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Minutes for April 2010

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 19 April 2010 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs P Smith (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, G Gilmour, J Haile, I Hill,

A King, R Mayow, D Millington, C Robson, D Sim, V Turpin and the Clerk

In attendance : Mrs J Jennings, Beach Clean Co-ordinator

Also present: 1 member of the public.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr F Kennedy.


No declarations of interest were received.


No items were raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 15 March 2010 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda.

Cllr Argyle reported that one of the requirements of a Quality Coast Award was that a beach advisory group of local community volunteers should be set up in each location to look at beach issues and possible improvements. She and Joyce Jennings had attended a meeting in Bootle with other beach advisory groups to discuss priorities for improvement and possible funding sources. As a result they now proposed to seek volunteers to set up an active group in St Bees. Possible areas for improvement were the footbridge at Seamill, provision of litter bins, groyne repairs, fencing around the play area etc.

The Chairman reported that CBC was hoping to put up improved signage as part of the QCA application process and would be drafting some suitable wording which would also cover the use of powered craft such as jet skis and vehicles on the beach.

The grant funding for a beach- related event had been received. CBC had indicated that they would require a risk assessment by their staff before the anchor was mounted on the Wainwright wall. The Clerk would make the appropriate arrangements with CBC.


(a) Fairladies car park/footpath - The cheque for £5000 from Story Homes for the long-term maintenance of the car park had been received. The official hand-over of the car park and footpath would take place on Tuesday 20 April at 3.00pm. Story Homes had also now provided a copy of the electrical safety certificate and technical drawings. Two of the lights on the footpath were not working and the Clerk had asked Mayson Bros to repair the lights in accordance with the estimate provided last year.

(b) Colourful Coast Signage – Cllr Argyle had attended the meeting on 18 March to agree the exact siting of the new information board provided by the National Trust. CBC required a signed licence agreement from the Parish Council confirming that it was prepared to accept liability for the sign. A cheque had been received from the National Trust for £225 towards future insurance costs.

It was RESOLVED that the licence agreement be signed.

(c) Other items from the action list :

  • Traffic Calming Committee – the first meeting would take place on Thurs 22 April at 7.00pm with members meeting at 6.45pm outside Barony House to see some of the problem areas.
  • Donation of seat – the seat purchased with the donation from Mrs Parish would be fitted shortly.


  • Play Area Inspections – CBC had now begun carrying out routine inspections of the play area and the first two reports had been received. A system was required for authorising minor repairs identified during the inspections.

An invoice for the work in replacing the swings and carrying out other repairs had been

promised shortly. The delay in invoicing could mean that the fidelity guarantee limit would

be exceeded for a short time until the bill could be paid. An increase in the limit could be

sought but this would incur further cost.

It was RESOLVED that:

  • CBC be authorised to carry out minor repairs at the time of inspection up to a limit of £100 and
  • No increase in the fidelity guarantee limit be sought as the issue would be temporary and short term and sufficient internal controls were in place.
  • Request for donation, Village School – the Headteacher had been invited to attend a council meeting to explain the background to the building project. As Cllr Kennedy was away for this meeting Mr Wood’s visit had been postponed to next meeting.
  • Blocked drain, allotment field – The Environmental Health Officer reported that efforts to resolve the problems with the blocked surface water drain had been unsuccessful. CBC was now considering whether a formal notice should be served on the owners of the drain. The EHO was satisfied that there was no blockage of the foul sewer, although he could not rule out the possibility of overflow occasionally in times of heavy rain.


The work to clear the silt from the old tarn had been carried out but after a period of heavy rain there had been some flooding of a neighbouring field. A meeting had taken place on site with thelandowner and some remedial work had been agreed to resolve the problems. There had been a complaint to CBC that the area of hard standing had been created without planning consent. An explanation of the work had been sent to CBC and their response was awaited. The concerns of local landowners about the extent of the work and the lack of consultation werenoted and it was agreed that the councillors leading the project would consider the comments and contact Mr Paul who had volunteered to liaise with the other landowners.


CBC had authorised the council to fill the vacancy by co-option and a notice had been placed on the notice boards seeking expressions of interest. One expression of interest had been received.

It was RESOLVED that Sean Moules be co-opted to serve as a Parish Councillor until the next election in 2011.


Following the success of last year’s competition it was proposed to hold a similar competition this year.

The final water bill for the year had been received and it was noted that the volume charge had been very small because of the wet weather.

It was RESOLVED that

  • a budget of £50 be approved for the purchase of competition prizes and
  • no charge be levied on plot holders for water used last year and that the charging arrangement be reviewed at the next rent review.


It was reported that there had been some vandalism at the garden shortly before Easter. Some damage had been caused to the fence along the roadside and the grasscutting contractor had carried out a temporary repair free of charge. A decision on whether to replace the whole fence had been postponed last year and a decision was now needed on whether a more substantial repair should be authorised.

It was RESOLVED to proceed with a further repair and Cllr Bettinson would review the work required.


It was also noted that the base of the Bega statue was in need of attention. Cllr Robson agreed to speak to the sculptor about undertaking some repairs and report back to a future meeting.


No report had been received.


  • It was reported that over the weekend all the litter bins at the beach were full and litter was left lying around the bins. CBC would be asked to provide more frequent collections or larger bins at busy times.
  • There was a report of foul water collecting near the graveyard wall in the field adjacent to the Priory. It appeared that work in the field might have disturbed drainage from a septic tank serving a neighbouring property. The Clerk would report this to CBC Environmental Health Dept for further investigation.
  • A dog litter bin was required at the end of Nethertown Road.
  • CBC had indicated that phased repair work would be undertaken on the groynes at the main beach. Some indication of time-scales for the work would be sought from CBC.


There were no items to report.


(a)New Applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following new applications received for comment since the last meeting:-

  • Ref 4/10/2101/0F1 Field & Equipment Store (amended plan)

Field 8872 Linethwaite, Moor Row

  • Ref 4/10/2152/0F1 Attic conversion and dining room extension

Ebb Tide, 11 Solway Rise, St Bees

  • Ref 4/10/2171/0F1 Extension to bungalow

Whin Bank, Rottington

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to these applications.

(b)Proposed Abbey Road development

The Chairman reported that the application would not be considered by the Planning Panel until at least May. CBC had received the results of the archaeological survey which had not revealed any significant remains and an ecological survey was now taking place.

(c) Applications approved:-

  • Removal of garage and erection of two storey extension – Kenmore, Seamill Lane
  • Alterations & extensions to bungalow to form extra bedroom and replace old flat roofed dormer – Long meadow, Rottington
  • Replacement summerhouse – 1 Hillside, St Bees


(a) Donation request

A letter had been received from the Pre-school group seeking a donation towards the cost of new equipment in preparation for the move to their new building on the village school site.

It was RESOLVED to defer consideration of this request so that it could be considered at the same time as the request from the Village School for help with building costs.


It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:

  • Cheque no 001507 CALC – subscription for 2010/11 Total £250.00
  • Cheque no 001508 Viking Direct – stationery - £77.85 + VAT Total £91.47
  • Cheque no 001509 Cumbria Playing Fields Assoc – subscription 2010/11 Total £21.00
  • Cheque no 001510 J DonaldsonApril salary £501.33 & postage £5.94 Total £507.27


Cheques signed since last meeting to report:

Cheque no001504 – St Bees History Group – donation £220.00 (agreed at last meeting)

Cheque no 001505 – United Utilities Water plc –allotment water charge £15.48

Cheque no 001506 HMRC – national insurance due for 2009/10 £4.29


(a)The minutes had been received of the last meeting of CBC with parishes, including the presentations given on major projects, Choosing to Change and locality working.

(b) A copy had been received of CBC Corporate Implementation Plan 2010/11, setting out the main objectives for the financial year. A new 3 year corporate plan was being prepared. Any initial suggestions for inclusion would be welcome but further consultation would take place as the plan developed. Noted.

(c) Copies had been received of Copeland Standards Committee’s first Annual Report. Noted


CALC Newsletter April 2010

Planned Roadworks March – May 2010

FLAG Newsletter April 2010

Fieldwork – April 2010

The Cumbria & Lakes Rider March- Oct 2010

Temporary road closure U4336 Albion St Whitehaven 4 May for 1 week.


(a) The draft business plan would be included in the agenda for the June meeting. Any suggestions for inclusion in the plan should be sent to the Clerk by 10 June.

(b)Cllr Robson reported that the history exhibition would be finished by the third week in May and would be open in June. A logo had been designed featuring the figure of St Bega and St Bees Head.

(c) It was reported that some residents were not aware that parish council minutes for the last six years were available to read on the web-site. A note would be put into the parish magazine reminding readers of the information available on the web-site.

(d) It was noted that the new railings were now in place along Main Street. The Clerk would write to Cumbria Highways thanking them for carrying out the work in a timely and efficient manner.

(e) Cllr Argyle drew attention to a booklet prepared by Seascale Parish Council illustrating walks in the parish. Cllr Mayow would consider whether a similar format could be used for the St Bees walks leaflets.


It was RESOLVED that the Annual General Meeting take place on Monday 17 May 2010 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall.