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Minutes for March 2010

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 15 March 2010 at 7.45pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs P Smith (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, G Gilmour, J Haile, I Hill,

F Kennedy, A King, D Millington, R Mayow, V Turpin and the Clerk

In attendance : PCSO S Bragg (Cumbria Constabulary)


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs C Robson and D Sim.


No declarations of interest were received.


No items were raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 15 February 2010 be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda.

PCSO Bragg gave an update on calls for service during 2010. It was noted that the figures for 2010 were lower than for the comparable period last year. If residents had any issues of concern they should report them on the non-emergency number (0845 3300 247).


(a) Traffic Issues – the Chairman reported that Cllr Millington had agreed to take the lead in setting up an initial meeting. It was proposed that the group should be constituted as a committee of the Council in accordance with the council’s standing orders. Draft terms of reference were tabled for discussion.

It was RESOLVED that:

  • A Traffic Calming Committee be established
  • Core membership include representatives of local organisations with an interest in the subject and that additional members be included as necessary.
  • The terms of reference be approved subject to an amendment to include a reference to the B5345 in the initial focus of the committee.
  • A budget of £100 be allocated to the committee to cover any necessary expenses.

(b) Fairladies car park/footpath – The legal work was now complete and ownership was being registered at the Land Registry. The Clerk was investigating designs and prices for signage. Discussions would be taking place with Story Homes about an official hand-over.

(c) Other items from the action list :

  • Quality Coast awards – the Beach Advisory Group (Joyce Jennings, Val Turpin and the Clerk) would be meeting CBC on 22 March to discuss progress with the application. Grant funding of £500 was available from CBC to be spent on a project in St Bees to encourage local interest in the beach.

It was RESOLVED to accept the grant funding and consider organising an event centred on

the display of the anchor of the SS Izaro.

  • Parish boundaries- CBC would be consulting shortly on the possible change in councillor numbers following the recent transfer of Ingwell Ward. The residents group in Sandwith had been continuing discussions with CBC about forming a new parish council. CBC was awaiting a formal request showing the area proposed to be served by the new council and would consult with the Council on any change which might affect Rottington.
  • Casual vacancy – the vacancy had been notified to CBC and a notice posted inviting electors to seek an election. If no request was received by 22 March, the Council would be asked to fill the vacancy by co-option.



Cllr Mayow reported on progress with work on St Bees Common. The next stage was to create a wet area at the site of the old tarn and a meeting was to take place on site with a local contractor to assess the work required. Some work was also planned at Moorclose to remove material which had been dumped there.

It was RESOLVED that the work be approved and expenditure be authorised up to a maximum of £1870.


The National Trust had reached agreement with CBC to place the new sign at the beach car park but CBC were not prepared to accept long-term responsibility for the sign. The National Trust had asked whether the Parish Council would accept ownership of the sign and had indicated that they would be prepared to make a one-off contribution towards insurance costs. A meeting was to take place on site on 18 March to agree the siting of the sign.

It was RESOLVED that the Council accept ownership of the sign and seek a contribution to insurance costs and that Cllr Argyle attend the meeting on 18 March.


A draft business plan had been prepared and circulated. It was intended that the plan would be a live document to be used in formulating the budget for future years. It was agreed that councillors submit ideas for inclusion in the plan and that it be reconsidered at a future meeting.


Progress towards the objectives set for 2009 were reviewed and the proposed objectives for 2010 were discussed.

It was RESOLVED that

  • one increment be awarded in accordance with the contract for achievement of 2009 objectives
  • the proposed objectives for 2010 be approved with the addition of an additional objective to ensure that the council was fully involved in consultation on boundary changes.


A draft of the report for 2009/10 had been circulated for comment. Councillors were asked to contact the Chairman or Clerk as soon as possible with any comments or suggestions for inclusion in the report. The report would be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on 19 April and the Clerk would contact the editor of the parish magazine to arrange for the report to be printed in full in one edition.


There were no matters to report.


It was noted that the street light at the bottom of the steps on Scalebarrow had not been repaired in spite of the earlier report. The Clerk would contact Cumbria Highways.

Local residents had been notified that work to replace the railings on Main Street was about to begin.

It was noted that repairs had been carried out to fill pot-holes in the village. The work appeared to have been successful and had taken place overnight to reduce inconvenience. The Clerk would write to Cumbria Highways to thank them.


The minutes of the meeting of the committee held on 23 February 2010 were received and noted.

It was RESOLVED that Cllr Argyle be appointed to the committee following the resignation of Cllr Rowlands.



(a)New Applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following new application received for comment since the last meeting:-

  • Ref 4/10/2101/0F1 Field & Equipment Store, Field 8872 Linethwaite, Moor Row

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • 4/10/2103/0F1 Replacement summerhouse, Stoneymount House, 1 Hillside, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

(b)Proposed Abbey Road development

The Chairman reported that CBC had not yet received the results of the archaeological survey so the application may not be considered at the April Planning Panel. It was reported that some local residents had used the land for many years for walking dogs etc and the possibility had been raised of using current legislation to protect the land as a common. The Clerk would seek advice from the Open Spaces Society.

(c)Plot 1, Wyndhowe Seamill Lane – it was noted that an appeal had been lodged by the applicant against the refusal of permission by CBC. Objections submitted at the application stage would automatically be passed to the Planning Inspectorate and any additional comments were required by 31 March.

(d)Approvals/refusals – none received.


(a)Finance & Risk Advisory Group

The notes of the meeting on 3 March were received and noted. The Chairman outlined the income and expenditure position at the end of the third quarter and explained minor changes proposed to the risk management and health & safetypolicies. A display screen assessment had been carried out for the Clerk’s use of the lap top and a potential solution was being investigated to address the outstanding issues. The revised Asset Management Plan was considered including planned replacement/refurbishment dates for major assets. It was noted that the replacement value of assets would need to be reassessed periodically.

It was RESOLVED that the changes to the Risk Management and Health & Safety policies be approved and the Asset Management Plan be adopted.

(b) Grasscutting 2010/11

The draft schedule of work for 2010/11 was received. The contractor had indicated that the basis of his charge would remain unchanged but the additional work included in the contract would increase the overall price.

It was RESOLVED that the schedule of work be approved and the present contract be extended for a further year.

(c) Donations

Cllr Kennedy declared an interest as a Governor of the Village School

Two requests for donations had been received.

  • The History Group was seeking a donation towards the cost of a scanner to be used to copy documents made available to them from the papers of the late Dr J Todd. The original papers were to be held at the County Archive Office but the purchase of a scanner would enable copies to be retained locally and the scanner would also be available to the Parish Council for copying old records and files.

It was RESOLVED that a donation of £220 be approved.

  • The Governors of the Village School were seeking a donation towards the cost of the new extension to the school. The project is part funded by CCC but the school is required to provide a contribution from its own funds.

It was RESOLVED to ask the Village School Governors to provide further information about the project and its funding and to invite the Headteacher to come to a future meeting to discuss the request.



It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:

  • Cheque no 001497 Glasdon Manufacturing Limitedseat £738.73. + VAT Total £868.00
  • Cheque no 001498 Steven Brown Fencingfitting of gate & handrail, Dandy Walk & installation of Gutterfoot finger post (to be reimbursed through PPI) - £180.00 + VAT Total £211.50
  • Cheque no 001499 Harrisons Packaging Ltdpoop scoop bags £86.99 + VATTotal £102.21
  • Cheque no 001500 Brockbankslegal costs, Fairladies car park/footpath £550.00 + VATTotal £646.25
  • Cheque no 001501 J Donaldson – salary March 2010 £482.11Total £482.11
  • Cheque no 001502 Assured Cumbria Pest Controlgrasscutting qtr 4 Total £572.00
  • Cheque no 001503 CALCpublication ‘Standing Orders for Local Councils’ £20.00

Cheques signed since last meeting to report:

Cheque no001494 YNH Ltd – domain name renewal £34.04 + VAT Total £40.00(urgent payment)

Cheque no 001495 T W West – transport of quarry waste for footpath work £60.00 + VAT Total £70.50 (urgent payment –to be reimbursed by PPI)

Cheque no 001496 D Robinson -re-imbursement for purchase of plants Total £143.79(approved by VIB Committee)


(a) Notification received of the Permissive Access agreement for the cliff top fields on St Bees Head. Noted.

(b) Guidance received from CBC Legal Dept on the responsibilities of parish councillors serving as representatives on outside bodies. The Clerk would pass copies to councillors serving on outside bodies.

(c) Letter received from CCC inviting applications for PPI projects for 2010/11. Cllr Mayow and the Clerk would produce an application for the Council’s approval.

(d) Letter received from St Bees Labour Group about traffic management issues. The letter would be drawn to the attention of the Traffic Calming Committee.

(e) Letter received from Mitre Housing Association explaining proposed refurbishment of Bega Flats. Noted.


CALC Newsletter March 2010

Dispatches – CBC newsletter

Resource Cumbria newsletter

Open Space – spring 2010


Cllr Millington reported that he would be carrying out the annual inspection of seats in the parish over the next few weeks.


It was RESOLVED that the Annual Parish Meeting take place on Monday 19 April 2010 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall followed immediately by the monthly meeting of the Parish Council..