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Minutes for October 2010

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 18 October 2010 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs P Smith (in the Chair), P Argyle, G Gilmour, J Haile, I Hill, F Kennedy,

A King, ,D Millington, S Moules, and the Clerk

In attendance: Mrs J Jennings (Beach Clean Co-ordinator), Ms R Osborn (CBC), PCSO Bradley


Apologies for absence were received from N Bettinson, B Mayow, C Robson, D Sim and V Turpin


Cllr Kennedy declared an interest in the donation request from the Village School as a member of the governors. Cllr Millington declared an interest in the planning application for Wyndhowe, Seamill Lane as the owner of an adjacent property.


There were no items raised.


It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda.

PCSO Bradley presented his report on calls for service logged since the last meeting. There had been 18 calls in total, mainly of a minor nature with no reported burglaries or incidents of violence. There had been several reports of anti-social behaviour including at Beck Edge Garden where there had been problems with litter being strewn around. The police were aware of a group of young people gathering there but could only act if they were seen depositing litter. PCSO Bradley stressed that all incidents should be reported as soon as possible. Councillors felt that if the bin were placed in a more prominent position more use might be made of it. It was agreed to inspect the site to find a more suitable location.

There had been no further problems around the village school but it was suggested a sign setting an age limit for use of the play area would enable the police to deal with older teenagers using the area.

There had been one report of someone cold-calling on houses in the village, apparently carrying out some type of survey. It was unclear whether this was legitimate or a cause for concern – PCSO Bradley would provide further information when it became available.

It was suggested that more Neighbourhood Watch schemes should be encouraged. PCSO Bradley agreed to provide details of the police co-ordinator for these schemes.

It was reported that cars were parking on the pavement close to the Adams Ground during Saturday morning fixtures, causing difficulties for pedestrians. In the past drivers had been warned by a police officer and the situation had improved for a while. PCSO Bradley agreed to look into the problem.

A letter from the police had been sent to parents of pupils at the village school about parking issues around the school entrance. The school had also put up a sign by the Outrigg entrance.


It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda

The draft minutes of the meeting on 7 October were received.

Cllr Millington explained that the council’s proposals for the entrance to the village on the B5345 from Whitehaven had been accepted by Highways. Highways had also agreed to repaint road markings where necessary from their existing budget. The proposals for the other three areas would be looked at again in light of the additional traffic surveys which would be taking place during the first week in November. A further meeting would be taking place towards the end of November with a view to an agreed report being put to the December meeting of the Copeland Local Committee. Any proposals agreed with Highways would have to compete for funding with other local highways projects in the next financial year.

It was RESOLVED that in view of the short timescale the Traffic Calming Committee be authorised to agree proposals with Cumbria Highways with councillors being kept informed of developments.


A separate meeting of the committee would be organised to discuss problems around Outrigg and Fairladies. Cllr Moules was continuing to investigate the possibility of purchasing speed indication devices. Cumbria Highways had indicated that they were not opposed to the use of these devices

but stated that guidance now prevented them being operated from street lights. This was being checked with the suppliers and the view of the police Traffic Safety Officer would be sought on their use and effectiveness.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20 September be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


(a) Beach Advisory Group

Cllr Argyle reported on the activities which had been undertaken by the group, including beach cleans and a celebration of the Quality Coast Award. However the group had no clearly defined terms of reference and it was suggested that it could be constituted as a group with a wider remit of promoting events and activities both at the beach and other parts of the village. There was general support for this proposal and it was agreed that Cllr Argyle would draw up draft terms of reference for discussion at a future meeting.

Ms Osborn explained that CBC were encouraging coastal villages to co-ordinate their activities in promoting interest in their beaches and were establishing a coastal partnership to be launched shortly. A five year programme would be developed and each location would be asked to identify their priority projects. Some funding was available and this had been ring-fenced for coastal projects. New signage at the beach would be provided shortly – the wording of the signs was yet to be decided as it was hoped to take into account the decisions reached following consultation on dog control orders.

(b) Fireworks Event – the event would be taking place on Tues 2 November at St Bees School, with admission by ticket only. Information had been sent out to parents of pupils at the village school and the Pre-school and Toddler groups had also been invited. The public school would be responsible for health and safety and organisation of the event with community volunteers acting as marshals.

(c) Refurbishment of cast iron fingerposts – Information had been received from Signpost Restoration Ltd on guidelines and specification for repair of cast iron signposts. It was noted that Highways Dept consent would be required for any work. The Clerk would discuss with Cllr Sim how an initial survey could be done.

(d) Community Governance – CBC had started a formal public consultation on the proposal to create an additional seat on the parish council. The consultation would run to 29 October and the matter would then be considered by CBC Parish Review Group.

(e) Other items from the action list:

  • · Bega Statue Repairs – It had not been possible to contact Colin Telfer about the repair of the statue. An estimate for repairs would be sought from another contractor.
  • · Toilet block, former Station Garage – The Environmental Health Officer had been asked to look at taking some action. The Clerk would ask for a report on his findings.
  • · Commons works – The Clerk was trying to arrange a meeting with planning officers to discuss a retrospective application.
  • · Railings, Main Street – It was noted that the section of railings by the Manor House had not been replaced at the same time as the railings further up the street. The Clerk would contact Highways to establish the position.


The Chairman reported that the inaugural meeting of the parishes in the Egremont locality was scheduled for 27 October in St Bees and he would be attending on behalf of the parish council. Cllr Argyle would represent St Bees at the Localities Together meeting on 9 November.



The Chairman reported on the annual meeting of CCC with parish and town councils held on 22 September. It was noted that the Highways Steward scheme was to be incorporated in a new system which was to be introduced shortly. It was expected that this would streamline the system for carrying out minor repairs. The budget consultation exercise being undertaken by CCC was also discussed.

There had also been an update on the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely partnership. A desk-top survey had been undertaken to identify sites which were clearly unsuitable for an underground store but the outcome was not yet known.

156/10 BUSINESS PLAN 2011/12

The Chairman explained that the draft budget would need to be prepared shortly and the precept for next year agreed. The Business Plan for 2011/2 would inform the budget preparation. He presented suggestions for inclusion in the plan for 2011/2 based on comments of the Finance & Risk Advisory Group. It was agreed that projects should be led by a named councillor with the workload being shared around all councillors. Suggestions for funding required should be passed to the Chairman as soon as possible.

It was RESOLVED that the draft budget be included in the agenda for discussion at the November meeting with a final decision on the precept being taken at the December meeting which would be brought forward to Monday 13 December.


It was noted that the repairs to the lights at the main beach car park had still not been carried out.

It was RESOLVED to write to CBC about the problem.


There were no items to report.


(a) New applications

Ref 4/10/ 2482/0F1 1.5 storey four bedroomed house, Plot 3 Wyndhowe, Seamill Lane

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the plans just received. It was noted that there had been no opportunity to discuss the plans with those living nearby but there continued to be concern about the ability of the sewers to cope with further development.

It was RESOLVED to consult adjacent property owners to ascertain their views before submitting the council’s comments.

(b) Abbey Road development

The residents group opposing the development was still awaiting a response from CBC to their request for information. Some groundworks had begun on site. The Clerk would contact CBC to check that the necessary approvals had been obtained to allow work to begin.

(c) Applications approved/refused:-

The following decision by CBC was noted:-

  • Demolition of barn and erection of new dwelling, Wyndhowe Seamill Lane APPROVED

(d) Whin Bank, Rottington

Correspondence had been received about possible breaches of the planning consent given last year for a building to store agricultural vehicles.

It was RESOLVED to write to CBC and the Environment Agency to ask them to look into the situation.

160/10 FINANCE

(a) Donations

Three requests for donations were received:-

  • Village School – request for a donation towards the cost of a store for outdoor equipment as part of the new development

It was RESOLVED that a donation of £500 be made from reserves (Section 137)

  • Priory Church PCC – request for donation towards the cost of publishing the parish magazine


It was RESOLVED that a donation of £568 be made (equivalent to the cost of two editions).

  • Cumbria RFU – request for donation towards the cost of a team from St Bees Village School playing a mini-rugby match as a curtain raiser to an England international match at Twickenham.

It was RESOLVED that no donation be made but that the organisers be advised to apply to the next Neighbourhood Forum.

(b) Payments to be approved:

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:-

  • · Cheque no 001552 BDO LLP– audit fee 2009/10 £285 + VAT Total £334.88
  • · Cheque no 001553 Playsafety Ltd – play area inspection £66.00 +VAT Total £77.56
  • · Cheque no 001554 Signpost Restoration Ltd – publication Total £5.00
  • · Cheque no 001555 PC World Business– printer £179.98 + VAT Total £211.47
  • · Cheque no 001556 J DonaldsonOct salary £501.33 (after NI deduction) + postage £5.48 Total £506.81
  • · Cheque no 001557 I C Robson – materials for anchor restoration Total £26.68
  • · Cheque no 001558 National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners – membership fee £20


(a) A copy of the report on the annual play area inspection had been received from Playsafety Ltd. The report would be passed to CBC who were carrying out routine maintenance work on behalf of the council.

(b) A letter had been received from ACT about funding available for community exchange projects. Noted.

(c) A letter received from the Friends of the Lake District inviting the council to become a member.

It was RESOLVED not to take up membership.

(d) The agenda had been received for the AGM of the Copeland District of CALC on 26 October at Gosforth. Noted.

(e) Notification had been received of the CALC AGM to be held on Sat 6 Nov at 10.30am at Westlakes. Any councillor interested in attending would advise the Clerk as soon as possible.

(f) A letter had been received from the Local Government Boundary Commission about its review of the number of county councillors serving Cumbria. It was agreed to include this on the agenda for the next meeting.

(g) Information had been received on the consultation on revised draft energy National Policy Statements. A copy would be circulated to councillors.


CALC Newsletter October 2010

CBC Dispatches September 2010

ACT Newsletter 2010

CCC Newsletter (incl DVD of Peter Smith’s interview with Eddie Martin)

Details of Walkers Are Welcome National Conference – Kilsyth 23/24 October


It was noted that The Bracelet of St Bega would be staged on 9-11 November.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 15 November 2010 in the Village Hall. The meeting would begin at 7.45pm to allow the meeting to take place in the main hall.