Warbrick, G P Smith, N Bettinson, M Richards, C Robson, F Crawford, D Sim.

V Turpin and the Clerk. One member of the public was in attendance.


MINUTESOF THE PREVIOUSMEETING. After some discussion Councillor D Warbrick proposed and Councillor H Wilson seconded the motion that the minutes be approved. The Chairman duly signed the minute book.


MATTERS ARISING. (a) On street parking (Main Street) Chairman’s installed notices on the Parish Notice Board advising the public of the current situation only one comment received from the public. Procedures needed to obtain residents parking permits, issue to be investigated with Copeland B C. Disabled parking to be identified and parking facilities adjacent to the Post Office also to be included. The general opinion of the meeting was that there should be one permit per household. CBC will review the CBC cost benefit analysis of the car park at the end of the 2003/2004 financial year. Clerk to ask for the results as agreed with Mr K Parker.

(b) (Fairladies Car Park) The Parish Council insists that Story Homes should complete the 20 bay car park before phase three commences. Under the original planning conditions this car-parking bay had to be completed before the third phase commenced. Clerk to contact CBC Planning in this regard. (See planning consent 28/02/2001) Regarding general car parking issues the issue of residents car parking permits, recent telephone contacts with CBC would confirm that it is very unlikely that Residents Parking in St Bees will be introduced.

(c) Beach matters, all issues relating to the toilets, drainage and signing have been directed to Chris Lloyd CBC contracts. SBPC waiting results. Items include bridge over the beck, damage to kerbs. Public sign on beach, condition of toilets. Entrance and Exit signs on the CBC car park.

(d) CCC Legal Department definitive response required in respect of the Moorclose issue and the application in regard of Green Lonning right of way issue. Cllr B Mayow requested that an investigation be carried out regarding the ownership of Rottington Common, should the Parish Council consider ownership for the protection of the land. (e) Beach Estate footpath Clerk to meet with solicitors regarding the conveyance and other issues still to be considered. (f)Copeland Plan 2001/2016 1 st Deposit version all documentation lodged with Copeland in time to meet the deadline.

(g) Parish Plan. First public meeting was held in the February, the minutes of the meeting will be attached to the minutes of the SBPC. Estimates will be finalised end of April 2004.At previously stated the Sub Committee will co-opt members of the public. Other authorities will also be involved.

(g) Parish Paths. Green Lonning and Moorclose; Clerk to contact again CCC Legal Dept in Carlisle regarding the current situation of the rights of way to the common land and to the extension from the common land via the Loughrigg footpath 423003, in order to establish a public right of way can be established. (h) Disabled Parish Audit, still ongoing.



Some seventeen items tabled most of a general nature or various product sales publications. Contents noted and filed for future reference. Councillors requested that in future meetings in order to save time the general nature type of literature would be inserted into a separate file and kept on an adjacent table. Only correspondence, which required immediate discussion, would be tabled to the meeting. The Clerk would check all correspondence prior to the meeting and tabled that which required discuss, a itemised list of the general nature would be available in the file.


PLANNING ISSUES. Applications reviewed and approved. (a) Seacote Hotel outline application only. (b) South Headland Viewing panels by T & H group. (c) Ynohtna” garage conversion to a dwelling. (d) 4 Vale View conversion. (e) 76 Main Street, Extension and garage rebuild no objections. (f) 15 The Crofts conservatory, no objections.(g) 28 Seacroft Drive Two-storey extension. (h) Bell House Farm B & B units & conversion to two-bedroom dwelling.( i Khandella modifications to the bay window, also amendment to Khandella for proposed revised access and roof light.

New Applications received since the last meeting. (a) Fairladies Farm plots 30 to 42. (b) Westlakes Galemire Court. (c) Khandella, again received from CBC planning a further revised plan.



COPELAND BOROUGH COUNCIL. All matters discussed were virtually a repeat of the previous meetings however as stated previously Copeland B C did forward the detailed schedule of blocked drains and gullies produced by Cllr Bettinson to Mr R Hayward of CCC, who in turn did instructed Mr Karl Melville in writing to attend to the problem within the next six weeks. (In future this issue will be included in the Cumbria County Council Item) There has been no further communication from K Melville or Mr S Sykes since the February meeting. The overall situation regarding regular street sweeping is to be raised again with CBC. The condition of the area around Abbots Court is still not acceptable. The Clerk will yet again contact Mr Sykes to determine the actual situation. Seamill Car Park, the steel reinforcing wire mesh which has become detached from the gabions now lying on the beach, a safety hazard. CBC to be contacted to request removal. As yet no action.


CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL. Refer to the above item for the current situation on drains and gully cleaning report. Road verges and other road issues to be reviewed for action again. Messrs R Hayward and M Hankin to be contacted regarding the current state of drains and gullies. As stated above a Parish Councillor investigated the gullies and produced a list indicating the location of each drain, which was transmitted to CCC in March again. Mr Hayward gave instruction to Mr S Sykes to take action; it would appear that no action as yet has been undertaken. The Clerk will write to Mr Hayward pointing out the dissatisfaction of the Parish Council. Further County Council issues: Station Road, junction with Station Road, with B5345 to Whitehaven road white lining at the junction has worn away. A comprehensive itemised schedule of highway concerns to be transmitted to Mr R Hayward. Further items to be added: cross Roads Outrigg to Egremont Road, crossroad sign knocked down. Owing to the present state of Abbey Road, lack of signs, a sign indicating “no footpath” is required for safety purposes. Hedges need to be trimmed urgently. A request was made by Cllr H Wilson that CCC should be contacted to investigate the possibility that a standard yellow hatched “no entry without exit” box be installed at the Junction of Mirehouse Road required owing to traffic moving from Bigrigg not allowing vehicles to exit Mirehouse Road. This has been raised telephonically, CCC were of the opinion that owing to cost implications it was unlikely to be undertaken.



Cheque No. 001020 Brockbank Hall Solicitors £188.68

Cheque No. 001021 Cllr M Richards (Parish Plan costs) £ 33.13

Cheque No. 001022 St. Bees Post Office (Parish Plan) £ 55.90

Cheque No, 001023 St Bees Pre-school donation for seating . £ 215.00

Cheque No. 001024 Viking Direct Invoice. Cartridges for printer. £ 104.00

Cheque No. 001025 St Bees Post Office (Parish Plan) £ 55.90

Cllr Sim proposed acceptance of the expenditure; Cllr Mayow seconded the motion. The above cheques were proposed and seconded for approval of payment. The Chairman raised the issue of the letter from the Gardening Society requesting a donation of £120.00 for the use of Hall for flower show, item to be raised again at the April meeting.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS. Several areas of concern which involve road signs, road drainage and streetlights to be reviewed again. Information input from previous Parish Council Meetings has already been relayed to the relevant authorities. CCC and CBC to be requested again to attend to these issues. Owing to some recent unacceptable behaviour by members of the public on the beach, the issue of the current status of the byelaws is to be investigated. Clerk to contact Marylin Jewell. In conclusion Cllr D Warbrick suggested that as the residents of St Bees do not generally know the members of the Parish Council it would be beneficial to all to have photographs taken of all Councillors together with the identification information displayed on the Parish Council notice boards.


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING. The next meeting will take place on Monday 19 th April 2004 at 7,30pm. The meeting closed at 9.50pm.