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Minutes for October 2007

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on Monday 15 October 2007 in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs P Smith (Chairman), N Bettinson, G Gilmour, J Haile, I Hill, F Kennedy, D Millington, C Robson, J Rowlands, D Sim, and the Clerk.

In Attendance: Cllr N Clarkson (Ward Councillor), Cllr D Southward (Ward Councillor),

Mr T Magean (CBC)

Also Present: 5 members of the public


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Mayow and Turpin.


The Chairman welcomed members of the public, the Ward Councillors and Mr Magean to the meeting. He also reported that a letter of resignation had been received from Cllr H Wilson. Cllr Wilson had given many years service to the Parish Council and his contribution would be much missed.


No declarations of interest were received in respect of items on the agenda.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2007 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


(a) New Applications

The following new applications had been received for comment:


  • 4/07/2597/001 Outline application for residential development, Adams Recreation Ground

A number of residents had provided copies of letters they had sent to Copeland Borough Council objecting to this development. Members of the public present explained their concerns that the proposals were not in line with the spirit of the Trust which gave the land for the benefit of the people of St Bees and that further development might follow. There was also concern that it could cause further problems with cars parking on the adjacent road.

It was noted that the Copeland Local Plan contained a presumption against allowing development on recreational areas but with certain exceptions. It was also noted that the area of land which is the subject of this application is not used for recreational purposes and that the applicants had indicated that the proceeds would be used for the improvement of the facilities.

It was RESOLVED that the Council would not object to this application being regarded as an exception to Policy SVC13 provided that the provision of more car parking could be guaranteed. However, the Council would wish to ensure that the rest of the site is protected from future development.

It was further RESOLVED that representatives of the Adams Committee be invited to a future meeting to discuss the Committee’s long-term plans.


  • 4/07/2603/0L1 Re-rendering of SW gable wall, Ashley House, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.


  • 4/07/2608/0F1 Side and rear extensions, Bank How, Seamill Lane

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.


  • 4/07/2591/0F1 Erection of wind turbine, High Spinney, Whitehaven

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application provided that there was no problem of noise disturbance to neighbouring properties.


  • 4/07/2584/0F1 Remove brick outhouse and replace with similar sized extension,

2 Grindal Place, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.


  • 4/07/2612/TPO Tree work, St Bees Priory Church

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application.



  • 4/07/2623/0F1 Replacement of existing beach bungalow, The Haven, Seamill Lane

It was RESOLVED to seek clarification from CBC on the policy in respect of beach bungalows being developed into properties suitable for permanent occupation.

(b) Applications approved/refused

The following applications had been approved by Copeland Borough Council:

  • 4/07/2444/OR1 Linethwaite Hall - erection of bungalow
  • 4/07/2511/OF1 5 Main Street,St Bees – extension to roof to provide additional bedroom.


Discussions had taken place with a representative of the residents group following the last meeting. The group was yet to meet to decide whether they wished to set up a separate group or to work through the Parish Council. A reply had also been received from Cllr Woodburn to the letter sent following the last meeting. PC Geer had been unable to attend the meeting but had provided details of reports received from 17 Sept to 12 October which indicated a higher number of reports being logged.

Discussion took place with Mr Magean of CBC on measures to combat high speed driving on the beach car park. It was RESOLVED that the press and public be excluded during these discussions in light of the confidential nature of the proposals.

Mr Magean explained that CBC were continuing to explore options for the longer term but gave an undertaking that some CCTV coverage would be provided at the car park by December.


(a) Youth Issues

The list of activities available for children and young people in the village was now complete. This would be publicised on the web-site, in the parish magazine and through the local primary school as well as by handbills available at the post office etc.

(b) Play Area Inspection

The report of the annual inspection by ROSPA had been received. Work was already in hand to obtain estimates for repairs/replacement following the recommendations made in the last report. The initial estimate suggested the cost would exceed £1000 and therefore further estimates were required to meet financial regulations. The report of the monthly inspection was also received. It was noted that the see-saw was probably not suitable for use by young children.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations in the latest ROSPA report be considered for inclusion in the planned schedule of work.

(c) Road Markings

Highways had proposed a site meeting to discuss details of the white lines required on the B5345.

Cllr Haile would represent the Council.


Cllr Southward reported on three outstanding issues:

  • Flooding – the initial drainage survey had been completed but there had been little progress with the design of new drainage systems. The Chairman reported that the Highways Engineer now responsible for the project had undertaken to come to a Parish Council meeting in the near future to discuss progress.
  • Traffic calming – there had been little further progress since the meeting with Parish Council representatives some time ago. Discussions need to take place on alterations to the current 20mph scheme to ensure that it can be enforced. It was suggested that a review meeting take place by January 2008 to progress matters.
  • Fairladies footpath – the question of adoption of the path is still unresolved. Cllr Southward will continue to pursue this with County Council officers.

A resident had also raised the issue of Sellafield traffic using the village. It was noted that there was no way in which drivers could be prevented from travelling through the village on their way to


and from work but that the Council would continue to press for action to tackle the problem of speeding.


The missing street lights on Coach Road had still not been replaced. Cllr Clarkson agreed to take this matter up with the CBC officers concerned.

A resident had again raised concerns about possible breaches of the planning consent for the caravan park. Cllr Clarkson agreed to investigate this further.


CBC was seeking comments on the draft corporate plan priorities for the coming year.

It was RESOLVED that a response be sent indicating that the priorities listed were too general and had little meaning without some indication of the funding to be allocated.


Copeland Borough Council was reviewing the statement of licensing policy and comments were sought.

It was RESOLVED that the following comments be submitted:


  • There should be a presumption against late opening hours in residential areas.
  • Villages should not be considered in the same category as town centres where greater flexibility of licensing hours may be appropriate.
  • There should be a stated policy for monitoring licence compliance.
  • The views of residents groups and Parish Councils should be sought in assessing any developing problem.


One expression of interest had been received but this was subsequently withdrawn. The Clerk would put an item in the next available edition of St Bees News.


The following item was noted for report to CBC:-


  • The gulley outside Stonehouse Farm is blocked.

It was also reported that sewage had been leaking from an inspection cover close to the Beach café. CBC Environmental Health Dept was aware of the problem. It was agreed to monitor the situation.


The following item was noted for report to CCC:-


  • A grate at the top of the hill on the B5345 is too low and needs to be raised.

154/07 FINANCE

(a) Finance and Risk Management Committee Report

The Chairman reported on the meeting of the Committee on 10 October. Details had been circulated of income and expenditure to 30 September compared with the budget, together with draft budget proposals for 2008/9. The Committee had also drawn up a procedure for recovering monies owed to the Council.

It was RESOLVED that:


  • The debt recovery procedure be approved.
  • Any suggestions for inclusion in the budget for 2008/9 be submitted as soon as possible to enable the precept to be set at the next meeting.
  • The financial regulations be reviewed at the next meeting.

(b) Payments to be approved

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-


  • Cheque no 001272 I McAndrew – Reimbursement for resiting of the weather station £18.00(£15.32+VAT)
  • Cheque no 001273 Keith Singleton – Compost (Village in Bloom) £81.54 (£69.40+VAT)



  • Cheque no 001274 J Donaldson – October Salary (£269.73) & postage (£2.88) £272.61
  • Cheque no 001275 F Kennedy – Reimbursement for water supply keys £36.00
  • Cheque no 001276 R Stout – Grasscutting Beck Edge garden 2007 £135.00
  • Cheque no 001277 K Hammell – Grasscutting July-Sept 2007 £267.15


(a) A resident of Solway View had submitted a list of items in need of attention in the beach area. It was agreed that the Clerk would report problems of poor signage to the caravan park and subsidence in the road surface to Highways and take up with CBC the condition of the roadway outside the beach café and the need for a speed limit in the main beach car park.

(b) The agenda for the meeting of CALC Copeland District AGM was received. Apologies to be sent.

(c) Letter received from a visitor objecting to the quarrying operations at Sandwith and the diversion of the public footpath. Contents noted but no address supplied so no reply could be sent.

(d) Defra publication ‘Ways to tackle climate change’ received and noted.

(e) Invitation received for 2 representatives to attend a Parish Paths Initiative workshop on 3 November.


CALC Circular October 2007

Cumbria Highways Newsletter Autumn 2007

Town and Parish Standard (Standards Board Newsletter)


(a) It had been suggested that the Council consider contributing to the cost of software to enable slide shows to be included on the web-site. It was agreed that this be included on the next agenda.

(b) A resident of Sea View had complained about cars parking outside the houses, often for long periods. It was agreed that there was little that could be done providing that the cars were not causing an obstruction.