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Local Walk 1

Aerial viewThis walk is a gentle stroll from the main Beach Car Park, along the coast - either on the cliff top or along the beach - then back through the village and valley bottom to your starting place.

This walk presents splendid views of the coastline, and if the cliff top path is taken, of the village itself.

If the walk is along the beach, you will see the heavily eroded cliffs - the remains of a retreating glacier from some 15,000 years ago.

At the end of the beach, at low tide, the remains of a sea garth can be seen - possibly built by the monks at St Bees Priory. These are the V-shaped structures seen in the aerial photo which trapped fish as the tide went out.

A number of other interesting buildings and structures can be seen on this
walk and these are fully described in the leaflet.
These include the remains of a salt pan, the pinfold, Archbishop Grindal's house, the Rimming Stone, Beckside Gardens, the Priory, and St Bees School.

Length of walk - 2.2 miles (3.5 Km.) - Time about 90 minutes.