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Minutes for April 2011

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Tuesday 19 April 2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs P Smith (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, G Gilmour, J Haile, I Hill,

F Kennedy, D Millington, S Moules, C Robson, V Turpin and the Clerk

Also present: 3 members of the public

In attendance: PCSO P Bradley


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs King and Sim


No interests were declared.


No items were raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 21 March be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda.

PCSO Bradley reported that there had been 18 logs since the last meeting. There had been two arrests for common assault related to domestic incidents and two thefts, as well as one incident of criminal damage at the Village School. He was continuing to monitor the problems with parking on the pavements and the situation did seem to be improving.

Councillors reported that there were some problems with youths causing noise and nuisance around the village school field and PCSO Bradley agreed to check on the area during his regular patrols.

The Traffic Calming Committee had been discussing speed issues with Cumbria Highways Traffic Engineer and he had suggested that more regular enforcement of the speed limit would lead to a reduction in speeding incidents. PCSO Bradley agreed to speak to his inspector about more regular speed checks on the main routes through the village.


(a) St Bees Common – The retrospective planning application for the hard standing had now been submitted to CBC. A letter had been sent to the Commons Group suggesting the possibility of a sign and a response was awaited.

(b) Play equipment repair/replacement – An estimate of £1044.99 + VAT had been received from CBC for replacing the spring chicken at the play area by the Village School. It was RESOLVED to defer a decision pending consultation with representatives of the Pre-school and Parent & Toddler Group.

(c) Parish Council Elections – The withdrawal of one nomination had resulted in an uncontested election for both St Bees and Rottington Wards with all seats being filled. The Clerk was arranging to meet up with the new councillors in advance of the first meeting in May.

(d) Beach Car Park Lights – CBC had reported that the new lighting column had now arrived and would be fittedshortlywith other lighting repairs being carried out at the same time. The car park markings would also be repainted. The Clerk would ask CBC to confirm that the work had now been completed.

(e) Other items from the action list :

  • Village entry sign – the Traffic Engineer had confirmed that a new ‘ST BEES’ sign will be provided as part of the new gateway features at the northern entrance to the village.
  • Beach litter bins – CBC had confirmed that additional bins were due to be put out last week and that the new beach cleaner would take up post on 1 May.
  • Allotment Water – The contractor had attended to investigate and repair the leak.
  • Broadband – Cllr Moules had volunteered to act as a Broadband Champion and would keep the council informed of progress with the county project.


  • Traffic Calming – The Traffic Engineer had carried out a site visit to Outrigg and Fairladies and a further meeting of the Committee would take place on Thursday 21 April to discuss his views on the feasibility of the options which had been suggested.
  • Toilet Block, former Station Garage – It was noted that the toilet block had now been demolished.


Cllr Argyle explained plans by CBC to create a common design for signs etc in the coastal villages of Copeland. A Steering Group was being set up to agree a brief for consultants working on the design project and she had been asked to take part as a member of the beach group in St Bees. A number of suggestions were put forward and it was agreed that the scheme should not prevent each community retaining its own identity. It was also considered important that the consultants’ report should identify improvements that were needed. Cllr Argyle agreed to reflect the council’s views at the meeting of the Steering Group and to keep members informed of progress.


The IT policy and procedure were reviewed.

It was RESOLVED that the policy and procedure be approved subject to the following amendments:

  • Documents would be retained in hard copy in accordance with the Document Retention Policy.
  • A copy of the back-up CDs should be kept in a fire-resistant container in a separate location from the computer.


The list of actions outstanding was reviewed and updated.


Cllr Kennedy presented a report on behalf of the Governors of the Village School. The building project to provide new pre-school accommodation and a new reception classroom had been completed on time and was now in use. Following the extension of the school the Governors were reviewing the need for extra hours for cleaning. The last OFSTED report had recommended strengthening the senior management team and co-ordinators had been appointed for Key Stage 1 and 2. There had been a very encouraging response to recent elections for parent governors with seven nominations for the three places available.



There had been no issues raised at the Annual Parish Meeting earlier in the evening.


There had been no meetings of the Locality Group since the last report.


The issue of dog fouling around the main beach area was again causing concern. The grassed areas and the play area were particularly badly affected. It was RESOLVED to invite representatives from CBC to attend a meeting of the council to discuss enforcement and other measures.

It was noted that paragliders were landing and taking off from the grassed areas close to the beach and this raised safety concerns for children and others using this area. There had been a voluntary agreement some years ago with the relevant sporting bodies to avoid the use of this area and it was agreed to ask CBC to revisit this issue.


A number of potholes were reported which required attention. The Clerk would report these to CCC.



(a) New applications


The Planning Advisory Group reported on the applications received for comment:-

  • Ref 4/11/ 2111/0F1 Erection of micro wind turbine

Land adjacent to 5 Ellerbeck Barns, Egremont

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • Ref 4/11/2092/0L1 Listed building consent for repositioning of gateway and creation of

sandstone gateposts (amended plan)

Mayfield, Finkle Street

It was RESOLVED to comment to CBC that the council’s views were as previously stated.

  • Ref 4/11/ 2149/0F1 Erection of garage

2 Ellerbeck Barns, Egremont

It was RESOLVED that there was no objection to this application, provided its use was solely as a garage.

  • Ref 4/11/2096/0F1 Conversion of part of Post Office to fish and chip shop

122 Main Street, St Bees

It was noted that this application had been withdrawn by the applicant.

(b) Approvals/refusals:-

  • Change of use of part of field to stone surfaced yard, Whin Bank, Rottington

Cllr Kennedy reported on the decision of CBC Planning Panel to approve this application with conditions despite the concerns raised by the Parish Council.

The following decision by CBC was also noted:-

  • Erection of agricultural building, Off Scalebarrow, St Bees - REFUSED


(a) Training for new councillors – CALC would be organising a training course for new councillors. There would be some discount on course fees if a number of places were booked.

It was RESOLVED that places be booked for councillors wishing to attend.

(b) Payments to be approved

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

  • Cheque no 001602 Cumbria County Council- contribution to traffic calming scheme £1500.00
  • Cheque no 001603 Keith Singleton – compost for VIB £63.90 + VAT Total £76.68
  • Cheque no 001604 CALC– subscription 2011/12 £254.50
  • Cheque no 001605 K Nesbitt – reimbursement for purchase of planters(VIB) £63.69 +VAT Total £76.44
  • Cheque no 001606 Viking Direct – stationery £59.63 + VAT Total £71.56
  • Cheque no 001607 J Donaldson – April salary £504.30 + postage £8.72 + travel £11.20 Total £524.22
  • Cheque no 001608 St Bees Garden Society – donation (agreed at last meeting) £150.00

Cheques signed since last meeting to report:-

Cheque no 001600 D Robinson– reimbursement for greenhouse staging £134.93 (approved by VIB Committee)

Cheque no 001601 VIB Petty Cash top-up £125.92


(a) Letter received from Cllr V Turpin explaining her decision not to stand for re-election.

(b) Letter received from Sellafield Ltd explaining the programme of beach monitoring for 2011/12. It had been decided that no routine monitoring would take place in peak holiday seasons during the Easter and Summer school holidays. Noted.

(c) Letter received from the Boundary Commission about the next stage of their review of the size of CCC. The proposal was for 84 seats and they were now seeking views on the boundaries of the new divisions. It was felt that the current division which linked St Bees with Egremont was satisfactory.


(d) Letter received from CBC explaining changes to arrangements at Distington Crematorium. Noted.

(e) Letter received from CCC launching a consultation on the future of Cumbria’s libraries. It was agreed to include this on the agenda for the next meeting.

(f) Information received about ‘Our Green Heritage’ project. Noted.

(g) Correspondence received from CBC explaining the outcome of the Scrutiny Committee review of polling stations. It had been decided that St Bees Village Hall was not suitable because of limitations on disabled access. Noted.

(h)A copy of the Revised Draft Cumbria Transport Plan had been received. Subject to approval by CCC in 23 June it would be available on the CCC web-site. Noted.

(i) The Village School had contacted the Clerk about repairs to the perimeter fence close to the play area on the school field. It was agreed that this was not the responsibility of the council and the Clerk would send an appropriate response.


Westcumbria mrws e-bulletin no 9

Update from Office of Nuclear Regulation

CALC Circular April 2011

Cumbria and Lakes Rider April – October 2011

PPI Newsletter


(a) The Chairman expressed his thanks to councillors and the Clerk for all their help and support during his time as Chairman of the parish council. Although he was not standing for re-election to the council, he would be happy to provide any help he could during the hand-over period.

On behalf of the council Cllr Millington thanked Cllrs Argyle, King, Smith and Turpin, who were standing down at the election, for their contribution to the work of the council during their term of office. Cllr Robson expressed the thanks of the council to Peter Smith for his excellent chairmanship of the council over the last six years.

(b) It was noted that the stock of dog litter bags was running low and a further order would be placed shortly. It was not clear that they were proving effective in reducing dog fouling, particularly in the area of Main Street and it was suggested that the use of the bags be monitored.

(c) Cllr Kennedy reported that a letter would be sent to allotment holders reminding them of the need to keep paths etc clear of rubbish.


It was RESOLVED that the Annual General Meeting take place on Monday 16 May 2011 in the Village Hall.