Churches in St Bees

There are three churches in St Bees – the Priory, which is Church of England, as is the St Bees School Chapel which is reserved for School use, and the Methodist Chapel. Other churches, such the Roman Catholic churches, are to be found in nearby towns.

St Bees Priory

St Bees history over the past 1,000 years is closely linked with that of the Priory, so it is therefore not surprising that the Priory of St Mary and St Bega is both physically and spiritually the dominant church in St Bees.

The Methodist Chapel

There is also a small Methodist Chapel in the Main Street, which has its own congregation. The Chapel was recently totally refurbished.

St Bees School Chapel

St Bees School has its own Chapel which is used mainly for school services, though because of the school population, most of their services are held in the Priory church.

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