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Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 16 April 2012 at 7.00pm

in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllr S Moules (Chairman), G Gilmour, I HillB Hewetson, K James, F Kennedy,

D Millington, A Oldham, C Robson, D Sim, H Strong,


Apologies for absence were received from N Bettinson


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the last Annual Parish Meeting held on 19 April 2011 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


The Chairman presented his report on Parish Council activities for 2011/12 and plans for the coming year (copy attached to the official copy of the minutes). The Chairman particularly drew attention to the following:-

  • Parish council elections had taken place in April 2011 and five new members had joined the council. There had also been a change in the Chairmanship as Peter Smith had not stood for re-election.
  • Questionnaires had been sent out to all households to update the priorities in the parish plan and key issues identified by residents were speeding, dangerous parking and dog fouling.
  • A number of projects had been identified and work was in hand to progress these. Traffic calming measures had been installed outside Barony House to slow traffic and increase the safety of children crossing the road. The parish council had contributed £1500 to the scheme with the remaining funding coming from the County Highways budget. A Speed Indication Device had been loaned to the parish council and had been used in various locations and the parish council had worked closely with the police and enforcement teams to tackle the problems of speeding and dangerous parking. The Traffic Calming Committee was continuing its work looking at traffic calming measures on Egremont Road and Outrigg.
  • A number of successful community events had taken place, including a fireworks display, Christmas event with Santa’s sleigh and a Proms on the Crease event. Planning was well in hand for a number of events to mark the Diamond Jubilee.
  • The surface of the car park at Seamill had been improved and the millstone had been relocated.
  • The parish council was working with the team progressing the county-wide project to improve Broadband speeds. There had been an excellent response from local residents to the request for information on current broadband speeds.
  • Donations had been made to a number of local groups, helping them to secure further grant funding.
  • A decision had been made to increase the precept for 2012/13 to allow the council to progress some major projects. Responses to the parish plan questionnaire indicated that residents were prepared to pay a higher precept in order to fund improvements. In the coming year the council was anticipating spending significant sums on beach regeneration, traffic calming, tree planting, walks booklets and community events and the parish council’s contribution would enable larger sums to be obtained in match funding from external bodies.
  • The Village in Bloom Committee continued to do an excellent job in making the village so attractive for residents and visitors and were keen to recruit more people interested in joining the committee or helping with the practical work.
  • During the year the council had formally adopted the power of well-being to allow greater flexibility in spending. The Localism Act which received the royal assent in January would also bring new powers and opportunities for parish councils. The parish council had taken the decision to make use of the new powers to prepare a neighbourhood plan to ensure much greater influence over the type and location of future developments.

Cllr Gilmour explained that councillors had been fully involved in the recent MRWS consultation and after much debate had decided that one response from the parish council could not adequately reflect the range of views within the council or the local community and had actively encouraged residents to make individual responses. It was agreed that this would be incorporated in the published version of the Annual Report.

The Chairman pointed out that updates on parish council activities would be published on the web-site and in the parish magazine and details of the accounts would be published when the audit was complete.


Cllr Gilmour outlined the new powers given by the Localism Act which enabled parish councils to prepare a neighbourhood plan which would give much greater influence over development in the parish. The parish council had taken a formal decision to prepare a plan and the official notification was being advertised by CBC in the local press. This would be a major project and would involve extensive consultation with local residents and close working with CBC. It was anticipated that consultation would begin in the autumn and the whole project was expected to take up to 2 years to complete. It was suggested that the need for starter homes, single person accommodation etc was one area which should be investigated.


No motions had been received.


Cllr Strong referred to the close working relationships which had been established with CBC and CCC staff and it was agreed that a letter should be sent to the Chief Executive of CBC and CCC to express appreciation for the help and support received from their staff.