Car Parking

Seacote & Beach car parks

The Seacote Beach car parks are the largest and, as the name implies, are by the Seacote Hotel which is at the north end of the bay.

There are two car parks; one the municipal car park (nearest the caravan site) and the other belongs to the Seacote Hotel. The difference is not readily apparent! Charges apply to both. General view of beach car parks below.

Railway Station car park

The railway station car park is a small central area on the south side of the railway station. It has room for about 20 cars and is free, being subsidised by the Parish Council.

Seamill Lane Beach car park

Seamill Lane Beach car park is owned by the parish council. It is not suitable for overnight parking, but is free. It is the least accessible car park with a blind awkward approach under a narrow railway bridge with only 2.0 metre headroom, and may be difficult if not impossible for large cars. The access road down Seamill Lane is a narrow single lane on which cars need to pass each other with care (and back-up where it is not possible to pass!). Not recommended.

Part of Beach car park

Beach carpark

Access to Seamill Lane car park

Sea Mill Lane carpark

Seamill Lane carpark
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