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Minutes for July 2011

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 18 July 2011 at 7.45pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs S Moules (in the Chair), C Davidson, G Gilmour, J Haile,

B Hewetson, I Hill, K James, T Kelly, F Kennedy, H Strong and the Clerk

Also present: 4 members of the public


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Bettinson, Millington, Robson and Sim.


Cllrs Strong, James and Kennedy declared an interest in agenda item 16(b) as allotment holders.


(a) A member of the public raised the issue of parking on double yellow lines outside her property on Main Street. Vehicles are parking immediately outside her gate where there is no pavement making it difficult to get into and out of her property and making visibility difficult for crossing the road. Pedestrians are forced to walk out into the road to get past. Although the Highways Department had promised to visit to look at what could be done, no-one had been in touch.

It was explained that the parish council had been concerned about dangerous parking for some time and was seeking more effective enforcement, targeting the more serious examples rather than simply penalising those who overstay the time limit in restricted areas. The Chairman undertook to ask the Traffic Calming Committee to look at the issues and possible solutions.

(b) Four members of the public raised a number of objections to the planning application to convert part of the Post Office to a fish & chip shop. Those living close to the property were very concerned about the potential nuisance from cooking smells, noise and litter. There was also a concern about the fire risks associated with a fish & chip shop located in a row of old terraced properties. There would be no designated parking and the main street is already congested. Residents feared that the creation of a fish & chip shop was likely to cause further parking problems with associated noise and inconvenience for neighbours.


It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda.

(a) New applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following applications which had been received for comment:-

  • Ref 4/11/ 2302/0F1 Conversion of part of Post Office to fish & chip shop

122 Main Street, St Bees

The Advisory Group outlined the main issues, namely the economic benefit to the village to be weighed against the potential impact on neighbours in terms of noise, smell, litter, increased traffic/ parking problems and fire risks.

It was RESOLVED not to object to this application in principle subject to certain important caveats:_

  • o Appropriate fire precautions and fire alarm system should be in place to reduce the risk of fire which could easily spread to other neighbouring residential properties.
  • The opening hours should be restricted with earlier closing times to reduce noise nuisance to neighbours.
  • There should be a thorough technical evaluation of the extraction system to ensure there would be no nuisance caused by cooking smells.
  • There should be conditions imposed to require litter bins and a duty to keep the area free of litter.
  • The potential problems of traffic/parking should be taken into account.

  • · Ref 4/11/2298/0L1 Outline application for agricultural dwelling & additional

building for animal welfare and storage.

Land opposite Linethwaite, Moor Row


It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application provided that a condition

was imposed restricting the dwelling to use for agricultural workers.

(b) Applications approved/refused:-

The following decisions by CBC were noted:-

  • · Erection of conservatory, Horsley Croft, High Walton – APPROVED with conditions
  • · Extension above garage & kitchen, porch to front & conservatory to rear, 22 The Crofts - APPROVED

(c) Appeal – Erection of micro wind turbine, Land near Ellerbeck Barns, Egremont

It was noted that the applicant had lodged an appeal against the refusal of this application by CBC.

(d) Conversion of Eaglesfield to 11 flats

Correspondence received from local residents was received and noted. Cllr Hill had investigated the residents’ concerns and explained that the new application was concerned solely with the change in the number of flats from the scheme originally approved and the conditions previously agreed to protect the trees etc would continue.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20 June be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


(a) Discussion with St Bees School

A letter had been sent to the school inviting them to participate in further discussions on matters of mutual interest, including the additional topics suggested at the last meeting. A reply was awaited.

(b) Other items from the action list:-

  • Commons sign – The design for the proposed sign had been sent to CBC for their approval. A possible supplier had been found and the estimated cost would be £100 + VAT + delivery.
  • Bega Statue repair – Cllr Robson had spoken to an associate of Colin Telfer who would do the repair.
  • Rimming Stone- This had still not been replaced. Cllr Kelly would investigate possible ways forward.
  • Public footpath, St Bees Head –It was noted that CCC had begun discussions with the landowner about a new permanent route for the footpath following the landslip.


The Chairman invited Pam Argyle from the Beach Group to explain progress with the project.

The Consultants engaged by CBC had produced a draft report outlining suggested improvements for each of the beaches in Copeland and proposing that street furniture, signage etc should have an agreed cohesive appearance. The improvements suggested for St Bees included screening around the recycling area, planting to break up the stark appearance of the car park and fencing around the play area as well as the creation of a verandah and information area at the back of the toilet block. A meeting of the Coastal Communities group would be taking place on 19 July and comments were required on the draft report so that a final version could be produced.

Cllr Hill pointed out that CBC had very limited funding available for the improvements proposed in the report and each area would need to put forward a sound business case to secure funding.

Councillors offered a number of comments on the draft report which Mrs Argyle agreed to report at the meeting the following day. These included possible expansion and improvement of the play area, the possibility of parking permits for local residents and the addition of a BBQ area. Mrs Argyle also undertook to find out whether the recommendations in the report would be mandatory and prevent other developments taking place.


The Chairman reported that it was hoped to produce a questionnaire to go out with the next edition of the parish magazine.



Lead responsibilities for the various projects included in the plan were agreed as follows:-

  • Road Safety Projects - Cllr Millington
  • Beach Area Project - Cllr Moules
  • Seamill Lane car park improvements – Clerk
  • Quality Parish & Power of well-being activity – Clerk
  • Fireworks event – Cllr Moules
  • Santa;s sleigh – Cllrs Gilmour and James
  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration – to be organised by the Projects Group
  • Common Land/ footpath projects – Cllrs Sim and Robson

A free training event was being provided in September by a company supplying fireworks. It was agreed that Cllrs Moules, Kennedy and Davidson attend. Cllr Kelly would try to attend an alternative training event.


The minutes of the meeting on 23 June were received and noted. The Chairman outlined the possible options for the Outrigg and Fairladies areas and explained that the next meeting would concentrate on arriving at an agreed set of measures to be recommended to the full council.

Following the recent accident on Fairladies the committee had investigated the cost of signs warning drivers of children playing. These could be purchased very cheaply and, if erected on private property, would not require Highways approval.

Cllr James pointed out that the funding that had been allocated for a school crossing patrol had now been withdrawn by CCC.

It was RESOLVED to proceed with the purchase of warning signs, if suitable locations could be identified, and to ask the committee to look at issues of dangerous parking, particularly in the Main Street area.

It was further RESOLVED to review the terms of reference of the committee in light of the wider role it was being asked to undertake.


As the council had achieved quality council status, it was able to apply to use the new power of well-being. CALC was able to provide the necessary training free of charge in September.

It was RESOLVED to take up the offer of training and that the Clerk liaise with CALC to agree a suitable date.


The meeting scheduled for this week had been postponed until September.


PCSO Bradley had sent apologies as he was off duty but had sent a written report on logs received during June. There had been 1 theft of a mobile phone, 1 public order offence and 2 traffic accidents, one involving a pedestrian. PCSO Bradley was continuing to monitor the issue of dangerous parking and had spoken to the bus company about the parking of the school bus at Fairladies.

It was reported by councillors that there had been other traffic incidents which were not included in the report.

It was RESOLVED to ask PCSO Bradley for a report on the number of penalty tickets issued for speeding and dangerous / illegal parking in the village.


There were no items requiring the council’s attention.


Several items were noted for report to CCC, including blocked drains on Outrigg, yellow lines needing to be repainted outside the primary school and pot-holes requiring repair.


133/11 FINANCE

(a) Internal Audit Report 2011/12

The proposed scope of internal audit and audit plan for 2011/12 had been circulated.

It was RESOLVED that the scope of audit and audit plan be accepted.

(b) Allotments

Letters had been sent out to allotment holders requesting the annual rent. The annual allotment competition was taking place and prizes would be presented at the Garden Society annual show in August.

It was RESOLVED that

  • a letter be sent to the tenant of the plot affected by the flooding from the blocked drain waiving the rent for this year in view of the inconvenience which had been caused and
  • a sum of £50 be approved for the purchase of competition prizes.

(c) Payments to be approved

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

  • Cheque no 001628 D Robinson – reimbursement for Open Gardens event refreshments + plants (VIB) £125.21
  • Cheque no 001629 CBC – Playground Inspections July £39.91 +VAT Total £47.89
  • Cheque no 001630 CALC –New councillor training -course fees £57.50
  • Cheque no 001631 C Crayston– repair of allotment water pipe £119.00 + VAT Total £142.80
  • Cheque no 001632 CBC – charge for uncontested election £80.00
  • Cheque no 001633 Blomfields – filling of baskets + plants (VIB) £644.50 + VAT Total £773.40
  • Cheque no 001634 K Nesbitt – reimbursement for parts for water bowser (VIB) £167.56 + VAT Total £201.07
  • Cheque no 001635 J Donaldson – Clerk salary July 2011 £504.30 + postage £17.16 Total £521.46


(a) A letter had been received from Copeland Citizens Advice Bureau explaining their work for individuals across Copeland and seeking a donation to support the service. It was RESOLVED that no donation be made in view of the limited budget available.

(b) An update had been received from the Office for Nuclear Development announcing the publication of the finalised National Policy statements for Energy including confirmation that Sellafield was one of the eight sites identified as potentially suitable for new power stations. Noted.

(c) A letter had been received from Cumbria Police Authority explaining that the quarterly Police Community Liaison Meetings were to be discontinued. Noted.

(d) A letter had been received from CALC about the establishment of a Copeland District Broadband Board as part of the county-wide project. The Broadband Bulletin July 2011 was also received and noted.

(e) An invitation had been received for a representative to attend the Coastal Communities Network meeting on 19 July 5.30pm in Ravenglass. It was noted that Pam Argyle would be attending on behalf of St Bees.

(f) A letter had been received from Asby Traffic Group thanking the Parish Council for the help and advice given by the Traffic Calming Committee. Noted.

(g) A letter had been received from the office of the Lord Lieutenant encouraging local councils to take part in lighting beacons to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year. It was agreed that this could form part of the celebration to be organised by the Events Committee.

(h) An invitation had been received to a free ‘Cheese & Wine’ event on 19 July in Millom when the speaker, Richard Leafe, would be talking about how communities outside the LDNP could benefit from the Lake District’s tourist potential.

(i) A NALC briefing on the Open Public Services White Paper was received. It was agreed that the Clerk would circulate copies to councillors.



Dispatches (CBC Newsletter) June 2011

CALC Circular July/August 2011

Temporary one way order – Pow Bridge, St Bees 25 July for 10 days


(a) A report had been received of a bull in a field on the route of a public footpath. The Clerk would report this to CCC.

(b) It was noted that there was no further progress with the development at the former Station Garage. Cllr Hill explained that a period of time had to be allowed between the removal of the contaminated earth and the start of building.

(c) A report had been received of a possible obstruction to vehicles using the car park at Seamill. The Clerk would investigate and take appropriate action.

(d) Cllr Hill reported that the Local Government Ombudsman would be visiting the area as part of his investigation of the complaint about the handling of the planning application for the Abbey Road development.

(e) Cllr James asked whether information was available on the position with the hospital redevelopment. Cllr Hill explained that the new hospital had been approved but the issue of whether an ITU would be provided remained a concern, as this was key to having training posts for junior doctors recognised by the royal colleges. It had apparently been agreed that an ITU facility would be available but the details were not yet clear.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting be held on Monday 19 September 2011 and that the Clerk investigate the availability of other venues to allow an earlier start time.