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Minutes for June 2011

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 20 June 2011 at 7.45pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs S Moules (in the Chair), N Bettinson, C Davidson, G Gilmour, J Haile,

B Hewetson, I Hill, K James, T Kelly, C Robson, and the Clerk

In attendance : Mr C Ross (Egremont Town Council), Alana McKinnon and Alan Graham (CBC).

Also present : 1 member of the public (Mr P Armstrong)


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Kennedy, Millington, Sim and Strong.


Cllr Hewetson declared a prejudicial interest in the planning application for Lansmere, Sea View (agenda item 16a) as a joint owner of the property.


The Chairman welcomed Alana McKinnon, Enforcement Team Manager, and Alan Graham, Environmental Warden, to the meeting.

Ms McKinnon explained that from 1 April this year her department no longer had responsibility for on-street parking and this had provided the opportunity to reorganise the team with five Environmental Wardens now working on a locality basis. Mr Graham covered St Bees and neighbouring areas and tried to visit the village almost every day. He was keen to work with the local community and would welcome information on problem areas. All the wardens had powers to issue penalty notices and PCSOs had also been trained to use the same powers. Three fixed penalty notices had recently been issued for dog fouling offences in St Bees. The enforcement team also dealt with nuisance from barking dogs and assisted the police with dangerous dogs as well as dealing with other offences such as fly tipping, taxi regulation etc.

Ms McKinnon explained progress with Dog Control Orders. The consultation process had begun with local councils and there had then been a period of public consultation. The proposed orders would be considered by the full council in August and would be implemented from October. The new orders would require dogs to be on leads on roads, pavements and public areas. This would apply to the promenade and grassed areas around the beach, although dogs could be off a lead on the sand and shingle. Dogs would be excluded completely from certain designated areas such as children’s play areas and appropriate signage would be provided.

The Chairman explained that there was particular concern about dog fouling around the beach area. Members of the public who wished to report problems could do so by ringing CBC on 0845 054 8600. Ms McKinnon agreed to provide regular reports on warnings and penalties issued so that they could be publicised in the local community.

The Chairman thanked Ms McKinnon and Mr Graham for their attendance.


Mr Armstrong raised concerns about traffic issues following an accident on Fairladies when his young son was knocked down by a car. The area had a high density of young children who often played outdoors. Whilst speed may not have been a factor in this instance, some vehicles did travel too fast around the estate and there was clear evidence that the severity of injuries is directly related to the speed of the vehicle. Mr Armstrong asked that the possibility of traffic calming measures on the Fairladies estate be considered as part of the council’s on-going work on traffic calming.

The Chairman invited Mr Armstrong to join the next meeting of the Traffic Calming Committee to discuss his concerns in more detail.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the annual meeting held on 16 May be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.



(a) Committee structure and membership – A provisional list of committee members had been circulated. Cllr Strong had agreed to help with project funding applications and Cllr Davidson also offered to assist with this. Cllr James agreed to help with event publicity.

Cllrs Bettinson and Sim would take lead responsibility for common land and Cllr Robson would lead on footpaths.

(b) Consultation on the future of library services – A response to the consultation had been sent following the discussion at the last meeting. Cllrs Bettinson and James reported on the consultation event had taken place at the library on 7 June. A number of local residents had attended and the county council staff had been impressed by the support shown for the local library. It had been a useful opportunity to point out that for those without their own transport the journey to Whitehaven library was very difficult.

(c) Other items from the action list :

  • Insurance – The only reduction which could be obtained was a loyalty discount which would have prevented the council from seeking alternative quotes next year. After consultation with the Chairman it had been decided to renew the policy for 2011/12 and to seek competitive quotations for next year.
  • Blocked drain, allotment field – The Environmental Health Officer had visited the site again and reported that the drain was clear.
  • Village entry sign – A new sign had been provided at the northern entrance to the village as part of the proposed gateway features. The possibility of a separate brown sign to show places of interest would be raised with Cumbria Highways. It was also noted that the entry sign at High House Road was in need of repainting.


The retrospective planning application for the area of hard standing had been approved by CBC subject to measures being taken to deter unauthorised parking. The proposed measures had to be agreed with the Planning Dept within 3 months.

It was RESOLVED to seek approval for a wooden sign to be placed by the hard standing indicating that parking was for vehicles on official business only.


The Parish Plan was now 5 years old and needed to be updated. An update on the actions still outstanding had been circulated for information together with suggestions for how public consultation could take place on an updated plan. It was generally agreed that the questionnaire should concentrate on areas which were within the remit of the parish council and areas over which the council could exert some influence.

It was RESOLVED that the proposed approach to updating the plan be approved.


Suggestions for inclusion in the agenda for discussion with St Bees School had been circulated. It was also suggested that similar discussions might take place with other organisations in the village at some future date.

It was RESOLVED that :

  • the list of topics be approved subject to the addition of access to school facilities for local groups and projects such as tree planting and
  • the proposed agenda be sent to the school for their consideration with an invitation to attend a forthcoming parish council meeting.


A list of projects put forward for inclusion in the Business Plan for the next three years was received and discussed. The Chairman had recently attended a funding fair to investigate possible sources of funding for some of the projects.

It was RESOLVED that the list of projects be approved and that lead responsibilities for the individual projects be agreed at the next meeting.



Cllrs Hill and Kelly reported on the recent meeting of the West Copeland Partnership and the 3 rd draft of the locality plan. The possibility of employing a parish lengthsman had been discussed and some costings were to be provided.

It was noted that an event – Egremont Together - was to be held on 7 August and it was hoped that this would also involve other parts of the locality.


The minutes of the meeting on 17 May were received. Cllr Bettinson had looked at the site of the former station garage following concerns that the development was encroaching on other land and it was agreed that the situation be kept under review as construction work progresses.



PCSO Bradley had sent apologies as he was off duty but had sent a written report. Since the last meeting there had been a total of 18 logs, including 1 theft, 1 damage-only RTA, 1 RTA involving a pedestrian and 1 incident involving criminal damage.

Following concerns about bus parking at the entrance to the Fairladies estate he had visited the bus company and spoken to the owner. He had also had a meeting on site with the Police Traffic Manager and CCC Traffic Engineer to look at the problem. If the problem persisted, the police would attend at key times.

It was reported that there was no significant improvement in the parking of vehicles in dangerous positions. It was agreed to raise this with PCSO Bradley at the next meeting.


There were no items to report.


There were no items requiring the council’s attention. The Clerk would report two repair items to Highways.


(a) New applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following applications had been received for comment:-

  • Ref 4/11/ 2225/0F1 Extension above garage & kitchen, porch to front and conservatory

to rear 22 The Crofts, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • Ref 4/11/2222/0F1 Conversion of main building to 5 self-contained flats & rebuild rear

single storey building to form 3 storey building containing 6 self-

contained flats Eaglesfield, Beach Road, St Bees

Concerns were expressed about the access and egress from the property which would result in a narrowing of the road outside. Whilst this might have the effect of slowing down traffic, it was noted that there was a speed hump on only one side of the entrance to the property.

It was RESOLVED to pass on these concerns to CBC and request that Cumbria Highways consider the effect of the change to the road layout.

  • Ref 4/11/2247/0F1 Erection of dwelling Plot 3, Wyndhowe, Seamill Lane, St Bees

A copy of a letter of objection sent by the owner of an adjacent property was received and noted.

It was RESOLVED that a response be sent to CBC endorsing the view that the development was out of scale with the site and neighbouring properties at West View.

  • Ref 4/11/2279/0F1 Change of use from residential accommodation on part of ground

floor only to provide pre-prep school Abbots Court, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.


  • Ref 4/11/2279/0F1 Reserved matters application for one dwelling

Lansmere, Sea View, St Bees

Cllr Hewetson withdrew from the meeting during discussion of this item.

It was RESOLVED to ask for further information on the proposed drainage arrangements and how it was proposed to gain access to the site during construction.

(b) Applications approved/refused:-

The following decisions by CBC were noted:-

  • Erection of garage, 2 Ellerbeck Barns – APPROVED
  • Micro wind turbine, Land near 5 Ellerbeck Barns -REFUSED
  • Removal & rebuilding of rear extension (revised scheme) 51 Main Street – APPROVED

(c) Appeal – Erection of two wind turbines, Fairladies Farm

It was noted that the applicant had lodged an appeal against the refusal of this application by CBC.

114/11 FINANCE

(a) Internal Auditor’s Report 2010/11

A copy of the report had been circulated with the agenda. It was noted that there was only one recommendation for a minor change to current procedures.

It was RESOLVED that the report be accepted and the recommendation be implemented.

(b) Asset Register

The asset register at 31 March 2011 was reviewed. It was noted that there had been a change in guidance on valuation of assets and that a revised version of the register for 2010 had been produced on the same basis to give a total for comparison.

(c) Annual Accounts and Annual Return

The accounts for 2010/11 were received. The assurances required for the Annual Governance Statement were considered.

It was RESOLVED that:

  • the accounts be approved.
  • the governance statement be approved and signed by the Chairman

(d) Allotment water charges

The volume charge for water used had been very small over the summer months with the only significant charge resulting from the leak on the pipe over the winter when the supply was not in use by allotment holders.

It was RESOLVED not to charge allotment holders for water used last year as the administrative costs of billing would exceed the sum recovered.

(e) Payments to be approved

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

  • Cheque no 001619 CBC – play area inspections April/May £79.82 + VAT Total £95.78
  • Cheque no 001620 CBC – play area inspection June £39.91 + VAT Total £47.89
  • Cheque no 001621 Mayson Bros Ltd – repairs to street lights/filling of salt bin £555.47 + VAT Total £666.56
  • Cheque no 001622 Mayson Bros Ltd – repair to street light £68.00 + VAT Total £81.60
  • Cheque no 001623 Greenlands Ground Maintenance – grasscutting 1 st quarter £637.00
  • Cheque no 001624 United Utilities – allotment water charge March – May £19.55
  • Cheque no 001625 Open Spaces Society – annual subscription 2011/12 £40.00
  • Cheque no 001626 J Donaldson – reimbursement for printer cartridges £64.97 + VAT Total £77.96
  • Cheque no 001627 J Donaldson – Clerk salary June £504.30

Payments since last meeting to report

Cheque no 001614 Aon Ltd – insurance premium 2011/12 £1219.17(agreed at last meeting)

Cheque no 001615 Cumbria Playing Fields Association – subscription 2011/12 £25.00 (agreed at last meeting)


Cheque no 001616 A Robinson – donation to Neighbourhood Watch £25.00 (agreed at last meeting)

Cheque no 001617 BTCV – plants for Priory Paddock £145.92 + VAT Total £175.09 (payment required before next meeting to avoid interest)

Cheque no 001618 CBC – play area repairs £59.45 (work done under standing agreement for minor repairs to be carried out without prior authorisation)


(a) Information had been received on the new bathing water profiles produced by the Environment Agency to meet the requirements of the new EU Directive. Noted.

(b) A letter had been received from Ann Robinson on behalf of the Neighbourhood Watch Groups in St Bees thanking the council for the recent donation.

(c) An invitation had been received for a parish council representative to attend the launch of the Copeland Coastal Partnership on Thurs 30 June at 5.30pm in Ravenglass. It was agreed that anyone wishing to attend would contact the Clerk.

(d) An email had been received from the owner of Fleatham House asking whether the parish council could help to provide better signage for the public footpath which runs near their property. It was felt that the route of the path was clear from the existing way marking.

(e) Information had been received from CALC about the CLG Neighbourhood Planning Front Runners Scheme which enabled planning authorities to apply for funding to work with a parish council in their area to create a development plan document. It was agreed to discuss with CBC whether they were interested in working with the parish council to draw up a development plan for the parish.

(f) Information had been received from Natural England on progress with creating an England Coast Path. In Cumbria the first phase would be the section from Allonby to Whitehaven. Noted.

(g) Information had been received from CALC on the likely timetable for a decision on whether West Cumbria should proceed to the next stage of seeking a site for a Geological Disposal Facility. The email also clarified the CALC position on MRWS. Noted.

(h) An invitation had been received for representatives to attend the Second Copeland Partnership Conference on 29 June 9.30am -12.30pm. Noted.


CCC Newsletter May 2011

CALC Circular June 2011

ACT Gazette Newsletter - summer 2011

MRWS E-bulletin no 6

Open Spaces Society annual report 2010 & magazine summer 2011.


(a) One of the allotment holders had recently found material on his plot which he thought might be asbestos. An Environmental Health Officer had attended promptly but the material was found to be concrete and not hazardous.

(b) The next meeting of the Traffic Calming committee would be taking place on Thursday 23 June at 7.30pm in New College Hall. The meeting was open to anyone interested.

(c) The statue of St Bega had been damaged with one arm having been broken off. The damage had been reported to the police but it was not known how the damage occurred. Cllr Robson had contacted Colin Telfer about a repair.

(d) It was noted that the rimming stone was not yet back in position. Cllr Robson agreed to speak to Malcolm Reid.

(e) Cllr Robson reported that the local history group intended to produce a visitors guide to St Bees. He also provided details of other publications on local history for the information of councillors.

(f) It was reported that there appeared to be some misunderstanding among members of the public about the extent of the right to roam under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act. The Clerk confirmed that the Act did not allow open access to all land but only to designated areas. The County Council web-site had an excellent section on the subject including a map of designated areas.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting be held on Monday 18 July 2011 at 7.45pm in the Village Hall and that the possibility of meeting on Tuesday evenings be considered at the next meeting.