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Two meetings on this page............

Minutes of the extraordinary meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 22 August 2005 in the Village Hall

329.1 PRESENT: Cllr P Smith (Chairman), Cllr D Sim (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs N Bettinson,

J Haile, N Killip, M Richards, J Rowlands, V Turpin, C Robson and D Warbrick,


329.2 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllrs H Wilson, D Millington, J Rance and the Clerk.



No declarations of interest were received.


329.4 a) Fairladies Development Planning Application

The Chairman had discussed the application with the Developer (Ian Storey) and CBC Planning (Tony Pomfret). Although not legally required to do so Story Homes offered to provide a 17 space (previously 20 space) car park. By doing so and amending the design of adjacent property they could build a further property, also subject of this application. The Planning Committee had reviewed the proposals and recommended no objection, subject to adequate arrangements for lighting and drainage.


329.4 b) Fairladies Development car park ownership and management

The offer of the car park was contingent not only on obtaining planning permission but also on agreement being reached on its ownership and management. Both CCC and CBC had refused to adopt the car park. Without St Bees Parish Council accepting this responsibility there would be no car park. The Council considered the benefits and potential liabilities of assuming ownership. Liabilities include long term maintenance, business rates, insurance, cleaning and inspection as well as the one-off legal costs for title. It was considered improbable that any form of negotiation would result in provision of the twenty places and could lead to withdrawal of the offer. There was no prospect of CBC or CCC revising their stance on adoption. The need for this car park was a long term policy of the Council, and that remained our position.


Story Homes had undertaken that subject to resolution of ownership and receipt of planning consent, full title would be transferred with no fee. Story would cover their legal costs, (though we will need to cover ours). They would agree the standard and design with us (NB James Moultrie of CCC Highways would be prepared to advise on design proposals). They would arrange (and fund) independent inspection during and after construction. They would not provide a fund for long term maintenance.


It was RESOLVED that St Bees Parish Council will support the planning application for a 17 place car park with bungalow and agree to assume full responsibility for ownership and management of the car park.


There was concern that steps shown on the footpath would prevent wheelchair and pushchair access. Storm water run off from the estate over the car park was a further concern. It was expected that a warranty should be provided for the car park. Councillors were disappointed that the full planning condition could not be imposed as CBC had applied the wrong process.


The Chairman undertook to discuss warranty with Story. He would then write to CBC to confirm our position and to address these points. He would also write to Story and confirm our position and lay out the basis for the agreement.



Draft Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 19 September 2005

in the Village Hall, Finkle Street, St. Bees

330.1 PRESENT: Cllr P Smith (Chairman), Cllr D Sim (Vice-Chairman), Cllrs N Bettinson, J Haile, N Killip, R Mayow, J Rance, M Richards, C Robson, J Rowlands, H Wilson and the Clerk.

In Attendance: 5 members of the public


330.2 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllrs D Millington, V Turpin and D Warbrick


Cllrs Sim and Bettinson declared their interest as Pagan Trustees in the agenda item concerning management of the Village Hall.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the monthly meeting held on 18 July 2005 be accepted as a true record.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on 22 August 2005 be accepted as a true record.



(a) Traffic Calming

The Clerk reported a telephone call from Mr Hankin, Traffic Engineer. He had been instructed by County Council officers that the modifications to the speed humps were to be carried out by adjusting the profile of the humps to bring them in line with recommended specifications. The work would be done in October. Correspondence from Mr D Turner was received, together with a copy of a response to Mr Turner from Cllr Southward.

The Chairman invited Mr Shields to speak on behalf of local residents. Mr Shields explained that although residents had been aware that traffic calming was to be introduced 4 years ago, they had not been aware in advance of exactly what was planned. They now wanted to be involved in discussions about the modifications to be carried out.

It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would not wish to see the work delayed further and that a copy of the specification for the work be sought and made available to local residents.

(b) Fairladies Car Park

The Chairman reported that he had contacted CBC and Story Homes as agreed following the extraordinary meeting on 22 August which had been called to discuss the planning application for a bungalow and 17 space car park. The planning application had been approved by Copeland Borough Council Planning Panel last week. Residents of Fairladies had attended the Planning Panel to object to the application and had asked to speak to the Parish Council to explain their concerns.

The Chairman invited Mr Armitage to address the meeting on behalf of Fairladies residents. He explained that residents of the estate were very concerned about the safety of children who play in the area where the car park is to be constructed. Although residents of the estate take care and drive slowly they expressed concern that others driving to and from the car park might not drive so considerately. Fairladies residents were also worried that the car park could attract anti-social behaviour. They believed that their views had not been taken into account and wished to see the car park relocated to another site or access created from Main Street or Outrigg to reduce traffic using the estate roads.

The Chairman explained that the Parish Council was concerned about the safety of all residents. It had been the Parish Council’s policy for many years that a public car park be provided as part of the development to relieve congestion in the Main Street. It was clear from recent discussions with Story Homes that there was no further scope for negotiation on the size and location of the car park and


alternative access routes were not viable. The management of the car park would be the responsibility of the Parish Council and local residents could be involved in the design of the site. Traffic calming on the estate roads could be used to slow speeds and residents could press the developer to install suitable measures if they wished.

It was RESOLVED that the policy of providing public car parking on the estate be confirmed but that the safety concerns of Fairladies residents be recognised and taken into account in the design and management of the car park.

(c) Maintenance Issues – Beach and Foreshore

Replies had been received from CBC to the issues raised at the July meeting. Remedial work had been promised including resurfacing of CBC land adjacent to the beach café.

It was RESOLVED that progress of the work be reviewed at the next meeting.

(d) Anti-social behaviour – Beach Area

There had been no further news from the Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership about progress with the action plan. However it is vital that residents do continue to report all incidents to the police so that they are fully aware of the problems.

(e) Cumbria County Council – Red warning discs

It was noted that thewarning disc adjacent to Millfield had been replaced but discs were still required at the other locations.

(f) Litter Bin- Play Area

The Clerk was still trying to identify a suitable model of closed bin.

(g) Green Lonning/Moorclose Rights of Way

CCC had confirmed that an Order is being made under Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act to add a public byway open to all traffic along Green Lonning. The Clerk is seeking further information about the position with Moorclose.



A letter had been received from Mr P Bromiley confirming that the Heritage and Tourism Group had now been wound up and requesting that the Parish Council accept the transfer of assets. The group had one outstanding project – the creation of a View Plan Table on the Head – for which funding and the necessary planning consents had been obtained.

It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council accept the transfer of assets and continue the outstanding project.



Cllrs Sim and Bettinson declared their interest as Pagan Trustees.

Cllr Sim explained that volunteers were urgently required to join the Village Hall Management Committee. The Treasurer was unable to continue because of illness and the secretary was also resigning. The Village Hall was in a good state of repair and well used but new volunteers were essential if the present management arrangements were to continue. Cllr Sim asked Councillors to use their good offices to find new volunteers.



Correspondence had been received from the Cumbria Local Democracy Commission which was looking at the means by which the County Council engages with and responds to the needs of local communities. Views were sought from the Parish Council. It was agreed that the Parish Council had no comments to submit.



Cllr Mayow reported on the inspection of parish paths which had taken place in July. He would be following up on the results of the inspection over the winter months. Leaflet sales had increased and a bulk reprint was now necessary.


It was RESOLVED that a quotation be obtained for reprinting the leaflets and that appropriate permission be sought from the Ordnance Survey.



The Chairman reported that work is underway to analyse the results of the questionnaire. The next stage of the grant cannot be claimed until the previous instalment has been fully spent. Minutes of recent Committee meetings will be circulated to all Councillors.



The following item was identified for report to Copeland Borough Council:-

  • Road sweeping is required in the High House Road area.



The following item was identified for report to Cumbria County Council:-

  • The white lines at Abbey Corner are worn and in need of repainting.



(a)New Applications

  • Trewarmett, Outrigg – 2 storey extension. The Planning Advisory Committee believed that the scale of the extension was out of keeping with the estate but that there were no grounds for objection in view of other developments which have previously been allowed.
  • Low Walton Farmhouse – installation of 2 new windows. No objections.
  • Fleatham House – Application by United Utilities to fell 1 large sycamore and 2 saplings. No objections.
  • Fleatham House/15 The Crofts – application to cut back branches overhanging the boundary of 15 The Crofts. No objection provided that the trees are not damaged.
  • 4 Vale View -Listed building consent for internal alterations. No objections.
  • Fairladies – Substitution of house type plots 30-33 and 5 additional dwellings. Whilst the provision of more affordable properties was generally welcomed, there were concerns that the drainage systems for foul and surface water might not be sufficient to cope with the additional number of residents on the estate. The addition of more properties would add to traffic movements both on the estate and in the village. Councillors believed that CBC should impose a legally binding condition that the developer install traffic calming measures on the estate, the details of which should be the subject of consultation with estate residents.

It was RESOLVED that the above comments be submitted to CBC.

(b) Applications Approved

  • Fairladies – substitution of house type Plot 14.

(c) Cumbria and Lake District Joint Structure Plan

The Plan had been modified to take account of comments made on the deposit version which had been upheld by the Inspector. Cllr Sim had reviewed the modifications and pointed out that St Bees was not a key development site within the Plan. St Bees is the only section of Heritage Coast in the area and the Plan states that a policy on the Heritage Coast is being developed.



(a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:-

  • Cheque no 001127 Mrs J Donaldson – salary & expenses July-Sept Total £840.34
  • Cheque no 001128 Friends of St Bees Priory subscription 2005 £8.00
  • Cheque no 001129 Printpoint - printing of Sewell memoirs for History Group £365.00
  • Cheque no 001130 Playground Management Ltd – inspection of play area (£62.00 + VAT) Total £72.85


  • Cheque no 001131 Audit Commission - audit 2004/5 (£120 + VAT) Total £141.00
  • Cheque no 001132 Dr I McAndrew - reimbursement of web-site charges (£34.04 + VAT) Total £40
  • Cheque no 001133 St Bees Garden Society – donation £140.00
  • Cheque no 001134 K Hammell – grasscutting June- August £249.60

It was reported that 1 invoice had been approved for payment by the Village in Bloom Committee :-

  • Cheque no 001135 Keith Singleton, Seaview Nurseries £88.18 +VAT Total £103.61

(b) Audit of Accounts 2004/5

The Audit Commission has completed the audit of accounts for 2004/5 and noted that the points raised by the Internal Auditor are being addressed. Copies are on display on the noticeboards.



(a) Letter received from Mr J Kennedy enclosing copies of correspondence with CBC about alleged contravention of planning conditions at the Seacote Caravan Park. It was noted that CBC had asked the Environmental Health Dept and Landscape Technical Officer to investigate.

(b) Letter from Cumbria Rural Housing Trust offering assistance to Parish Councils in highlighting the problems of insufficient affordable housing in rural areas. Consideration of this item to be deferred to the next meeting.

(c) Letter from the Rural Regeneration Unit offering help in setting up food co-operatives and village hamper schemes. Cllr Rance to consider and report back to the next meeting.


  • CALC Circulars August and September
  • CALC Statement of Policies
  • Cumbria Local Transport Plan – annual progress report
  • Local bus services – changes to timetable for service 6 (Whitehaven to Muncaster)
  • FLAG Newsletter – July 2005
  • Friends of the Lake District – Overhead Wires Information Pack
  • NDA Draft Strategy document
  • Cumbria Rural Infrastructure Support Programme
  • Temporary road closure C4014 Braystones Bridge, Beckermet – 5/9/05 for 8 weeks
  • Fieldwork – September 2005
  • ‘Localworks’ Campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill – information pack



(a) CALC training courses were scheduled for the autumn which would enable the Clerk to obtain the qualifications necessary for the Council to apply for Quality Parish status. Bursaries were available to reduce the costs.

(b) Cllr Wilson noted that there had been no progress with the work around the sub-station at the Beach estate. Cllr Haile reported that Mr Hammell would be undertaking this work shortly.

(c) It was noted that the photographs of members of the Parish Council on the noticeboards are out of date and need to be removed.

(d) Cllr Robson reported that as part of the Village History Project he and Jon Mellor would be re-enacting the story of Cooper Neddy on 20 September. The press had been invited to cover the event.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 17 October 2005 at 7.30pm.