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Minutes for November 2012

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 19 November 2012 at 7.35pm in the Village Hall

PRESENT: Cllrs D Sim (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, J Haile, B Hewetson, K James,

T Kelly, F Kennedy, D Millington, S Moules, C Robson, H Strong and the Clerk

Also present: 5 members of the public


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs G Gilmour and I Hill


There were no declarations of interest or requests for dispensations.


No matters were raised other than the relocation of the millstone. It was agreed that this would be dealt with when agenda item 5 was discussed.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting on 15 October 2012 be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


Comments on the possible relocation of the millstone had been invited via the noticeboards and parish magazine. Three individual responses have been received – two in support of moving the millstone, one against on the grounds of cost. In addition Mr Scott had provided 101 signatures of people in support of relocating the millstone, 81 of whom were residents of the parish with the remainder living outside the parish but having an interest in the beach area.

There was a lengthy discussion about how a relocation of the millstone could be financed when it had been agreed at the last meeting that no unbudgeted expenditure would be committed before the end of March and the budget for next year would be under severe pressure as a result of the proposed CBC budget cuts. Cllr Robson agreed to investigate whether any grant funding might be available. Mr Scott suggested that Network Rail might be prepared to do the work as a community project as he had been told that they would be doing some work on the railway bridge shortly and would have equipment on site.

It was RESOLVED that

  • The millstone should be moved to the new location adjacent to the seat and information board within the car park area
  • The Clerk would contact Network Rail to see whether they might agree to carry out the work
  • If Network Rail were not able to help, the project would be considered for inclusion in the budget for 2013/14 when the budget was agreed in January.

183/12 FINANCE

(a)Consultation on CBC Budget Proposals

The Chairman reported on the meeting which he, Cllr Hill and the Clerk had attended with the Chief Executive of CBC to discuss the implications of the proposed cuts in the CBC budget. As a result of that meeting, a list had been drawn up of services which would be withdrawn/reduced and the estimated costs to the parish council of providing those services. Cllr Strong presented the recommendations of the Finance & Risk Advisory Group. It was agreed that the provision of public toilets at the main beach was essential and this represented the largest potential cost.

It was RESOLVED that the recommendations of the Finance & Risk Group be accepted and that the draft budget be prepared on the basis of part of the extra cost coming from a rise in the precept and part from a reduction in the budget allocation for projects.


The council’s response to the consultation was then discussed.

It was RESOLVED that it was the council’s view that CBC should seek to reduce its core costs by amalgamation of authorities and services and should explore all opportunities for raising revenue such as letting the Copeland Centre as office space.

(b) Financial Report & Budget 2013/14

The summary of accounts at 31 October was received and noted.

Cllr Strong and the Clerk would be producing a draft budget shortly for consideration by the Finance & Risk Group before coming to the full council for a decision in January. The decision on whether local councils would be covered by the rules on ‘capping’ was expected from central government early in December.

(c) Donations

It was RESOLVED that the following donations be made:-

Village Hall Committee - £500.00

St Bees Priory PCC – £600.00 (donation towards the costs of the parish magazine)

Royal British Legion - £45.00

Friends of the Priory - £40.00

Furness Line Action Group - £40.00

It was further RESOLVED that no donation be made to Cumbria Wildlife Trust this year.


It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:–

  • Cheque no 01771 CBC – swing repair – £157.00 + VAT Total £188.40
  • Cheque no 01772 CBC – use of Station car park 2012/13 Total £2234.40
  • Cheque no 01773 CBC- play area inspection £39.91+ VAT Total £47.89
  • Cheque no 01774 G Hayes –grasscutting 2012/13 Total £1415.00
  • Cheque no 01775 Works 4 You Ltd – tree stake & tie £12.50 + VAT Total £15.00
  • Cheque no 01776 J Donaldson –clerk salary Nov £504.30 + postage £6.00 Total £510.30
  • Cheque no 01777 J Donaldson – reimbursement for printer cartridges £65.80 + VAT Total £78.96


(a)Beach Play Area

The draft minutes of the Beach Regeneration Committee meeting on 24 October were received and the recommendations on the play area project were noted. The Chairman reported on a meeting which had taken place subsequently with Keith Parker, CBC Head of Neighbourhoods. Although the parish council had initially rejected the option of a lease on land for the play area in favour of a Service Level Agreement with CBC, it was now clear that CBC would only agree to progress the project if the parish council was prepared to lease the land. If the parish council agreed in principle to the lease arrangement, a paper would be put to the CBC Executive in December asking them to approve the arrangement for CBC to act as the accountable body for the project. If the Executive agreed, the project would need final approval from the full council in February 2013.

A paper was tabled showing the respective responsibilities of CBC and PC in progressing the project. It was noted that CBC would be responsible for placing the contract and making payments and would deal with the contract for drainage work. They would also provide project management for the whole project. The main points of the proposed lease were discussed. If the parish council agreed in principle to a long lease further discussions would take place with CBC officers on the terms of the lease before the parish council was asked to make a final decision.

It was RESOLVED that :

  • The council agree in principle to lease the land for the play area from CBC
  • The Chairman and Vice-Chairman continue discussions with CBC officers on the terms

of a lease


  • The project continue on the basis of CBC acting as the accountable body
  • Work continue in the meantime to prepare funding applications.

(b) Community Events

The fireworks event organised jointly with St Bees School had been well attended with the village school selling out of family tickets in advance. It was suggested that the ticketing policy should be reviewed next year.

The Christmas event would take place on Tuesday 4 December in partnership with the RNLI. The Christmas tree would be put up over the weekend of 1 & 2 December. The Father Christmas parade would be slightly later this year (6.45pm from Fairladies) to arrive in time for the carol service at the lifeboat station.

(c) Traffic Calming

Cllr Millington reported that the application to the Copeland Community Fund had been unsuccessful. He would be meeting the Traffic Engineer shortly to discuss the options for progressing the plans for physical traffic calming measures and would report back to the next meeting. It was noted that it might be possible to apply for a grant from the Neighbourhood Forum to finance the purchase of the speed gun and this would also be discussed at the next meeting.

(d) Tree planting

There was no progress to report.

(e) Walks Booklets

Cllrs Sim and Robson were looking at options for producing the booklet.

(f)Broadband Project

It was noted that the contract for the county-wide Connecting Cumbria project had been awarded to BT Global Services. The next stage was to agree the criteria for deciding how the project should be rolled out across the county over three years. Cllr Kelly provided some information on a wireless system offered by a commercial company which would require a minimum number of subscribers and for a monthly charge would offer subscribers a speed of 5Mb. Cllr Kelly agreed to make further enquiries to see whether this might offer a viable solution until the county project was able to provide better speeds to this area.


Carillion had confirmed that they would include two projects in their community programme - the project to tarmac the footpath from the Beach estate to Beach Rd and the project to install kissing gates on the path by the golf course. The offer was subject to final agreement of the detailed costings. The Clerk would be contacting the owners of properties adjoining the Beach Rd path to inform them of the plans.

The bottom section of the footpath from the Crofts towards Loughrigg was in urgent need of repair following recent flooding. It was hoped that repairs could be done as a joint venture with CCC providing stone and equipment and the parish council finding volunteers to help.

The work financed by local residents on the footpath from Seamill Lane over the railway had been completed. This had improved the surface at the top end of the path and it was hoped that the remaining section could also be improved if volunteers could be found to help lay some stone.



Cllr Gilmour had attended the meeting organised by Beckermet PC with the developers of the proposed new nuclear power station. Copies of the notes and presentation had been circulated for information.


The latest update from CALC was received and noted.



(a)New applications

The following applications had been received for comment:

  • 4/12/2493/TPO Various tree works – Grounds of St Bees Priory

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • 4/12/2489/0F1 Replacement of flat roof with tiled roof –Melbreak, Nethertown Rd

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

  • 4/12/2485/0F1 Two storey extension – Long Edge, Linethwaite

It was RESOLVED that there were no objections to this application.

(b) Applications approved/refused

  • Sun roof to side of property with veranda and storage under, Doe Hill Nethertown Rd – APPROVED
  • Listed building consent for amendment to approved barn conversion, Moorleys, Egremont – APPROVED
  • Amendment to approved barn conversion, Moorleys, Egremont –APPROVED with conditions
  • Erection of mast and amateur radio aerial, Abbots Croft, Abbey Rd – APPROVED
  • Decking at rear (retrospective), 5 Fairladies – it was noted that there would be a site visit by the Planning Panel 21 November.


Cllr Kennedy reported on the result of the recent Ofsted inspection. The overall effectiveness of the school was classed as ‘good’ and showed improvement from the last inspection.

It was RESOLVED to write to the Headteacher to congratulate him on the result.


The Clerk reported on progress with the following matters:-

  • Rottington Beck works – CCC had appointed a project manager and a site meeting would take place shortly with key stakeholders. The Chairman would be attending on behalf of the parish council.
  • Seamill car park access –the solicitor was drawing up a Statutory Declaration for signature by Cllr Sim.
  • The agreement between the landowner and CCC on the route of the footpath on Tomlin had still not been finalised. Until the agreement is signed the memorial seat cannot be put back into place. If the matter is not resolved shortly the donors would like the council to consider a different location for the seat.
  • Flooding- following the flooding on 17 October a site meeting had been held on High House Rd at the instigation of the MP to look at remedial measures. Some measures had been identified to divert water into the fields and these had now been implemented. Cllr Moules reported that investigations had also taken place at the Adams Recreation Ground to find a blocked drain. The issue of parked cars preventing routine drain cleaning remained a problem and Highways would notify the Clerk of dates when cleaning was planned so that this could be publicised as widely as possible.
  • Sellafield Infrastructure Enhancements – following the briefing some months ago about reductions in the number of vehicles allowed on to the site, Sellafield Ltd had invited the parish council to have further discussions about the impact on neighbouring villages.


A written report had been received from PCSO Watson. It was noted that there had been 24 calls for service in the last month, including one incident of criminal damage, one traffic collision and one report of a vehicle driving on the beach.



It was noted that the lights at the main beach car park were still in need of attention. The Clerk would contact CBC.


It was noted that street light no 10 on the footbridge near the level crossing was still not working despite having been reported to Highways on a number of occasions. The Clerk would follow this up with Highways.


(a) Further information had been received from the National Grid on the two strategic options which they were taking forward as part of the North-West Coast Connections Project. Noted.

(b)Walney Extension Offshore Wind farm – Details had been received of consultation on a proposed additional cable route and also on a briefing paper on land restoration, landscaping and mitigation measures. Noted

(c) Details had been received of the start of Stage 1 consultation for Rhiannon Wind Farm in the Irish Sea (60km from Cumbrian coast). Noted.

(d) A letter had been received from Great North Air Ambulance seeking a donation to their funds. This would be added to the list of organisations to be considered for next financial year.

(e) Newsletter No 12 had been received from West Cumberland Hospital giving a progress report on the re-development. Noted.

(f) Information had been received from Cumbria Community Foundation about a new project (Neighbourhood Care Programme) which would fund grants to voluntary organisations, parish councils etc which came together to help with small tasks which some older people find difficult. Further information would follow in April. Noted.

(g) A letter had been receivedfrom the Historic Counties Trust seeking support for the inclusion in the UK Flag registry of a flag for the historic county of Cumberland. Noted.

(h) An invitation had been received from The PCC and Churchwardens for parish councillors to attend the opening of the newly refurbished Old College Hall on Mon 26 November at 7.30pm. Noted.

(i) Notification had been received from CBC of the publication of two new planning documents for public consultation, the South Whitehaven Draft SPD and the West Whitehaven SPD.

(j) Notification received from CBC that the Copeland Core Strategy and Development Management Policies 2012-2027 had been submitted to the Secretary of State for examination.


CALC Circular November

Cumbria Coastal Access Monthly Update November 2012

Cumbria Wildlife Trust e-newsletter November 2012

Open Space Autumn 2012

Countryside Voice Winter 2012

CALC Annual Report 2012

‘Go Cumbria’ (transport timetables etc)


(a) Cllr Hill had provided information on the Food Bank, including the number of vouchers issued to residents of each ward, in order that councillors were aware of the help available to people in the parish.

(b) Cllr Argyle reported that she would be organising another beach clean shortly.

(c) Cllr Robson reported that Neil Bettinson would be giving a lecture on the Prehistory of St Bees on Tuesday 27 November at 7.30pm in Old College Hall.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on Monday 17 December at 6.30pm in the Village Hall.