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Minutes for March 2012

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 19 March 2012 at 7.35pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs S Moules (in the Chair), N Bettinson, G Gilmour, I Hill, K James, F Kennedy, D Millington, D Sim, and the Clerk

In attendance: Mr J Wood, Headteacher St Bees Village School, Mrs H Sharpe (Village School Association) and PCSO S Kane


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Hewetson, Strong, Robson and Kelly.


Cllr James declared an interest in agenda item 5 as a member of staff at the Village School.


No issues were raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 20 February be accepted as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


The Chairman welcomed Mrs Sharpe and Mr Wood to the meeting and explained that the council was keen to learn about the project and to explore what help and support the council could offer.

Mr Wood explained that the surface on the lower section of the playground was deteriorating and was in need of resurfacing. There were few play facilities and the school was hoping to enhance the facilities with seating areas, playground games etc. Now that the new classroom was in place the school had some funds available for the playground project and the VSA had raised additional funding which could also be used for the project. Estimates were being sought for resurfacing but the difficult access to the site meant that the costs were likely to exceed the £15000 available and external sources of funding would need to be explored.

Councillors questioned whether CCC had funding which could be used for this project. Mr Wood explained that he had been pursuing this but so far without success.

It was suggested that a partnership approach as had been adopted with traffic calming measures might be an appropriate way forward. It was agreed that the Clerk would liaise with Cllr Southward to arrange a meeting with the school, VSA and parish council representatives to explore possible sources of funding.


The Chairman welcomed PCSO Kane to his first meeting with the council. PCSO Kane explained that he had taken over responsibility for St Bees, Rottington, Greenbank and Woodhouse. He was aware of the concerns about traffic issues such as speeding and illegal parking and had been involved in joint operations with the enforcement officers. A number of motorists had been stopped for exceeding the speed limit through the village and several had been offered the choice of a penalty fine and points on their licence or attendance at a speed awareness course at their own expense. The majority of those stopped had been St Bees residents. Speed monitoring would be continuing.

It had been noted that many of the road markings were in a poor state and were in need of repainting. This was being taken up with CCC and it was hoped that clearer markings might improve driver behaviour.


PCSO Kane explained that he would patrol the village regularly and hoped to speak to as many people as possible. He would pay particular attention to areas where anti-social behaviour might be a problem over the summer months. Whilst he would not be able to attend parish council meetings regularly he would supply written reports and could be contacted via the Clerk if there were any matters of concern.

The Chairman thanked PCSO Kane for attending and giving his report.


(a)Beach Rd/Abbots Way footpath repairs – CCC had estimated the materials cost (incl hire of a whacker plate) at £150. The cost could be reduced if it proved possible to borrow a whacker plate free from within CCC. The budget for 2012/13 had £100 allocated for path repairs.

It was RESOLVED to proceed with the project on the basis that the parish council would pay for materials and the county council would carry out the work free of charge.

(b)Resiting of millstone –It had been suggested that the millstone plinth might require planning consent. The Clerk has written to CBC to ask for clarification.

(c)Residents parking permits – Cumbria Highways had confirmed that residents on Main Street could apply for exemption from the time restriction but this would not apply to businesses. Residents must take evidence of address and vehicle details to the Highways office in Catherine Street, Whitehaven.

(d)Changes to Sellafield Travel Plan – The Clerk attended a meeting for external stakeholders on 24 Feb. It was planned to significantly reduce the number of vehicles allowed on to the site and to relocate staff to other locations where possible. Plans still at a very early stage but Sellafield had agreed to involve parish councils in further consultation as plans progress.

(e)CBC Land Issues - A reply had been received from CBC about station car park stating that CBC would be reviewing its car park provision in light of possible increase in rail usage and would contact the parish council again in due course.


The vacancy had been advertised in the parish magazine and on the noticeboards. Two expressions of interest had been received.

It was RESOLVED to invite both candidates to attend the next meeting and give a brief outline of their experience and areas of interest.


(a)Review of Financial Regulations

With the increasing number of projects being undertaken by the council it was likely that applications would need to be made for grant funding and it was suggested that the financial regulations should be amended to include a procedure for approval of grant applications.

It was RESOLVED that a new section be inserted in the regulations as follows:

Applications for external funding submitted in the name of St Bees Parish Council shall only be

issued after formal resolution by the Parish Council and appropriate examination and comment

by the Finance and Risk Advisory Group.

(b) Financial report

A report was received from Cllr Strong on the revised year end forecast. The reserves carried over to 2012/13 would be lower than anticipated but sufficient to meet the commitments of next year’s budget. The Finance & Risk Advisory Group would be monitoring spending carefully and project leaders would be asked to provide monthly updates on progress and anticipated spending.

The Clerk reported on the income from allotment rents. It was noted that there had been no rent from one plot as the tenant had given up the plot before rent was due and the new tenant would not be liable for rent until July 2012. A sum of £11.50 was outstanding from one small plot but attempts to contact the tenant had proved unsuccessful with post being returned by the post office.


It was RESOLVED that the outstanding amount be written off as it would be uneconomic to take further recovery action.

(c) Grasscutting Contract 2012/13

The Clerk reported that the lowest bidder had indicated that he was in a position to undertake additional work as required by the council and had provided copies of appropriate public liability insurance. The contract had therefore been awarded to Gary Hayes, Garden and Countryside Services for 2012/13 in the first instance with possible extension for the next two years subject to mutual agreement.

(d) Donations

A letter had been received from St Bees Garden Society seeking a donation towards the cost of the annual show in August.

It was RESOLVED that a donation of £150 be made from the 2012/13 donations budget.

(e) Payments to be approved

It was RESOLVED that the following accounts be approved for payment:-

• Cheque no 001705 CBC – play area inspections March - £39.91 + VAT Total £47.89

• Cheque no 001706 J Donaldson – Clerk salary £504.30 & postage £7.08 Total £511.38

• Cheque no 001707 Greenlands Ground maintenance 4th qtr grasscutting payment £637.00

• Cheque no 001708 CALC – course fee (finance course) - £29.00

• Cheque no 001709 United utilities – allotment water (standing charge only) 2/12/11 to 5/3/12 – £13.76

• Cheque no 001710 Works 4 You Ltd – installation of commons sign £130.75 + VAT Total £156.90

Payments made since last meeting to report:

• Cheque 001702 Amberol Ltd – planters £235 + VAT Total £282.00 (approved by VIB Committee)

• Cheque 001703 D Robinson – reimbursement for plants £109.52 + VAT Total £127.83 (approved by VIB Committee)

• Cheque 001704 J Donaldson – reimbursement for software £150.42 + VAT Total £180.50 (expenditure on computer & software prev agreed)


(a)Beach Regeneration Project

The draft minutes of the first meeting of the Beach Regeneration Committee were received and noted. Cllr Sim explained that the election of vice-chairman had been deferred until the next meeting when it was hoped community members would be present. The committee had agreed terms of reference for approval by the council.

It was RESOLVED that the terms of reference be approved and a delegated budget of £200 be authorised.

(b)Diamond Jubilee

A report on progress had been received from Rosalie McAndrew and it was noted that the co-ordinating group would be meeting again on 20 March.

It was RESOLVED to invite the chairman of the group to attend the next meeting to discuss progress.

(c) Broadband Project

Cllr Moules gave a report on progress with the county-wide project. Negotiations were in progress and a preferred bidder would be announced in May. £40 million funding had been secured but this would be insufficient to cover the whole of the county. The parish council had been asked to collect information on web speeds as well raising awareness of the project and seeking expressions of interest in superfast broadband. This would be publicised by an article in the parish magazine and also via the web-site.




Only a small number of volunteers had so far come forward. It was noted that the letter to parents had only just gone out from the village school.

It was RESOLVED to review the position at the next meeting.


As Cllr Kelly was ill it was agreed that his report would be deferred to the next meeting. Cllr Hill reported that CBC were about to consider the Local Development Framework and if approved there would be a period of public consultation. No response had yet been received from CBC to the letter notifying the parish council’s intention to produce a neighbourhood plan


The Chairman reported on the meeting of parish councils with CBC and CCC on 12 March. There had been updates on the provisions of the Localism Act and it was noted that the new standards regime would be introduced from July but details were still to be announced. The new general power of competence was now available to principal authorities but details of the qualifying criteria for local councils were still awaited.


A date was needed for the Annual Parish Meeting and work was needed to prepare the annual report.

It was RESOLVED that the Annual Parish Meeting take place at 7.00pm on Monday 16 April (immediately before the monthly parish council meeting) – venue to be confirmed.


There were no items to report.


There had been no feedback yet from Cumbria Highways on the list of defects submitted by the parish council.

It was RESOLVED to seek an update on progress and to request repainting of road markings as soon as possible.


(a)New applications

The following applications had been received for comment:-

Ref 4/12/2100/0F1 Erection of conservatory with tiled roof

Westerly, Outrigg, St Bees

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

Ref 4/12/2119/0F1 Erection of small scale wind turbine

Land adjacent to 4 Ellerbeck Barns, Egremont

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application but there was concern that there should be no further proliferation of turbines at this site.

Ref 4/12/2129/0F1 General purpose/sheep building extension

Horsley Croft, High Walton

It was RESOLVED that, as this application had only just been received, the Clerk would respond under delegated authority following consultation with the Planning Advisory Group.

(b)Applications approved/refused:-


The following decisions by CBC were noted:-

  • Erection of garage, Orchard House, Main Street (listed building consent) – APPROVED
  • Extension of time limit for implementation, Plot 1 Fleatham House – APPROVED
  • Extension to front elevation, Holmcroft, Loughrigg Farm – APPROVED

It was noted that the application for ground-mounted solar panels on land adjacent to Khandallah House had been withdrawn by the applicant.


(a)Arequest had been received from a resident on Outrigg for permission to temporarily remove a section of fencing by Fairladies car park for access during building work. The fencing would be put back in place at the end of each working day. It was RESOLVED that this be allowed providing appropriate care was taken to avoid any health and safety risks.

(b) Notification had been received from CALC confirming that Local Government pay scales had been frozen for a further year. Noted.

(c) Details had been received of a training course on the implications of the Freedom of Information Act to be held in Keswick on the evening of 29 March. Cost £39 per place. Noted.

(d) A letter had been received from Radiation Free Lakeland urging councils to oppose geological disposal in Cumbria. Noted.


CALC Circular March 2012

Lake District Messenger

MRWS: E-bulletin 17

ACT Gazette spring edition

Cumbria Wildlife Trust newsletter

Jennings River Ride 16 Sept 2012


Cllr Hill reported that Copeland Borough Council had recently won a national award for corporate governance.


It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place onMonday 16 April at 7.35pm approx. (immediately following the Annual Parish meeting) – venue to be confirmed.

Agenda items would include a discussion of possible financial support to the village school playground project and maintenance of Priory Paddock.