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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council

held on Monday 15 November 2004 at 7.30pm. in St Bees Village Hall



    • PRESENT – Cllr J A Haile (Chairman), Cllr D Sim (Vice Chairman), Cllrs N

Killip, D Millington, D Warbrick, H Wilson, G P Smith, N Bettinson, J

Rowlands, C Robson, J Rance and the Clerk. The new Clerk Mrs J Donaldson in



283.2 APOLOGIES – B Mayo, M Richards, V Turpin



  • It was pointed out that the minutes did not include a record of the discussion about the possibility of reopening the ladies toilet at the station. It had been decided to write to Richard Stout asking him to consider reopening the toilet and inviting him to submit a request to the Parish Council for a financial contribution if cost was a factor.
  • Minute 281.4 should be amended to include reference to the assurance given by Cumbria County Council that the white lining on the St Bees to Whitehaven road would be improved within the current financial year. A letter was to be sent to Cumbria County Council to ask when the work would be carried out.


    • It was AGREED that the minutes be accepted subject to the above amendments.

(proposed by Cllr D Millington, seconded by Cllr N Bettinson)



Cllr Haile explained that the new Chairman, Cllr Smith, would officially take over

the Chairmanship at the end of the meeting.



The Chairman reported that Mrs Jane Donaldson had been appointed as Clerk with

effect from 1 December. The contract of employment had been signed – the original

copy would be retained by the Parish Council with a copy

being held by the Clerk.



  • Traffic Calming Survey

Cllr Smith presented the report of the analysis working group. The working group had analysed the survey results and all address areas were in favour of modifying the speed bumps. Many respondents had asked for additional calming measures, particularly on the Main Street in the area of the Village School, the Abbey Road to B5345 junction, the Outrigg entrance to the Village School, and the main beach car park. Other priority concerns were enforcement, parking and pavements.



The working group made 3 recommendations:-

  • The Parish Council should urge Cumbria County Council to expedite the modifications to all the sub-standard speed bumps in St Bees, paying attention to the quality of design and installation of the modifications.
  • The Parish Council should urge Cumbria County Council to develop a plan for the early implementation of additional traffic calming measures in line with the priorities indicated above.
  • The Parish Council should address other priority concerns to the relevant authorities.


It was AGREED that the report and recommendations of the Working Group be accepted.


It was AGREED that a letter be sent to Cumbria County Council in respect of recommendations 1& 2. Discussion of recommendation 3 would be deferred to a future meeting. (Proposed by Cllr Smith, seconded by Cllr Sim)


284.1 IT Policy & Strategy

Cllr Killip explained that the draft policy had been amended following discussion at

the last meeting and the revised policy (Issue 1) had been circulated to members.

It was AGREED that the policy be adopted and be reviewed on an annual basis.

A quotation had been obtained for a lap-top computer for the use of the Clerk. The

purchase of a lap-top would

enable the computer to be available at meetings and , as it would be used solely for

Parish Council business , it would be secure and have virus protection. The cost

including 3 year warranty and software would be £1042 excl.VAT. Anti-virus

protection would be an additional cost. It was AGREED that the purchase of a lap-

top and software be approved subject to a spending limit of £1200 excl.VAT

(Proposed by Cllr Sim, seconded by Cllr Bettinson)


284.2 Beach Flower Bed

There had been no progress to report. The Clerk would follow this up.


284.3 Station Car Park

A meeting was being arranged with Keith Barker, Copeland Borough Council on 22

or 23 November to be attended by Cllrs Haile and Millington and the new Clerk.


284.4 Offer of Seat

Cllr Bettinson had recommended that the seat be sited adjacent to the 18 th tee to

replace the existing wooden bench. Cllr Haile agreed to progress this.



  • Letter received from Cumbria County Council Legal Dept asking if householders concerned had been notified. The Clerk confirmed this had been done.
  • 285
  • Access to Furness and West Cumbria Study Report – a request had been received from CBC for the Parish Council to support their objection to the report’s lack of support for improvement to the transport infrastructure of West Cumbria.
  • Letter received from Mitchell’s asking for any claims for reinstatement not to the Parish Council’s satisfaction by 31 October. No action required.
  • Village in Bloom – letter received from the Village in Bloom Committee requesting donation of £500 towards costs for 2004 (already agreed) and requesting a similar donation for 2005. The letter expressed concern that CBC’s quotation for watering, planting etc next year had risen sharply to £2200 + VAT. This could make it impossible for the village to continue to compete and the Committee were seeking ideas for future funding.
  • Fairladies Farm – site visit took place on 4 November. The plan had been rejected by the Planning Panel on 10 November although the Planning Officer had recommended acceptance. The matter will be reconsidered at the December Planning Panel meeting. Although there has been much local concern about the plan only one written objection has been received by CBC.
  • Greenlonning- Moorclose- visit by CCC Legal Panel. No invitation extended.
  • Approved by CBC- Rottington – extension to stable block

Burndale, Rottington – single storey extension

The Haven, Seamill Lane – replacement dwelling

(d) New Applications: –

  • Fleatham House- Application to fell 7 trees and lop branches. Planning Sub-Committee support the application if the work is necessary to remove damaged, diseased or dangerous trees. CBC to be asked to provide a copy of the report to the applicant.
  • Seacote – Amended Plan – house on the corner. Planning Sub-Committee have looked at the plan and believe the house is too big and too close to the corner. Letter to be sent to CBC stating that the plan is not considered suitable for the site.
  • 30, The Crofts –double garage
  • Seacote Park – Name one street RYDAL

(e) Amendments – Rottington Hall- Details on Barn 3, Dwelling 2.




Cllr Warbrick presented the proposed constitution for the Parish Plan Sub-Committee. As a sub-committee of the Parish Council it would be covered by the Council’s liability insurance and VAT could be reclaimed. The sub-committee would



provide regular feedback to the Parish Council.

The following amendments to the draft constitution were proposed:-

  • Para 3 to be deleted
  • Purpose -Point 7 to read ‘ be responsible for the analysis of the survey, the production and distribution of the final plan, which will then be approved and adopted by the Parish Council.’
  • Officers - 2nd sentence to read ‘the Committee shall elect these officers for the duration ……’


It was AGREED that the constitution be accepted subject to the above amendments and that the Chairman and Vice- Chairman sign the constitution. ( Proposed by Cllr Sim, Seconded by D Millington)



  • It was reported that two street lights (nos 2&3) on the B5345 below Abbey Vale were not working. This had already been reported to CBC.


  • A large pot-hole has developed outside the Beach Shop and regularly fills with water. CBC have been aware of the problem for some time but urgent action is now required.
  • The litter bin on the Village School field needs to be resited closer to the play area. It was felt that this was probably a Parish Council responsibility and could be done when the bin on the Dandy Path is replaced.
  • It was reported that a drain adjacent to Peck Mill needs to be cleared.


There were no issues other than the traffic calming measures recorded in Minute No. 281.4



  • Finance Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

Draft terms of reference had been circulated and Cllr Smith presented these for approval. The Sub-Committee would have no delegated powers to make spending decisions but would make recommendations to help the Parish Council make informed and timely decisions.

It was AGREED that the terms of reference be adopted and included within the policy and procedures file. ( Proposed by Cllr Smith)

  • Report of the Finance Sub-Committee

Cllr Smith presented a report on the budget position for the current year with a forecast of the position at the end of this financial year. It was likely that



expenditure would exceed the budget estimate because of a number of unusual costs such as recruitment costs, purchase of IT equipment etc. In addition the VAT reclaimable would be less than estimated. The anticipated overspend could be met from reserves.

A decision on the precept and budget for 2005/6 would be deferred to the next meeting.

(c) The Clerk had investigated the possibility of cancelling the Broadband contract but cancellation was not possible within the first 12 months. The service would be cancelled at that point.




Cheque no 001062 Mrs E Smith, St Bees in Bloom £ 115.00

Cheque no 001063 Egremont Today, advert for new Clerk £ 12.00

Cheque no 001064 K Hammel, grass cutting September £ 93.00

Cheque no 001065 J A Haile, Chairmans expenses £ 22.62

Cheque no 001066 St Bees Village Hall Committee, use of room £ 140.00

Cheque no 001067 Priory Church, production of Parish magazines £ 222.00

Cheque no 001068 St Bees Village Hall Committee, use of office £ 50.00

Cheque no 001069 St Bees Pre-school group, donation for shed £ 420.00

Cheque no 001070 Royal British Legion, Wreath and donation £ 100.00

Cheque no 001071 St Bees Village Youth Group £ 400.00

Cheque no 001072 St Bees Explorer Group start up grant £ 200.00

Cheque no 001073 E Still, salary Oct/Dec plus arrears, post & tel £1218.36

Cheque no 001074 Glasdon UK, new bin £ 189.39

Cheque no 001075 Brockbank,Curwen Cain & Hall, legal costs £ 402.56

Cheque no 001076 Greenbarns Ltd, New notice board £1001.38


Cllr Warbrick requested transfer of the Parish Plan funds to the bank account set up by the Sub-Committee.It was AGREED that a cheque be paid to the Treasurer of the Parish Plan Sub-Committee for the sum of £2212 less expenses already incurred.

Cllr Bettinson proposed approval of the signing of the cheques. The motion was seconded by Cllr Sim.



  • Christmas Lights

It was suggested that additional lights be purchased. Cllr Rowlands proposed that a sum of £50 be allocated for the purchase. This was seconded by Cllr Bettinson.

It was AGREED that the lights be purchased and this would be arranged by Cllrs. D Warbrick and J Rowlands

  • Retirement of Clerk

On behalf of the Council the Chairman thanked Edward Still for his hard work as



Clerk to the Council and wished him well. His resignation would take effect at the end of December and during December a hand-over to the new Clerk would take place.

  • Chairmanship of the Parish Council

Cllr Haile thanked everyone for their support during his chairmanship of the Parish Council and officially handed over the chairmanship to Cllr Smith. Councillors present thanked Cllr Haile for his untiring work as Chairman.


  • Membership of Planning and Finance Sub-Committees

Cllr Smith would take over Chairmanship of the Finance Sub-Committee but Cllr Haile agreed to continue on both the Finance/ Planning Sub-Committees.



The next meeting will be held on Monday 13 December at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. (This is a change from the previously agreed date.)


It was AGREED that Mrs Maureen Barrett would be asked to provide a report on Village School matters.