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St Bees is the start of the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk,

devised by Alfred Wainwright in 1973



Start of the Coast to Coast walk

- The "Wainwright Wall"


Wainwright said that walkers should dip their boots in the Irish Sea, and the boat ramp is the place where everyone does it.

So just a few yards away is the "Wainwright Wall" which explains the walk and its history. So if anyone says "where does the Coast to Coast start?" we point to the wall.

This shows the new interpretation board and the steel banner which have been installed in summer 2013 by St Bees Parish Council and the Wainwright Society.

Staying in St Bees before you start the walk?

St Bees Priory has an display of village history and you are strongly recommended to visit the Priory. Admission is free and it is open all day, every day.

We can also offer short lectures (~20 minutes) and tours from St Bees History Group members by prior arrangement. These have proved very popular and the Sierra Group for one have incorporated this into their regular itinerary.

Contact the webmaster to arrange a talk and tour.


-------------Coast to Coast, setting out from the village-----------

Variation start. Whilst all Coast to Coasters have usually spent time planning their route, if you have time may we recommend that you follow this initial route to get to the start at the beach.

If you have come by train, or have been staying the main village, start at the station, go across the beck bridge to the Priory Church where you can have a look inside. There are extensive history displays. Then continue round the graveyard to join the Dandy Walk which takes you to Beach Road and the beach.

You can then visit the Wainwright Wall and dip your boots in the sea before starting up the coast path up the South Head. Much better than starting with a road walk along Station Road.


Click below for..........

Village variation start coast to Coast - Google Map and Satellite View


The Wainwright Wall gets a new interpretation sign - a joint project between the Wainwright Society and St Bees Parish Council

L to R: Doug Sim; chair SBPC, Eric Robson and Derek Cockell, Secretary of the Wainwright Society. 26th May 2013

The present steel banner, which shows the gradient profile, was put on later.


Winter storm - once in 50 years event, Feb 2014 - The wall's still standing!