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St Beach and dogDogs are generally very welcome in the village, as can be seen any day around the village and on the beach. Labradors appear to predominate (but that is probably my personal bias!).

A question I am regularly asked is if dogs are allowed on the beach. Yes, they are but you must clean up after them and not rely on the tide to do the job for you. There has been pressure to ban them from this area, which dog owners (and dogs) would view as disastrous, as the beach is about the only place left where dogs can run free. So pease don't give the authorities any excuses to ban them from our beach.

But there are restrictions, introduced last year.

Four dog control orders have been introduced -

  • Failure to remove dog faeces;
  • Not keeping a dog on a lead
  • Not putting and keeping a dog on a lead when directed to do so by an authorising officer
  • Exclusion of dogs from land (this won’t apply to dogs for the registered blind, deaf or people with mobile disability).

Restricted dogs-on-lead areas are:

  • Highways, footways, footpaths and adjacent grass verges maintained at the public expense;
  • Beaches at St Bees – but not on sand or shingle, only grassed areas and associated car parks;
  • St Bees Priory graveyard and paths

A separate proposed dogs-on-leads by direction order will require people to put and keep pets on a lead when told to do so by an authorised council officer.

Dogs are banned from all children's play areas.

The full article from where this information was taken can be found on the Whitehaven News site.