Village Organisations

A small village with a lot of activities! And a lot of people for me to chase up for information!!!! And all very busy! 

Information will be added to the web site as and and when it is received.

If you find information lacking, prompt the person you eventually contact to give me the information to put on these pages!

These are some of the clubs, groups, organisations, societies, etc. that I know of in the village – there will inevitably be some I don’t know about!
Below is a list of those organisations I know exist – for some there is a link to a page with more information.

Finally, some may not have any links to further information or a link to a “communal” page where I have entered the basic information I have. Sorry about that, but I have no detailed information on some groups and I am waiting for these details. If you need information urgently, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you. Please note that unless I have received specific permission to do so, I have not published any contact names, addresses or phone numbers. In such cases, address your query to me and I will forward it (assuming I have a personal contact).

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