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Draft Minutes of the Meeting of St Bees Parish Council held on

Monday 16 October 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall


PRESENT: Cllrs D Sim (in the Chair), P Argyle, N Bettinson, G Gilmour, T Kelly, F Kennedy,

J Lockie, D Millington, H Monaghan, C Robson & the Clerk


In attendance: Cllr C Whiteside, County Councillor for Egremont North/St Bees



Apologies were received from Cllr M Riley, J Mellor and N Smart



Cllr Kelly declared an interest as Clerk to the Trustees of St Bees School.


No issues were raised.


It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting on 18 September be approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.



(a)Road Markings on Outrigg

It was reported that contractors had returned to paint the markings in the position agreed with Kevin Cosgrove and red tarmac had been laid. It was felt that the new markings were more effective in highlighting the school entrance. Cllr Millington would write a letter of thanks to Cumbria Highways.


(b) School Bus Issues

Cllr Whiteside was contacting the appropriate officers at CCC to arrange a site visit to discuss the problem of the school bus blocking the exit from Fairladies. It was hoped that this could be arranged in the near future.


(c) Other Highways Issues

Cllr Whiteside reported that he had taken up with Highways the need for a permanent solution to be found to resolve the problem of the pavement opposite Abbey House subsiding where the sides of a manhole were collapsing.

It was noted that the road surface at Abbey Corner had been damaged further by torrents of water running down the road during recent heavy rain. Highways had carried out temporary repairs on a number of occasions but the potholes quickly redeveloped. The underlying problem was that the gulleys on Byersteads Rd were now completely overgrown so water flowed straight down to the B5345.

Councillors raised a number of questions about bridge closures following recent flooding and the impact which this had on the local road network. Some concerns were expressed about the way that information on road closures had been communicated to large employers such as Sellafield Ltd as well as to the general public. Lack of information had caused confusion and had led to long traffic queues. The Chairman suggested that use of dynamic signage could help to convey live information to drivers. Cllr Whiteside replied that CCC did have systems in place to notify other agencies and partners of emerging highways problems but he would ask senior officers to review how well communication had been managed during the recent flooding.






(a) Financial Report

The summary of accounts at 30 September was received together with the variance analysis at the end of Quarter 2 (copies attached to the minutes). Total expenditure at this point was much in line with expectations but some large items of expenditure were budgeted to fall in the second half of the year. FRAG would be meeting shortly and would consider whether underspends were likely if projects were delayed.

It was also noted that a new noticeboard was being ordered to be fixed to the toilet block at the beach at a cost of approx. £550 + VAT.


Preparation of the detailed budget for 2018/19 was due to begin shortly. Suggestions for projects to be included in the budget should be passed to the Clerk for consideration at the FRAG meeting.

Cllr Argyle explained that she had made some initial investigations into the possibility of providing public use defibrillators in the village. It was agreed that Cllr Argyle would follow up her initial discussions with the First Responders and put together a proposal for a project to provide one or more defibrillators together with events to train members of the public in their use.


(b) Payments

It was RESOLVED that the following payments be approved:

  • Chq 002338 CBC– emptying litter bins Qtr 3 £271.70 + £54.34 VAT Total £326.04
  • Chq 002339 CBC – play area inspections Qtr 3 £310.20 + £62.04 VAT Total £372.24
  • Chq 002340 J Donaldson – salary (net) Oct- £635.48
  • Chq 002341 J Donaldson – reimbursement for refreshments £11.90 + £1.85 VAT Total £13.75
  • Chq 002342 P Argyle – travel costs to War Memorial Workshop Total £38.70
  • Chq 002343 N Bettinson – reimbursement for seeds/petrol can £40.17 + £3.08 VAT Total £43.25
  • Thomas Milburn Property Ltd – toilet service Oct £583.33 + £116.67 VAT Total £700.00 (to be paid by SO)


Payments since last meeting to report:

  • Chq 002337 C Lewis (for RNLI) – donation to Carol Concert £100.00 (agreed at last meeting)
  • Answer4 You -answering service Oct £8.80 + £1.76 VAT Total £10.56 (due to be paid by direct debit 17/10/17)



Cllr Kelly explained that the current focus was on recruiting pupils for Sept 2018 and an Open Day was being held in early November. Mark George, Chairman of the Trustees, hoped to be able to attend the November meeting of the Parish Council to provide a further update.



(a)Beach Regeneration

The Clerk reported that CBC had been asked to order and fit a new rubber cover to the dolphin springy at the play area. Parts were on order for the basket swing and donkey springy.

Cllr Robson reported that he and Cllr Argyle had recently repainted the wall of the beach shelter and it was proposed to use the wall to display some pictures of the beach as it used to be in earlier years.

It was RESOLVED that laminated prints be ordered at a cost not exceeding £200.



(b) Traffic Calming/Speedwatch

Cllr Millington reported that a reply had been received from Shepley Engineers in response to his letter about the number of their vans travelling through the village. Councillors welcomed the company’s offer to send a member of staff to meet the parish council and Cllr Millington agreed to contact them with an invitation.


(c)Community Events

  • The exhibition of maps and Meet the Parish Council event had been very well attended. It was suggested that an event of this type could take place every two years, alternating with a Freshers’ Fair-type event similar to the one held last year.
  • Plans were discussed for the Christmas event. The Christmas tree was now on order and Cllr Kennedy had investigated the types of lighting available. It was agreed that he and Cllr Sim would make a decision on the most suitable type so an order could be placed. Cllr Bettinson reported that he and Mrs James had reviewed the risk assessment and no changes were required. It was agreed that there should be additional marshals to help with traffic management to ensure that Cross Hill did not become gridlocked.


(d ) Tree Planting

Cllr Bettinson had inspected the planting at the Adams Ground and most of the trees had settled in well. The young gorse planted a few months ago was doing well and some was in flower.


(e) St Bees – Whitehaven Cycle Track

There was no further progress to report.


(f) Priory Paddock Pond Project

Cllr Bettinson reported that he had met the lengthsman to discuss possible help with the next stage of the project. The delay in finishing the work at the Adams Ground would mean a delay in starting the main work in the Paddock. It was likely that some of the grant funding would need to be carried over into the next financial year.


154/17 GDF

The Chairman explained that he understood that a consultation was due to take place on what constitutes ‘a community’ in terms of a future GDF consultation. No further information was available at this stage but the situation would be kept under review.



Cllrs Argyle & Robson reported on a war memorial workshop held in Carlisle on 4 October. A list of war memorials across the country was being compiled with notes on their present condition. Information had also been provided on grants available to help with costs of repair. Cllrs Argyle and Robson would ensure that war memorials in the parish were included on the list and would make an assessment of their condition. It was noted that the war memorial at the junction with Station Rd was partially covered by lichen but cleaning risked damaging the sandstone. Cllr Robson was seeking the advice of CBC’s Heritage & Conservation Officer on whether anything could be done without damaging the stonework.



Cllr Gilmour had circulated a report on the issues raised at the recent public meeting with the Elected Mayor. Cllr Sim had provided a report on the recent Sellafield Parish Liaison meeting and circulated the Context Plan which had been discussed at the meeting.



The meeting had been told that it was Sellafield’s intention to keep parishes informed of proposed significant developments at the site for the 12 months ahead and this would be updated at every quarterly meeting of the Liaison Group. This was a welcome development as formal consultation on planning applications was limited to parish councils immediately bordering the site but the consequent effects on traffic were felt more widely.



(a) New Planning Applications

No new applications had been received for comment.


(b) Applications approved/refused:

The CBC web-site did not have details of decisions made after 11 August due to the IT problems caused by the recent cyber attack.

The most recent published decisions affecting St Bees were:

4/17/2204/0F1 Prior approval for change of use of agricultural building to 2 detached dwellings –

Bell House Farm – WITHDRAWN

4/17/2227/0F1 Forming of new farm access road – Low Walton Farm -WITHDRAWN

4/17/2193/0F1 Demolition of existing barn and construction of new dwelling – 116A Main St –


4/17/2206/TPO Cutting back various trees – The Retreat, High House Rd – APPROVED

4/17/2171/0F1 Removal of one chimney (retrospective) and alteration to existing chimney –

2 Finkle St - APPROVED


(c) Other Planning Matters

Cllr Bettinson declared a non-pecuniary interest as a relative of the owner of a neighbouring property and took no part in the following item.

CBC had provided further information on the position with works to the front and rear of The Barn,4 Blythe Place. It was understood that the property owner intended to submit a planning application to create an entrance off Nethertown Rd and also an application for retention of fencing, steps to the side of the building, a rear patio and erection of garage to the front (amendments to the previously approved application).

Councillors expressed dissatisfaction with the response from CBC to the situation with works at the front of this property. It appeared that the construction work was not in accordance with the approved plan but CBC was allowing work to continue pending a new application despite concerns being reported about the apparent breach of planning rules.

It was RESOLVED to write to the Head of Development Planning (with copies to the Mayor and Chair of CBC Planning Panel) expressing the council’s dissatisfaction with the steps taken to enforce planning rules.


(d) Local Plan 2017-35 – Issues and Options

CBC was consulting on possible changes to the core strategy and development management policies which form part of the current Local Plan. Issues covered include the number of homes which should be provided and where such development should take place. The various options were discussed and responses agreed to those sections where the council believed it could usefully comment.

It was RESOLVED that the comments would be collated by the Clerk for submission to CBC before the deadline of 17 November.



The Clerk’s report was received. It was noted that the United Utilities work at Rottington Common had been postponed until 6 November.


The poppy wreaths were on order for Remembrance Sunday and would be passed to Cllr Bettinson for display. It was agreed that Cllr Bettinson would lay the wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.



Cllr Hill had provided information on a number of issues which had been circulated to councillors. The Clerk had submitted a request to CBC for a bin to be installed on Nethertown Rd and a response was awaited.



The report of logs for September was received and noted.



(a) An invitation had been received to a Community Led Housing event on 19 October. Noted.

(b) West Cumbria Bus Users Group AGM would be taking place on Tues 31 October in Workington. Representatives of parish councils were invited to attend. Noted.

(c) Details had been received of the Copeland Coastal Conference to take place on 19 October at the Beacon. Noted.

(d) Further correspondence had been received from Arthur Millie continuing his exchange of letters with central government and Highways England on A595 issues. Noted.

(e) A letter had been received from the Commanding Officer at RAF Spadeadam asking local councils to consider marking the centenary of the RAF next year with a floral display in RAF colours. A copy of the letter had been passed on to the VIB group.

(f) Details had been received of the CALC AGM to be held at Carlisle Racecourse on Sat 18 November beginning at 10.30am. The speaker would be the Police & Crime Commissioner. Noted.

(g) Notification had been received from the Environment Agency that updated beach monitoring documents were now available on-line. The link to the documents had been circulated to councillors by email.



Cumbria Wildlife Trust –e-Newsletter Oct 2017

North West Coastal Access Update Sept 2017

e-Copeland Matters Oct 17

CALC Circular Oct 17



The next Arts Society meeting would take place on 25 October and would feature a lecture on 19 th Century Cartoons. The meeting would be held in the Management Centre at 8pm.



It was RESOLVED that the next meeting take place on MONDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2017 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall.