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Minutes for November 2010

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 15 November 2010 at 7.45pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs P Smith (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, G Gilmour, J Haile, F Kennedy,

A King, D Millington, S Moules, D Sim, V Turpin and the Clerk


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs I Hill and C Robson.


No interests were declared.


There were no items raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 18 October be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


(a) Beach Advisory Group – CBC had provided an update on the application for a quality award for the coming year and had provided an example of the type of leaflet which was to be produced to promote the four Copeland beaches. They were seeking views on the sporting activity to be highlighted on the St Bees section of the leaflet. It was agreed that surf canoeing was a sporting activity which could be promoted but the primary emphasis should be on promoting St Bees as a family beach. It was noted that CBC was also consulting the public on dog control orders. The proposed order would ban dogs completely from certain areas including the play area at the main beach and dogs would have to be kept on leads on the beach itself.

It was RESOLVED to respond to the consultation, pointing out that the requirement for dogs to be on a lead should only apply to that section of the beach covered by the Quality Coast Award and only during the main season.

(b) Fireworks Event – The event had taken place on 2 November and had been very well attended. A profit of £100 would be carried over towards a similar event next year.

It was RESOLVED that the £400 grant received from the Neighbourhood Forum be donated to St Bees School as a contribution towards the cost of the event.

(c) Refurbishment of cast iron fingerposts – Cllr Sim was reviewing the information and would present his recommendations at a future meeting.

(d) Other items from the action list :

  • Traffic Calming Committee – The follow-up meeting with Highways would take place on 2 December. A separate meeting was being organised to look at problems around Outrigg and Fairladies.
  • Toilet block, former Station Garage –It was reported that the Environmental Health Dept had asked the developer to secure the toilets until the block was demolished. There had been no improvement in the situation and it was agreed to contact the Environmental Health Officer again.
  • Commons works – A meeting had taken place on site with the Senior Planning Officer on 8 November to discuss the retrospective planning application. Planning consent would be required for the hard standing and the planning officer had asked for some evidence of the historic existence of the tarn before deciding whether the desilting work also required consent.
  • Parish Paths Initiative – Repair work on the kissing gates on the Head would be done as part of this year’s PPI. The Parish Council would be responsible for paying the contractor and the cost would be reclaimed from CCC.
  • Colourful Coast signage – The National Trust sign was now in place and insurance had been arranged
  • Plot 3 Wyndhowe – The owners of adjacent properties had been consulted following the last meeting and their comments had been taken into account in the response sent to CBC.


  • Information Board - the display case to be located outside the post office had now arrived and the map was being printed.


The Boundary Commission was currently undertaking a review of electoral arrangements in Cumbria .The review would make recommendations on the number of councillors, the number and boundaries of divisions and the names of the divisions.

It was RESOLVED to respond that in an area such as Cumbria it was not appropriate that all divisions should contain the same number of electors and a reduction in councillor numbers would be against the spirit of the Big Society which aimed to encourage more people to become involved in playing an active role in their communities.


Cllr Argyle reported on the recent Localities Together meeting. The Chairman reported on the meeting of the West Copeland Partnership and presented a copy of the draft Interim Framework Agreement for the partnership. The intention was to produce a West Copeland Partnership Plan which would highlight key priorities across the locality. It was agreed that there should be some consultation with local residents to check whether the priorities in other parishes were relevant in St Bees and whether the actions from the last Parish Plan were still supported. It was suggested that this could be done by an insert in the parish magazine and an event could be organised to combine discussion of priorities with a celebration of the planned improvements at the Village Hall.


CALC had advised that Cumbria was likely to receive £3.5m-£5m as one of four rural areas in which the government would be pursuing plans for super fast broadband. In addition BT was inviting communities to fast track their local area to BT Infinity. Votes could be cast until the end of December and the five areas with the highest response would be given priority in getting superfast broadband for their local community. It was noted that the distance from the Egremont exchange would still limit the service available in St Bees.

It was RESOLVED to write to BT to seek a meeting to discuss other options for improving the Broadband speeds in the village.


The minutes of the meeting on 19 October were received and noted. Cllr Argyle reported.that it was planned to organise an open gardens event next summer and the possibility of combining it with a scarecrow festival was also being discussed.

It was suggested that next winter it might be possible to develop the Christmas theme by improving the Christmas tree lights and having a Father Christmas parade. Cllr Gilmour agreed to lead on this project.

It was RESOLVED that £200 be allocated from general reserves to cover the cost of new lights this year if the existing lights were found to be unsatisfactory.


PCSO Bradley had sent his apologies for the meeting but had provided a written report. There had been 18 calls for service but no further problems of anti-social behaviour at Beck Edge Garden.

PCSO Bradley had spoken to the chairman of the Adams Committee who had agreed to display posters in the pavilion warning visitors not to park on the footpaths. Where possible, the police would patrol the area on Saturday mornings and would issue fixed penalty notices where vehicles are found to be creating an obstruction.

The Clerk would contact PCSO Bradley to check whether the planned speed checks were still going ahead.


There were no items to report.



The recent heavy rain had again revealed problems with drainage around the entrance to the Station Car Park and Platform 9. It was noted that one drain had been tarmaced over when road repairs were done. It was not clear that any improvement work had been carried out following the survey undertaken two years ago.

It was RESOLVED to write to the Area Engineer to ascertain the position.


( a) New applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the plans received for comment:-

(i) Ref 4/10/2467/0F1 Demolition of existing barn & erection of detached dwelling

Unit 5, Fleatham Farm, High House Rd

Ref /4/10/2535/0C1 Conservation Area consent for above

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application provided that the reclaimed stone was used in the rebuilding and the footprint of the original plan remained the same.

(ii) Ref 4/102494/0F1 Change of use of part of field to stone surfaced yard (resubmission)

Whin Bank, Rottington

It was noted that there had been a series of applications for this property recently.

It was RESOLVED to request a site visit so that this application could be seen in the wider context.

(iii) Ref 4/10/2506/0F1 Erection of dwelling

Plot 3, Fleatham House, High House Rd

It was noted that this was a revised plan for the dwelling already approved for plot 3.

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to the proposed changes provided that the main parameters of the original application remained unchanged and there were no problems of overlooking.

(b) Appeal against refusal: Ref 4/10/2301/0F1 Erection of wind turbine

Land near 5 Ellerbeck Barns, Egremont

It was noted that an appeal had been lodged against the refusal of this application.

(c) Applications approved/refused:-

No decisions had been received.

177/10 FINANCE

(a) Finance & Risk Advisory Group

(i) The notes of the meeting on 10 November and the risk assessment for Fairladies car park/footpath were noted.

It was RESOLVED that:

  • the proposed amendments to the risk management policy be approved
  • a one year account be opened with the Cumberland Building Society for long term reserves
  • a list of assets be prepared for next meeting so that responsibilities for inspections could be agreed
  • copies of councillors’ declarations of interest be brought to the next meeting for review

(ii) Cllr King reported on the review of the qtr 2 income and expenditure against budget. There were no significant variances which caused concern. It was noted that the outstanding bill for play area repairs had now been paid.

(iii) Cllr King outlined the main points of the draft budget for 2011/12. The draft made no allowance for projects from the Business Plan. The planned expenditure could be met by a 5% increase in the precept with a small transfer from reserves. The Advisory Group suggested £2500 could be taken reserves to act as pump priming for Business Plan projects. The Advisory Group had identified the expenditure which could be viewed as discretionary to assist the council in making decisions on the final budget.

It was RESOLVED that:-

  • the precept be increased by 5%
  • £10,000 be placed in the new account with Cumberland Building Society


  • The budget for donations be reduced by £500 without specific allocation at this stage
  • No allowance be made for a transfer of funds to Village in Bloom next year in view of the group’s reserves
  • £5000 be allocated for Business Plan projects subject to robust project plans being produced
  • Allotment rents be increased to £23 per standard plot with an optional £2 charge for membership of the national allotment association.
  • The revised budget be brought to the next meeting for final approval.

(b) Donations

It was RESOLVED that thefollowing donations be approved:-

Royal British Legion £150

Friends of the Priory £50

St Bees Village Hall Committee £500

FLAG £50

(c) Payments to be approved

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:

  • Cheque no 001561 CBC– use of Station Car Park 2010/11 Total£2128.00
  • Cheque no 001562 Whitehill Direct– display case £310.00 + VAT Total £364.25
  • Cheque no 001563 Kenmare Sheds– Wendy house £421.28 + VAT Total £495.00
  • Cheque no 001564 J DonaldsonNov salary £501.33 (after NI deduction) + postage £3.84 Total £505.17
  • Cheque no 001565 Aon Ltd– additional insurance premium Total £21.21

Payments since last meeting to report:-

Cheque no 001559 St Bees Priory Church – donation to parish magazine £568.00 (agreed at last meeting)

Cheque no 001560 St Bees Village School – donation for outdoor store £500 (agreed at last meeting)


(a) A letter had been received from CALC enclosing a letter to local MPs drawing attention to key elements missing from the Community Right to Build bill. CALC was encouraging local councils to write their own letters in the same vein. It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to Jamie Reed MP.

(b) A letter had been received from RWE explaining that they would be using the new consultation to oppose the decision to exclude Braystones and Kirksanton from the list of sites being considered. It was RESOLVED to respond to the consultation reiterating the comments already made by the council.

(c) A letter had been received from CBC Overview & Scrutiny Committee about the review of polling stations. It was RESOLVED to respond that the village hall was considered to be satisfactory as a venue for the polling station.

(d) An update had been received from MRWS. A community drop-in event was to be held on 23 November noon – 8pm at the Civic Hall in Whitehaven. Noted

(e) A letter had been received from Highways about the supply of salt to parish councils. CCC would not be providing supplies of salt to parish councils as happened last year but a small group of cabinet members would monitor the situation and would authorise reintroduction of the scheme if deemed appropriate. Noted.

(f) A letter had been received from CBC enclosing their response to the consultation on the NDA Strategy. Noted.

(g) A letter had been received from CBC introducing the first in a series of policy briefings. Noted.

(h) A letter had been received from Goose Housing Research explaining the survey of park homes commissioned by CBC. Noted.

(i) A letter had been received from W Atkinson & sons explaining their Higher Level Stewardship agreement with Natural England which allowed permissive access to part of their land. Noted.

(j) Email received from Ian McAndrew concerning a request to set up an events diary for the village. It was noted that the web-site already has such a facility although it is underused. It was agreed to encourage local groups to make use of this facility and to publicise it in the parish magazine.


CALC Newsletter November 2010

Countryside Voice Winter 2010

Open Space Autumn 2010



(a)Cllr Hill had reported that the group leading the opposition to the Abbey Rd development had received a response from CBC and was now pursuing the next stage in challenging the decision- making process.

(b) The village hall committee was seeking funding from the People’s Millions Lottery towards the improvement project. The project had reached the final stage and voting would take place on 24 November. It was hoped that as many people as possible would vote in support of the project – details would be posted on the noticeboards and around the village.

(c) It was noted that the bins on the promenade which had been damaged had still not been replaced.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 13 December 2010 in the Village Hall. The meeting would begin at 7.45pm to allow the meeting to take place in the main hall.