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Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 16 October 2006

in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr P Smith(Chairman), M Clarkson, J Haile, I Hill, D Millington, C Robson, D Sim, V Turpin, D Warbrick, H Wilson and the Clerk.

The Chairman welcomed Cllr Hill to his first meeting since his co-option.


Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllrs B Mayow, M Richards, J Rowlands and N Bettinson.


Cllrs Millington declared an interest in the planning application for Westlakes Science Park (Agenda item 9a).


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2006 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman subject to an amendment to min 380.2 to indicate that Cllr N Clarkson ( CBC Ward Councillor) declared an interest in the discussion about anti-social behaviour in the beach area.


(a) Flooding

A meeting was held on 28 September with Cumbria Highways, Cllr Southward and Cllr N Clarkson. A full drainage survey was to be carried out before any decisions were made on remedial work. It was hoped that the survey would be done in the next 2 months.

It was RESOLVED that the Chairman take up the issue of the blocked drain on the B5345 with the Area Engineer as a separate maintenance matter.

(b) Drainage problems – Station Road

The contractor had begun the excavation but had encountered some unexpected problems.

It was RESOLVED that an additional £500 be approved to cover the costs of any further work required.

(c) Right of Way –Moorclose

The Clerk had instructed a solicitor to act on behalf of the Parish Council in drawing up an easement. The solicitor would now be contacting the owner of Moorclose to finalise the agreement.

It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council offer to meet the reasonable legal costs of the owner of Moorclose.

(d)Right of Way -Green Lonning

The Inquiry would be held on 13 December at the Seacote Hotel.

It was RESOLVED that the Parish Council would be represented at the Inquiry by Cllr Wilson and other Councillors as available and that a written submission be sent to the Planning Inspectorate in advance of the Inquiry.


The Clerk reported that rent was outstanding on one plot. There were currently three people on the waiting list. Work had not yet begun on installing the water supply as Home Group was still preparing a formal agreement to allow the pipe to be laid under their land.

It was RESOLVED that appropriate action be taken in respect of the unpaid rent in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement and that the allotment holders be invited to nominate a representative to liaise with the Parish Council on allotment matters.


Highways & Byways – Cllr Millington reported that the police were carrying out speed checks on access roads into the village and that they had been asked to allocate more time to this on an on-going basis. PC Mullarky was investigating the possibility of having a Speed Indication Device in the village on a trial basis.


A local resident had organised a meeting with Capita to discuss speeding and safety issues on Outrigg. Cllr Millington had attended on behalf of the Parish Council. A number of measures had been discussed which might help the situation and these were being followed up.

The Clerk had obtained a copy of the report prepared by Capita for CCC Local Committee on traffic calming measures. This included a number of recommendations for St Bees but the Local Committee had not yet decided which recommendations they would fund.

It was RESOLVED that an allocation be made in the budget for 2007/8 towards the joint funding of additional traffic calming measures, provided that there was full consultation with SBPC on the measures to be implemented.

Cllr Robson reported on discussions with Sustrans about the possible link to the cycle path.

Byelaws – the Chairman reported on the recent meeting with CBC to discuss new byelaws for the beach and foreshore. CBC had agreed to take the matter forward subject to confirming the willingness of Cumbria Constabulary to take responsibility for enforcement.


(a)The following items were noted for report to CBC:-

  • A number of street lights are not working – on the B5345 lamp no 3 (near Abbey Corner) and the lamp between no 8 and no 9, the lamp at the end of the Seacote, and lamp no 91 on Station Rd. The missing lamp posts on Station Rd have still not been replaced.
  • The beck and area around Gutterfoot need to be cleaned.
  • The land between the caravan park and Gutterfoot is covered by standing water.
  • The toilets at the beach were not open at 9.30am on 14 October, inconveniencing visitors.

(b)It was reported that CBC were to hold a meeting to seek the views of local people on CBC spending priorities. The meeting for the St Bees area was to take place in Egremont.

It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to CBC pointing out that this venue was not convenient for St Bees residents as there is no public transport available.

(c) The follow-up report from CBC on the action plan to tackle anti-social behaviour is due to be presented at the December meeting. The Clerk would liaise with CBC officers to ensure that the report is available for the meeting on 18 December.


The following item was noted for report to CCC:-

  • The hedge overhanging the road on Abbey Road is still causing problems for traffic despite two reports having been made.
  • The drain on the B5345 near the Byersteads Rd junction is blocked.


(a) New Applications

The Planning Advisory Committee reported on new applications since the last meeting..

  • 4/06/2540/0F1 Fleatham Farm – Amended plans for conversion of the farmhouse to 2 dwellings and conversion of barns and byres to 5 dwellings

An amended plan had been received but it was reported that the application had been approved by CBC Planning Panel last week.

  • 4/06/2541/0F1 Land adjacent to Fleatham Farm – Amended plans for 2 detached dwellings

It was reported that, despite the objections submitted, this application had been approved by CBC Planning Panel.

  • 4/06/2635/0F1 Fairladies Barn – New dwelling house

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • 4/06/2664/0F1 Westlakes Science Park– renewal of permission for landing area for helicopter

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.




  • 4/06/2627 /TPO Fleatham House, Application to fell/trim trees

A letter had been received from CBC correcting the details of this application. The number of trees to be felled is 10 rather than 20 with a 30% reduction of a further 10 trees. The Clerk was continuing to press for a report from CBC Landscape Officer.

(b) Local Development Framework

A draft Statement of Community Involvement had been received for comment from CBC. Cllr Sim had reviewed the document and reported on the comments submitted.

387.1. FINANCE

(a) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

  • Cheque no 001204 I McAndrew – reimbursement of web-site costs £20.00
  • Cheque no 001205 J Donaldson – Oct salary (£269.73) and travel expenses (£3.26) £272.99
  • Cheque no 001206 St Bees PCC – donation towards costs of St Bees News £402.60
  • Cheque no 001207 K Hammell – grasscutting and fence work £611.40

It was reported that the following payment had been made since the last meeting within the expenditure limits previously authorised:-

  • Cheque no 001203 John Norris of Penrith – waders £54.99

(b) Training Costs

It was RESOLVED that the costs of CALC training course for Chairman be approved (£15).

(a) Agenda received for the AGM of the Copeland District Association of Local Councils. Apologies to be sent.

(b) Consultation document received from CCC seeking views on the review of 11-19 education provision in North Copeland.

It was RESOLVED that a response be sent expressing the view that any new school should be located within Egremont.

(c) Letter received from the Village in Bloom Committee requesting a donation of £500 towards the cost of plants for 2007. The Committee also requested that consideration be given to funding the replacement of the wooden fence at Beck Edge Garden with a galvanised fence and contributing to the cost of new planters.

It was RESOLVED that the donation of £500 in 2006/7 be approved and that a further £300 be donated towards the cost of new planters. An estimate would be obtained for a new fence for consideration at a future meeting.

(d) Letter received from the newly formed Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust explaining plans to apply for Foundation Trust status.


CALC Newsletter October 2006

Temporary road closure B5345 St Bees from 23 October for 4 weeks for pre surface dressing patching

Highways Agency roadworks leaflet Oct 06 – Jan 07

Publicity leaflet for Community Transport

Highways Agency leaflet – Detrunking A595 south of Calderbridge

Open Space – Autumn 2006


(a) It was reported that the area around the level crossing needed to be tidied up following recent flooding. The Clerk would contact Network Rail.

(b) The Clerk was asked to confirm the rules on non-attendance of Councillors at meetings for the next meeting.

(c) The procedure for applying for use of the boat park was questioned. It was confirmed that requests should be made to the Clerk.




It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 20 November 2006 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.