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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 20 March 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Cllrs T Kelly (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, J Haile, J Mellor, H Monaghan,

M Riley, C Robson & the Clerk


In attendance: Cllr H Wormstrup, County Councillor for St Bees/Egremont North


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs G Gilmour, F Kennedy, D Millington, D Sim and

N Smart.



There were no declarations of interest.



There were no matters raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting on 20 February be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.



Cllr Wormstrup presented his update on County Council matters which had been distributed to households in the parish. He reported that the scheme to replace the bridge at Sea Mill would go ahead in the next financial year. A new bridge would be built slightly further inland so that it would be less susceptible to damage by storms. It was suggested that the wooden steps provided as a temporary measure last year to make the old bridge usable could be gifted to the parish council for use elsewhere in the parish.

The Area Highways Manager had identified positions for the new signs warning of horses at the top of Outrigg and it was hoped that these would be installed shortly.



The notes of the meeting of the working group on 22 February were received and noted. The meeting had been a useful one which had provided a great deal of information on how decisions were made on major road improvement schemes.

It was RESOLVED to contact Trudy Harrison MP to seek a meeting at a mutually convenient time to discuss the need for improvements to the A595 to reduce traffic using the B5345 to travel to/from the Sellafield site.



It was RESOLVED to bring forward this item on the agenda. Cllr Kelly declared a non-pecuniary interest as Clerk to the Trustees of St Bees School.

Cllr Kelly presented a statement issued by the Trustees earlier in the day. The Trustees had reached an agreement with Shenzhen International and the School was set to reopen in September 2018. Pupils would come from West Cumbria and further afield in the UK and internationally. The next step would be the appointment of a Headteacher and senior leadership team.

Councillors agreed that the reopening of the School was excellent news for the village and offered their congratulations to the Trustees who had worked very hard to reach this point.



Cllr Kelly undertook to keep the council informed of developments and to look for opportunities for representatives from Shenzhen to meet parish councillors.

Cllr Wormstrup then left the meeting



(a) Finance Report

The account summary at 28 Feb was received and noted (copy attached to the minutes). The only additional income expected before the end of the financial year was a small amount of interest on the reserve account, bringing total income for the year to approx. £56930. Expenditure at the year end was predicted to be approximately £54000 with a further £2000 transferred to earmarked reserves.

The VAT reclaim to be paid in 2017/18 would be approx. £900 higher than originally anticipated in the budget for next year.

Councillors thanked members of the Finance & Risk Advisory Group for their work in monitoring the budget during the year.


(b) Asset Register

The asset register was routinely reviewed each year to take account of new purchases and items no longer required. A new lap top had been purchased to replace the previous lap-top which was 5 years old and the noticeboard at Firth Drive had been judged to be beyond economic repair.

It was RESOLVED that the old lap top and the damaged noticeboard be written off.


(c) Donation Request

A request had been received from St Bees & District Garden Society for a donation towards the purchase of 60 new tables at a total cost of £4200. The tables would be used for the annual show but would also be available for use by other village groups and organisations.

It was RESOLVED to postpone a decision on the amount to be awarded to enable further information to be obtained on the number of tables that were required.


(d) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:

  • Chq no 002284 CBC – repairs to swings/surf board & bowl spinner £1198.68 + £239.73 VAT Total £1438.41
  • Chq no 002285 CBC – part year costs of maintenance/electricity Rottington lights £80.00 + £16.00 VAT Total £96.00
  • Chq no 002286 J Donaldson – reimbursement for tools £43.32 + £8.67 VAT & trees £23.24 + £4.65 VAT Total £79.88
  • Chq no 002287 J Donaldson – salary (net) March 2017 - £621.39
  • Chq no 002288 Post Office Ltd (for HMRC) – PAYE qtr 4 Total £288.06
  • Chq no 002289 United Utilities – water charges toilets (Nov- March) £155.54
  • Chq no 002290 United Utilities – water charges allotments (Nov-March) £12.22
  • Chq no 002291 St Bees PCC – hire of NCH 2016 Total £39.00
  • Thomas Milburn Property Ltd – toilet service March £583.33 + £116.67 VAT Total £700.00 (to be paid by SO)

Payments since last meeting to report

  • Chq 002283 D Robinson – reimbursement for plants (VIB) £248.76
  • Answer4 You – answering service £8.80 +£1.76 VAT Total £10.56 (due to be paid by direct debit on 17/03/17)





(a)Beach Regeneration

There was no progress to report.


(b) Traffic Calming/Speedwatch

Cllr Millington had drafted a further letter to be sent to Sellafield Ltd giving more examples of the number of contractors’vans travelling through the village. Councillors supported the text of the letter and it was noted that the Speedwatch team had also provided further examples from recent monitoring sessions.

A recent spot check had counted 100 vehicles travelling through the village from 4pm to 4.20pm, the majority of which were single occupancy.

It was noted that the school crossing patrol had not been operating recently. Cllr Monaghan offered to contact the Village School to find out the reason.

It was also reported that parked vehicles on Finkle Street were narrowing the road to such an extent that vehicles were finding it difficult to get past.


(c) Community Events

It was now a year since the Parish Council held a new residents event, encouraging residents to come and meet councillors and find out about the work of the council, and six months since the What’s On event. It was suggested that councillors should consider when it might be appropriate to plan for another event of this type. It was agreed to discuss this further at a future meeting.

It was noted that the ‘Longest Journey Home’ event, organised by the Triers in aid of Comic Relief, would take place on Friday 24 March and many local people and organisations would be taking part.


(d ) Tree Planting

It was noted that the next stage of planting at the Adams Ground had taken place last week with 28 field maples being planted with help from volunteers. As it was now too late in the season for bare root plants, the final stage of planting would take place in the autumn.


Some replanting was also taking place in the grounds of St Bees School where the planting had been disturbed by Network Rail’s bridge replacement work.


(e) St Bees – Whitehaven Cycle Path

The final report to Copeland Community Fund was now being completed.


(f) Station car park extension

Following the last meeting the Clerk had been contacted by the Community Rail Partnership asking for information on the response from Network Rail to the request for an easement. The Clerk had responded and explained the issues which had led to the decision not to go ahead with the project.



The grant application to Nu-Gen’s Green Grant Scheme had been successful and the Parish Council had been awarded a grant of £850 to restore the pond at Priory Paddock. Cllr Bettinson explained that the work would not take place until the autumn to avoid damage and disturbance to the wildlife. The work would include dredging parts of the pond, removing some invasive plants such as horse mint and replanting with appropriate native species. A group of children from the Village School had visited the Paddock recently and it was hoped that once the work was complete more visits of this type would take place.




The Clerk’s report was received and the following points were noted:

  • the lengthsman had been asked to do some minor repairs to the bottom gate at the allotment field and also to strim back the brambles alongside the Adams Recreation Ground.
  • the wall alongside Beach Rd which was damaged by a vehicle had now been repaired.
  • Nu-Gen had agreed to fund an apprentice to work alongside the lengthsman next year. The post was being advertised.
  • County Council elections would take place on 4 May.



(a)New planning applications

The Planning Advisory Group reported on the following applications received for comment:


  • Ref 4/17/2074/TPO Felling of two red oaks protected by a tree preservation order

Fleatham Gardens, High House Rd, St Bees

It was noted that this application had been withdrawn.


  • Ref 4/17/2097/TPO Felling of self-seeded ash tree in conservation area

76/77 Main Street, St Bees

It was noted that this application had arrived too late for consideration by the Planning Advisory Group before the meeting.

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk be authorised to submit a response to CBC after consultation with the Planning Advisory Group.


  • Ref 4/17/2098/0F1 Demolish existing kitchen extension & garage, replace with new

kitchen/diner/snug & bathroom extension. Erection of raised deck

It was noted that CBC had supplied the wrong plans with this application and the Clerk would request the correct plans from CBC.

It was RESOLVED that the Clerk be authorised to submit a response to CBC after consultation with the Planning Advisory Group.


It was noted that application ref 4/17/2015/TPO for work to reduce trees in the churchyard, which had been considered at the last meeting, had since been withdrawn by the applicant.


(b) Applications approved/ by CBC

4/16/2442/0F1 Installation of Edwardian style orangery – 1 Fairladies, St Bees

4/17/2007/0F1 New stairs & alterations to elevations - Stone House Farm, St Bees

4/17/2011/0F1 Erection of double garage to side & canopy roof to front elevation: flat roof over rear extension replaced with slate hipped roof – Syke House, Egremont Rd



The draft minutes of the meeting of the Village in Bloom Committee on 20 February were received. It was noted that this would be the 25 th anniversary of the Village in Bloom group.



Cllr Hill had provided information on changes to maintenance and repair contracts for Home Group properties. Tenants were being informed directly of the changes.

It was RESOLVED that the Elected Mayor, Mike Starkie, be invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting in May to provide an update on CBC matters.




The report from the PCSO for the month of February was received and noted.



(a) CALC was hoping to organise a one day course on common land and village greens if there was sufficient interest from parishes. It was RESOLVED to express an interest in sending representatives if it was decided to go ahead with the course.

(b) The National Plant Monitoring Scheme was looking for volunteers to help with a survey of wild plants. Details were available from the Clerk. Noted.

(c) A report had been received of the meeting of Coastal Communities Teams for North & South Copeland. A follow-up meeting was to be organised. Noted.

(d) An email had been received from CALC giving details of the new boundaries for the Clinical Commissioning Groups in Cumbria. Noted.

(e) An email had been received from MyCumbria (a scheme which offers discounts at hotels, restaurants, attractions etc to residents of Cumbria) asking for help in publicising the scheme to local businesses. Details available from the Clerk. Noted.


Cumbria Wildlife Trust –e-Newsletter March 2017

CALC Circular March 2017

Coastal Access Monthly update – February

Open Spaces Spring 2017

Healthcare for the Future update 10

ACT Gazette – Spring 2017



(a) It was noted that the first episode of Tony Robinson’s programme on the Coast to Coast Walk had featured St Bees and given a good introduction to the village.

(b) Cllr Monaghan would be taking over the co-ordination of the play area inspections from Cllr Riley. A new rota was being prepared and would be circulated to volunteers.

(c) It was asked whether the parish council had considered asking for donations from visitors who use the public toilets. This had been discussed in the past but had been rejected as donation boxes were liable to be stolen. This could be added to the agenda for a future meeting, if required.

(d) It was noted that the garden at Fern Bank would be open to the public on 9 April as part of the National Garden Scheme.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on MONDAY 24 APRIL 2017 at 6.30pm.