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School History Grindal & St Bees School

St Bees School

Across the road from the Priory Church stand the oldest buildings of St Bees School founded in 1583 by Edmund Grindal, who was born about 1517 in St Bees.

Grindal rose to be Archbishop of Canterbury (1575-1583) and on his deathbed set out the statutes for founding and governing the school.

The School closed temporarily to pupils in July 2015, but was re-opened in September 2018 in a partnership with Shenzhen International, a South East Asian education group.

See the school website here for latest news.


These pages cover the history of the School, and Archbishop Grindal; a St Bees village boy who rose to be a powerful influence in the Tudor Court of Queen Elizabeth I.


View of Quad from Priory lych gate



View of School quad from the Priory bell tower. The original building of 1587 is on the left.

The rest of the quad was built in 1842



Traditional cricket matches on both pitches