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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 18 December 2006

in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr P Smith (Chairman), N Bettinson, M Clarkson, I Hill, D Millington, M Richards, C Robson, J Rowlands, D Sim, V Turpin, D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.

Also Present: Mr T Magean, Parks and Open Spaces Manager CBC, PC Davies and 6 members of the public.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr J Haile.


Cllr Millington declared a non-prejudicial interest in the planning application for Westlakes Science Park.


Mr Magean reported that the police had received only a small number of calls from local residents in recent weeks and he stressed the importance of reporting all incidents as resources would be targeted at areas where problems were seen to be most acute. A site visit to the car park had taken place with a security consultant and three options had been considered:

  • Installation of a fixed barrier across the entrance – cost £3000. However, this was deemed impractical because it would cause access problems for the lifeboat service and caravan site users.
  • Installation of a rising barrier at the entrance and exit operated by a ticket system – cost £45000. A card entry system would be needed to allow access for lifeboat crew and visitors to the caravan site and the barrier would cause difficulty with access to the recycling facility.
  • CCTV surveillance to act as a deterrent and provide evidence for police action – cost £17000. The cost of this option could be reduced if it was possible to utilise cameras from other locations when a planned new system is installed. This option could also help with deterring vandalism, dog fouling etc.

Mr Magean explained that CCTV cameras were the only viable option. A tendering exercise was taking place for a new CCTV system in other parts of the borough and the transfer of 2 cameras to St Bees was being included in the tender specification. If the tenders were within the budget set by CBC the cameras would be provided. If the additional cost was beyond the budget allocated there would need to be further discussion about how funds could be found. The tenders were due to be returned early in 2007 and Mr Magean undertook to give an update in February.

PC Davies asked that residents provide as much information as possible on registration numbers, make and model of cars when reporting incidents. She also reported that a man had been arrested and charged in connection with a spate of burglaries in the area.

There was also discussion of alcohol-related problems on the promenade and other areas. Mr Magean outlined the procedure for designating areas where consumption of alcohol was not allowed.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20 November 2006 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


(a) Drainage problems – Station Road

Another resident of Station Road had reported problems with water getting on to his property. The Chairman had agreed to meet the resident and the contractor on site to check if the problems were linked to the recent work.

It was RESOLVED that a sum of £250 be approved for further work if this was found to be necessary.



(b) Green Lonning

The Inquiry into the objection had taken place on 13 December and several members of the Council had attended. The decision would not be known for 2-3 months.

(c) Fairladies Car Park and Footpath

The solicitor acting for the Council had now received precontract documentation from Story Homes and was undertaking searches. The Clerk was seeking detailed specifications for the car park construction.

(d) Other items from the Action List

  • Allotment Water Supply

Home Housing had finalised the documentation which was now being sent for signature by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

  • Tree Works Applications

CBC Landscape Officer had agreed to provide copies of his reports on applications for tree work in St Bees.


CBC had set up a working group to liaise with Digital UK on the implementation of the project and was seeking a contact person in each parish. Parts of St Bees parish would be affected by the switch over in October 2007 but others would continue to receive an analogue signal until 2009. Digital UK had indicated an interest in working with SBPC to ensure that the switch over goes smoothly.

It was RESOLVED to ask Digital UK to attend a public meeting in St Bees to speak to local residents.


The Chairman reported on recent discussions with CBC and local police. The police believed that existing legislation gave sufficient powers to deal with the problems and specific byelaws were not required. It had been agreed with CBC that signs were needed at the beach to explain what was and was not allowed.

It was RESOLVED not to proceed with the introduction of byelaws and to continue discussions with CBC.


There were no reports to be presented.


(a)The following items were noted for report to CBC:-

  • A number of street lights were in need of repair:-

No 104 by the Seacote Hotel, nos 2 & 4 at the beach car park, the 4th double-headed light at the beach car park, and nos 174 and 177 at Seacroft. The two missing lights on Station road have still not been replaced.

  • The metal bridge at Gutterfoot is in a dangerous condition
  • The drain at Gutterfoot has still not been repaired


A draft budget for 2007/8 had previously been circulated

It was RESOLVED that the draft budget be approved subject to the inclusion of £600 for election expenses and that the precept for 2007/8 be set at £16935.

At this point Cllr Smith left the meeting and Cllr Sim took the Chair.


(a)The following items were noted for report to CCC:-

  • The sign to the caravan park has still not been replaced.
  • The ‘give way’ sign at the junction of Station Rd/B5345 is in need of repair.
  • The signs on the post outside Grindal House have been turned round.

(b) Cumbria Highways had replied that the metal railings alongside Coach Road were the responsibility of the landowner rather than CCC. The Clerk would write to the landowner.



(a) New Applications

The Planning Advisory Committee reported on new applications since the last meeting:-

  • 4/06/2803/0F1 Herdus House, Westlakes Science Park – Erection of 2 shelters
  • 4/01/0773/0F1 Rookery Barn, Rottington – Amended plans

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to these proposals.

  • 4/06/2836/TPO 10 Seacroft Drive – Crown reduce/thin sycamores

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application provided that CBC Landscape Officer was satisfied that the work was appropriate.

  • 4/06/2837/TPO 1 Seacroft Drive – Emergency pruning of 5 sycamores and felling of 1 sycamore

It was RESOLVED that SBPC would be content to rely on the expert advice of the Landscape Officer but would be opposed to any work which was not strictly necessary.

(b) Planning Training

CBC had organised a training session on planning matters for town and parish councils on 13 February. Each Council was invited to send one nominee with a second place being available if all places were not taken up.

It was RESOLVED that SBPC would ask for two places on the course.


(a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

  • Cheque no 001218 J Donaldson – December salary (£269.73) and travel (£7.61) £277.34
  • Cheque no 001219 FLAG – annual subscription £10.00

(b) Donations

It was RESOLVED that the following donations be approved:-

St Bees First Responders - £500 (cheque no 001220)


(a) West Cumbria Sites Stakeholder Group is carrying out a consultation on the preferred end states for the 4 nuclear sites in West Cumbria. Workshops are to be held in Cleator Moor on 4 January and Drigg on 6 January. Alternatively a questionnaire can be completed on their web-site.

(b) Correspondence received from CALC enclosing an Interim Position Statement on the recent Local Government White Paper. A conference to be held at Newton Rigg on Sat 3 February to consider local authority proposals for unitary/enhanced two tier structure.

(c) Letter received from Friends of the Lake District encouraging Councils to take part in the consultation on the Lake District National Park Authority Local Development Framework.

(d) Cumbria Vision consultation on shaping the future of West Cumbria.

(e) Cumbria and lake District Joint Structure Plan 2001-2016. It was RESOLVED that 3 additional copies be purchased.


FLAG Newsletter December 2006

Cumbria Highways Newsletter Winter 2006

Fieldwork December 2006


(a) It was noted that Richard Mellor, CBC Landscape Officer, wished to speak to Councillors about the proposed tree Warden scheme and would be attending the February meeting.

(b) The spotlight which had been installed at Abbots Court was distracting for drivers on Abbey Road. The Clerk would take the matter up with St Bees School.

(c) Cllr Clarkson asked for dates of meetings of the Adams Recreation Ground Committee. The Clerk would ask the Committee to provide Cllr Clarkson with the relevant dates.




(d) A resident had asked about inspection of the play equipment. The annual inspection had taken place in August and the Chairman was arranging for an internal inspection to be carried out.

(e) The bridge over Pow Beck at Seamill was in need of attention. A contractor was being asked to give an estimate for the work.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 15 January 2007 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.