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Rottington Beck footbridge

The Foundations have been put in at going to press and the bridge should be installed by the time you read this. This work is being done by the County Council. Copeland Council is responsible for the promenade, and it is possible that further work will be need to prevent undercutting at the old site of the bridge, and at the front of the promenade. The parish council is urging all bodies to complete work and clear their sites before the main season starts.

Neighbourhood plan

Last year the council successfully applied for permission to create a neighbourhood plan for St Bees under the Localism Act. This will be the first in the west of the county. This plan is for the development of the village, and will be designed by the community. If it is adopted by a village referendum it will replace the current Copeland plan as far as St Bees is concerned. A working group to manage the creation and consultation of the plan was formally set up at the March PC meeting. Parishioners are encouraged to participate, and there will be a number of workshops and meetings to do this, and to get feedback from the parish. Watch the parish notice boards and the village web site for details of how to get involved. The Council’s pages on the website now have specific pages for the plan where progress can be monitored and plans accessed.

Beach Toilets

As advised previously the parish council has budgeted for running the beach toilets. However there is only a short gap between Copeland formally announcing their final plan of cutbacks, and the deadline of 1 st April for closure. This is a big commitment for the PC. Discussions are continuing and may run over the deadline. It is hoped that CBC will keep the toilets open whilst formal agreements are agreed and drawn up.

Seamill railway bridge

The replacement of the bridge went very smoothly and did not stretch over the number of weeks that was applied for. There was minimal disruption and a letter of appreciation has been sent to Network Rail.

Footpath repairs

The County Council will be carrying out work to improve the surface of the public footpath which runs from the Crofts towards Loughrigg (Pitman’s Trod) which was badly damaged in last year’s floods. Discussions are still taking place about repairs/improvements to the Beach Rd footpath which was also badly affected and we hope that repair work can be carried out soon.

Pot-holes and highways repairs

The parish council is aware of concerns about the general state of roads through the village and is continuing to press the County Council to undertake a planned programme of repairs. It is important that pot-holes and other problems are reported to Cumbria Highways – this can be done online or by telephoning 0845 6096609.