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Draft Minutes of the meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 16 January 2006

in the Village Hall

348.1 PRESENT: Cllr P Smith(Chairman), D Sim, N Killip, R Mayow, D Millington, J Rance, J Rowlands, C Robson, V Turpin, D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.

Also present: Mr P Wadsworth, Customer Services Manager, Copeland Borough Council


348.2 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllrs N Bettinson, J Haile, M Richards



Several Councillors queried the definition of personal/prejudicial interest in respect of agenda item 9, the consultation on the future of the Sellafield site.

It was RESOLVED that further advice be sought on this matter from the Monitoring Officer.



It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the monthly meeting held on 19 December 2005 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.



The Chairman welcomed Mr Wadsworth to the meeting.

Mr Wadsworth explained that his post was a new one within a new department, which was responsible for the call centre and all communication between CBC and its customers. Part of his role was to deal with comments and complaints and he would be happy to investigate any issues which were causing concern to the Parish Council.

A number of specific issues were identified where actions promised by CBC had not been carried out and where there had been little feedback on concerns raised by the Parish Council. Councillors stressed the Parish Council’s wish to work constructively with CBC on issues such as tourism and byelaws, and explained that the Parish Council would welcome improved liaison with CBC.

It was RESOLVED that a list of substantive issues be compiled and forwarded to Mr Wadsworth, together with copies of correspondence on beach maintenance problems which were still unresolved. Mr Wadsworth agreed to use his best offices to resolve the problems and would suggest a suitable timescale for doing so.



(a) Flooding

A letter had been sent to Cumbria Highways following the last meeting. A reply had been received promising a more detailed response and a site meeting when the Capita engineer dealing with the matter returned from sick leave. It was noted that the same problems were recurring with the recent rain.

(b) Maintenance Issues – Beach and Foreshore

It was noted that the lights were still in need of repair and that the toilets were still not in satisfactory condition.

It was RESOLVED to await the result of Mr Wadsworth’s intervention before considering further action.

(c) War Memorial

It was RESOLVED that no immediate work was required but that the memorial be monitored for possible further movement.

(d) Station Car Park Signage

The Clerk had confirmed with CBC that this is within the remit of the district council. CBC had agreed to erect a suitable sign providing that the cost could be met within their existing budget.

(e) Drainage problems – Station Road

Councillors had visited Station Road following the concerns expressed by Mr Hewertson at the last meeting. The seepage of water from the footpath was obvious but the cause of the problem was not clear.


It was RESOLVED that an estimate be obtained from a specialist firm to investigate the cause of the problem.

(f) Fairtrade Initiative

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Robson act as the nominated link with the Fairtrade organisation.

(g) Beach Road Footpath

The matter had been referred to Cumbria County Council with a request that consideration be given to providing a tarmac surface to the path. The County Council had inspected the path but did not believe it was in a poor condition. However, it was possible that some funding might be available for urban paths and the County Council was looking into this.

It was RESOLVED to await the outcome of these enquiries and in the meantime to keep Miss Sinclair Wilson informed of the situation.

(h)Traffic calming

Cumbria Highways had confirmed that they would be carrying out a speed survey within the next few months to check the effect of the recent modifications to the speed humps.

(i) Road Markings – Barony House

The Clerk had made enquiries of Cumbria Highways and the Traffic Engineer for Copeland was not aware of any plans to put zigzag lines outside Barony House.

(j) Flooding – Tommy Stile Footpath

Cllr Mayow had investigated the situation. A void has developed under the footpath where the soil has been washed away. The cause of the problem was less clear.

It was RESOLVED that the problem be reported to Cumbria County Council, with a copy of the letter from Mr Jopling.

(k) Changes to the Definitive Map

Cllr Mayow had reviewed the correspondence from CCC about changes to the Definitive Map.

It was RESOLVED to contact CCC to ensure that rights of way at Moorclose, Green Lonning and Lovers Lonning were also included on the Definitive Map.

(l) Coast to Coast Information Board

The sign which had blown off the stoneplinth near the lifeboat station has been collected by the Clerk. As this was originally erected by the Heritage And Tourism Group it was now the responsibility of the Parish Council.

It was RESOLVED that the board be checked to determine whether any changes were needed and that arrangements be made for the board to be put back in place.



The proof was expected from the printers shortly and final approval would be given at the Parish Plan Committee next week. The plan would be launched on Wednesday 15 February at 7.00pm. Invitations would be sent out shortly to local authority members and officers, partner organisations, members of the local community and the press.

It was RESOLVED that decisions on individual responsibility for taking forward actions from the Action Plan be postponed until the next meeting.



Cllr Mayow had discussed suggestions for inclusion in the response with Cllr Richards and they recommended that the priority should be to extend the cycle path network to St Bees.

It was RESOLVED that a response be sent identifying a cycle path link to St Bees as the Parish Council’s priority for development.



The arrangement with CBC for the use of Station Car Park was due for renewal in April.

It was RESOLVED to seek a continuation of the existing arrangement with CBC for the year 2006/7 at a cost of £2000.





It was RESOLVED that discussion of this item be postponed until clarification on declaration of interests had been obtained.



The following items were noted for report to CBC:-

  • Street lights no 91 and 49 are in need of repair. A repair is also needed to the light at the entrance to the Beach Car Park and the lights on Station Rd have still not been repaired. The light on Seamill Lane beyond Blythe Place Nursery needs repair



The following items were noted for report to CBC:-

  • The drain at the entrance to Town Head Farm is blocked
  • Water is again coming out of the telecom manhole by Stonehouse Farm.



(a) New Applications

  • Whinyeat, Rottington – Extension to provide kitchen and conservatory

No objections provided that the conservatory is of suitable design as it would be clearly visible from the road

  • 15 The Crofts – Pruning of branches overhanging boundary from Fleatham House

No objection.

  • Fleatham House - Felling of trees and removal of damaged wood

This appears to be in line with the recommendations of the Landscape Officer received at the last meeting. No objections.

  • Herdus House, Westlakes Science Park – construction of 2 timber fenced compounds

No objections

  • Fleatham Farm – 3 detached dwellings

It was RESOLVED to object to this application on the following grounds:

- part of the proposed development lies outside the development area

- there is no need for further executive style housing within the village

- the development would create a ‘double bank’ of housing behind the existing properties

- the development would not be in keeping with the conservation area

- there would be an increase in traffic in a sensitive area.

Whilst objecting to this application, it was agreed that there remained no objection in principle to the conversion of the farmhouse and byres which are the subject of a separate application, if access to the farmyard could be achieved without the large access road.

  • Springbank Farm - 3 Log Cabins for holiday letting

It was RESOLVED to object to this application on the grounds that it would create further development on the fringe of the existing settlement and there is already sufficient holiday accommodation in the area. The Chairman and Clerk to attend the site visit on 25 January.

  • Fleatham House – Applications for 4 detached houses

It was RESOLVED to seek a site visit by CBC Planning Panel and to submit strong objections to these applications on the following grounds:

- there is no need for further executive style housing in the village, borne out by the consultation recently undertaken for the Parish Plan

- the development would not be in keeping with the conservation area.

- the development would cause loss or damage to the trees in the area, some of which are protected by a preservation order.

- the development would cause increased traffic with access onto Finkle Street which is narrow and already congested.



- there are concerns about the adequacy of drain and sewer systems to cope with further development.

  • Fairladies Estate – Substitution of house types plots 67/68

No objection but clarification to be sought from CBC on the total number of dwellings now approved for the site.


(b) Approvals

  • Trewarmett, Outrigg – single storey extension
  • 118 Main Street – extension to rear and dormer to 2 nd floor



(a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

  • Cheque no 001150 I McAndrew – reimbursement of renewal of domain name £20
  • Cheque no 001151 St Bees Enterprises– photocopying Sept-Dec 2005 £48.88
  • Cheque no 001152 J Donaldson – Clerk’s salary January 2006 £261.98
  • Cheque no 001153 I McAndrew – reimbursement of web-site costs £80



(a) Letter received from CBC about a review of Parish Council boundaries. Details of draft proposals would be issued shortly.

(b) Letter from Cumbria Police Authority giving an update on the position with restructuring.

(c) Letter from the ODPM enclosing a discussion paper on changes to the Code of Conduct for local authority members and officers.

(d) Letter received from Cumbria County Council enclosing a copy of the Order made by CCC in respect of Green Lonning. The deadline for objections by members of the public is 2 February 2006.



Friends of the Lake District – Overhead Wires Project Newsletter Dec 2005

Cumbria Highways Newsletter Winter 2005

Clerks & Councils Direct Jan 2006



(a) Cllr Clarkson had informed the Clerk that he would be pressing CBC Planning Dept to look into the concerns raised by local residents about alleged contraventions of planning conditions at the caravan park. This item to be considered at the next meeting to consider whether action is needed.

(b) St Bees School had provided details of their Community Service scheme which operates from 4.15 – 5.15pm on Thursdays when pupils offer their services to those in the community, particularly the housebound, to help with dog walking, gardening, shopping, cleaning etc.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 20 February 2006 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.