Seamill Lane Beach

This beach can be accessed from Seamill lane, though this is only recommended for pedestrians due to the narrow lane and very difficult railway underpass. While there is a car park, there are no facilities at this end of the beach. It is of course part of the main beach and could also be reached by walking from the main beach.

This can be part of an interesting circular village walk using either the beach, or at high tide, the golf course path along the top of the adjoining cliff.

Note – The underpass shown below is both narrow, poorly surfaced and the approach is via a 90 degree bend.

The aerial photo shows the Seamill Lane beach right at the bottom of the image by the railway line. I can get my Mondeo down but have to listen to every proximity bleeper going off!

Generally not recommended.

No overnight stays please.

The railway underbridge

Seamill beach is at the bottom of the view.

Seamill from the golf course path
View form Seamill to the Head
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